20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-distance Lovers

Long-distance relationships have never been easy.

Many people don’t believe in it – they say it won’t last. But many couples have set their examples of beautiful love, even when they live far away from each other.

And gifts with sweetness and thoughtfulness are a common way of helping make it work.

But in this special type of relationship, you can’t use the same gifts as if you’re going to be together this Valentine’s Day. If you need a suggestion, have a look at our pick of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-distance lovers.

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Ready-to-buy Gifts

“Me Without You” Book

"Me Without You" Book

Not everyone is born with talent with words or illustrations, but you can always borrow them from someone else to express your feelings.

This book is evidence of a life without your partner by your side, especially in a long-distance relationship. It will constantly remind them of how grateful you’re.

“Hug This” Pillow

"Hug This" Pillow

Anyone in a long-distance relationship will experience the misery of not being with your partner for a long time, especially married couples. But with this, you can at least send a bit of comfort to your loved one while you two are still apart.

This Oh, Susannah pillow has the top-grade materials: silky microfiber in the pillowcases. Made by the permanent dyeing process, the decoration is breathable and soft, so while sleeping on it, you won’t even feel it.

Long-distance Lamp

Long-distance Lamp

This helps you connect with your loved one, no matter where they are now. This set of bedside lamps by Filimin uses the Wi-Fi network to detect and switch its color. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend will always have a thing to let other people know you’re thinking of them.

“Why I Miss You” Fill-in-the-Love Book

"Why I Miss You" Fill-in-the-Love Book

This colorful keepsake provides an opportunity to share your most genuine, steamiest, silliest thoughts about your partner. With more than 100 entries, don’t worry about running out of space to write down. Instead, make it into a challenge – let’s see how far you can go in this fill-in book.

Couple Bracelets

Couple Bracelets

You can feel your partner in your arm even when they’re miles away from you.

These bracelets are made from quality natural stones, making it an ideal solution to calm you down every time you look at it. The design uses the unisex look, so besides giving them to your partner, you can make it as a bracelet of friendship.

“I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us” Keychain

"I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us" Keychain

Does your boyfriend now live in another state? Just select a version of your current state and send to him. Pack it in a beautiful gift bag, and you will have a perfect reminder of you waiting for him at home

On top of being a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for long-distance relationships, made from top-quality stainless steel, the keychain also has great durability besides its romantic side.

Going Away Couples Picture Frame

Going Away Couples Picture Frame

A sentimental gift for long-distance couples. Select and print a lovely picture of you two from your phone, and this adorable frame will take care of the rest. You can place it anywhere, in your dorm, your home, or your office.

You can even give this to your lover as an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift.

“Open When” Letters

"Open When" Letters

This enables a meaningful way for you to be there, even just in spirit. You can put whatever you want in there, each with a specific situation. Nothing is more touching than them, reading your encouraging words when everything in life is difficult for them.

Message Pill Jar


Each pill has a blank piece of paper inside, in which you can write down every secret love message you want to send to your long-distance lover. They all have a golden ring around. When you’ve finished with each message, just roll it back into the ring.

Couple Anklet

Couple Anklet

Just like bracelets, they are an indicator you two are always there for each other. With a pair of these anklets, you will feel together, no matter how far the distance is. They are also adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten easily to fit your ankles.

Metal Wallet Love Note

Metal Wallet Love Note

There is a message already written on the metal wallet insert. If this is exactly what you want your partner to hear, just send it to them right away. Carrying it all the time is a way to give you strength even when the distance is not on your side.

Keepsake Gift Jar

Keepsake Gift Jar

If you are looking for a way to send your gratitude and love to your far-away lover, this message jar is an ideal choice. It brings 31 pre-written messages, which can bring tears to your partner’s eyes, each day for a full month.

The keepsake jar has envelopes decorated with satin ribbons, tucking sweet loving message inside.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

You can always surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with this whole sweet set of love.

He or she will enjoy the included snacks such as toffee popcorn, savory pistachios, and crostini. This comes with a personal message and a pair of scissors, completing the package with its thoughtfulness.

“Let’s Have Coffee Together” Spoons

"Let's Have Coffee Together" Spoons

Don’t let the distance prevent you from spending time drinking coffee together. This cute little spoon is made from top-quality stainless steel and engraved with a line: “Let’s have coffee together. Forever“.

The manufacturer has used an industrial-grade engraving process, so it won’t fade away any time soon, just like your love.

Countdown Calendar

Countdown Calendar

You two don’t need to meet every week to remind each other about your anniversary. Let’s this simple yet charming do the job; you can even count the number of days before you will see him or her again. Every day until happiness is worth waiting.

DIY Ideas

Box of Love

Box of Love

Sending your darling a bunch of their favorite things is a sweet idea, which shows how much affection you have for them. While they are not there for you to take care of them every day, putting your thoughts into this little box is going to making a touching gift.

Don’t worry about running out of ideas; you can start with many ideas, such as a handmade card, candies, or your pictures, making it a great DIY gift for long-distance relationships.

Source: webcodeshools

Countdown Candy Jar

Countdown Candy Jar

If your precious loves candies, she or he will fall in love with this candy jar. But let’s make it more special. Calculate how many days until you two see each other again, and put into the jar that exact amount of candies.

When each day passes, your sweetheart will be more cheerful when they know that day is coming closer.

Source: semidelicatebalance

‘Remember When?’ Jar

'Remember When?' Jar

Instead of buying a premade jar, you can always do it by yourself. You just need some color pager and a little jar. Spend some hours writing down the fondest memories before placing them in the jar. This is going to be a walk down memory lane for your partner, drifting them into nostalgia.

Source: hercampus

Mailed Kisses

Mailed Kisses

A romantic DIY Valentine’s Day gift for long-distance boyfriends by their beautiful girls.

Put your favorite lipstick and print your lips into each little piece of paper. To make it more special, write down the reason you kiss them on the other side as well before laminating all of them. Now put all your kisses into a basket and decorate in whatever way you want.

Source: elephantontheroad



This is an exceptional idea that can give off a pleasant smell at the same time. And like any other candles, they give your darling a sweet light in their heart, which they can take out whenever they miss you.

Source: craftionary


We’ve promised that you won’t run out of gift ideas for your relationship, and we hope you’ve found for yourself a favorite among the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for long-distance lovers above. So which do you want to send to your sweetheart this February 14? Leave a comment below so we can all share your excitement.

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