How to Make an Octopus Paper Craft | Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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Have you ever heard about Paul the Octopus, a common Octopus species predicted the association football match results correctly? And have your kids watched a cartoon video of I’m an Octopus, an animated preschool series featuring shorts? An octopus is very cute and fun in cartoons, so how about Octopus crafts, an animal that kids are intrigued by? I here post an octopus paper craft, which follows the Ladybug craft paper for easy making as well. As you know, it is necessary for your kid’s learning about animals in the world. You hope your children can be aware of everything around our life. Factually, just reading books, of course it’s very useful, however, your kids sometimes feel boring and do not meet your expectations that you think they can. In addition, removal of waste papers, particularly toilet paper rolls, which are always found in your home, are reused to make another paper craft effortlessly. A fun octopus with paper craft brings your kid as a beginner to add to the crafting collection in variety. Moreover, this paper Octopus is made to explore the ocean creatures that your kids also love passionately. Hence, you do not only teach but also participate in their activities through crafts or DIY ideas. Let’s enjoy to make this octopus paper craft. Preparation Cardboard toilet paper roll White and orange papers Double-sided tape Glue gun Black maker Scissors How to Make an Octopus Paper Craft 1. Scroll orange paper to make the body of octopus Adhere the orange paper to the outside of toilet paper roll by sticking double-sided tape in advance. Fully covered the body of octopus with orange color. 2. Make the tentacles of octopus Cut 8 strips of orange paper with 1 cm width of each for tentacles (strips can be shorter or longer, as your design, but I suggest the strip length is not less than 10 cm to make nice tentacles). Curl the paper strips in half-length by using your fingers. There are many methods for curling, so you can also curl the strips by using pen or scissors. Add some glue to the uncurled part and stick inside the rolls with the same interval. 3. Make the fun face of octopus Cut a pair of eyes with white paper and stick on the body. Draw in the eyes in black as googly eyes. Draw a line from the under of the eyes to the smiling mouth. Just some simple materials, an octopus paper craft is like a fun octopus.

How to Make a Ladybug Craft Paper at Home | Ladybug Craft

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Do your kids know about ladybugs? Do they like to look or love these ladybugs? Because there is a colorful and spotted appearance on ladybugs’ bodies, this is a species of insect which is attractive in looking. Even though they are called ladybugs, not all of them are females. It’s one of those interesting things. Therefore, kids should learn about ladybugs, for more details about Invertebrates on Ladybugs. At first, however, let them know how to make a ladybug craft paper to increase their curiosity and discovery. Paper crafts are always exciting activities for kids of all ages at home. They can reuse waste papers or buy new cheap papers with a lot of bright colors to make. This ladybug craft paper having a full black body and red wings with black spots on is getting attention to everyone who is looking for them. There are many ways to make ladybug crafts, but I introduce a very easy way for your kids in funny learning. How to make a ladybug craft paper at home to be added craft ideas with papers for kids in summer vacations or weekends to their family or friends. The craft works that help your children watch television or smartphones in limitation and are reactive to the outdoor activities that you always hope for. Now let’s enjoy to learn how to make ladybug craft paper at home! Preparation Colored papers: red, black, white Cardboard toilet paper roll Double-sided tape Black pen Scissors How to make a Ladybug craft paper at home 1. Make a body of the ladybug Stick adhesive tape on lengthwise of the toilet paper roll and remove the release coating. Then coat the roll with black paper. 2. Make the ladybug’s wings Place the tape as a stencil on red paper to draw a circle and cut it out. Fold the circle and cut it into two halves. Draw a few small spots on two halves of the circle with black pen. 3. Make two antennae on the ladybug’s head Cut two thin rectangles with 0.5 cm width to make two antennae. 4. Make the ladybug’s eyes Cut two small circles of white paper out. 5. Combine thoroughly Stick a pair of eyes on the upper part of the ladybug’s body. Make googly eyes by drawing a smaller circle inside with black pen. Use glue to stick two wings of ladybug, just under the eyes. Stick two antennae inside the paper roll and stick out. A beautiful ladybug is perfect.

How to Make A Handmade Card | Handmade Card Ideas

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Once again, an easy handmade card which involves a series of handmade card ideas is here posted as an extra gift craft. As I previously posted, birthday card and Christmas card were also easy but not less beautiful. To me, this handmade card is more glamorous and useful than others because it is used for various occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teachers’ Day, and birthday, and of course Valentine’s Day is suitable to make this handmade card. Besides flowers, candy and gifts are usually presented on this day, the greetings also are attached to the beautiful cards. So, with memorable cards, they shall be kept for a long time and not tossed away momentarily. Moreover, in various colored hearts symbolizing love, your girlfriend/boyfriend, even friends, mothers, fathers or teachers shall be very happy and get a high appreciation of your talent on card crafts without a lot of expenditures at the store. A mason jar of heart crafts with a handmade card are filled to express your full love to someone whom you bring to. Cards became a popular way for people to send expressions of goodwill, celebration and caring to those important people in their lives. Absolutely, if you characterize your oral performance in difficulty, what good words you want to reveal that can be done through a blank card? Meanwhile, in an effortless way, you can make this card with your kids together. Creating many types of card tutorials with kids’ own designs as artwork, they are exciting and funny at home to prepare extra card ideas for the upcoming occasions. Enjoy with me another simple and easy handmade card! Preparation Colored papers: orange, red, blue, yellow, pink and white Craft twine Glue gun Blank pen Pencil Scissors How to make a handmade card? 1. Step 1 – Draw a picture on white paper Draw a jar at the middle of A5 white paper (you can draw any picture that you like) with a pencil. Line the drawn picture with a black pen. 2. Step 2 – Make some colorful hearts for decoration Draw and cut some hearts on colored papers in different sizes to fill enough for the whole of the jar. Optionally arrange and stick them with colors in mixing harmoniously. 3. Step 3 – Finish a handmade card Cut a section of craft at the neck of the jar with a similar width and stick on it. Tie a bow to stick on the twine section. Write down a wish or subject which you want to mention for this handmade card. Please present this simple and colorful handmade card in valentine’s day to your lover or your friends. This card with a jar picture is a type of card idea that likely contains your sweet wishes to recipients.

Birthday Gifts for Her | Top 35 Best Ideas For You 2020

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The date of birth is an occasion to remember, especially when it’s for the special lady in your life. You might be showering her with love on normal days already, so what are the best birthday gifts for her? What can you do to make the day more special? Let’s check our gift list out! Birthday Gifts for Her Daily Use If she is the practical kind of woman who is more into gifts that she can use every day, these are the best birthday gifts for her! 1. Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug The pretty bag with a silky interior is ready for you to give away. The mug is printed with two lively gold pigeons – a symbol of peace and love. Although it’s beautiful, its weakness is microwave and dishwasher! 2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Be it summer or winter, fruits play an important role in women’s diet, as they should, with the amount of vitamin and nutrition they provide. Thus, a fruit infuser would make an interesting gift for any woman. Simply add fruits and let them hydrate. 3. Cheese Board and Cutlery Set Serve her most favorite food and snacks with elegance! An assortment of cheese, a few slices of bacon, and several fresh fruits will make a feast for the eyes. The special feature is the slide-out cutlery drawer and the beveled serving rim for quick access to your utensils. 4. Landscape Kitchen Knife Set Imagine being able to admire a beautiful landscape printed on a sharp knife with great performance – How cool is it! This knife set surely will enhance her experience in the kitchen and give her a relaxing time as well. 6. Glass Coffee Mug This glass mug looks like a beautiful masterpiece from a fantasy movie with the glittering handle and the diaphanous flower print. It suits every type of drink with different colors and also makes a great piece of decoration for the house. Cosmetics Birthday Gifts for Her Cosmetics are essential for women, and we aren’t talking about makeup products only, but also skincare ones. They make the most caring and thoughtful birthday gifts for her. 6. Makeup Mirror It’s unbelievable how useful a makeup mirror can be for a girl. She can use it every day to do the makeup for work and assure she looks nice while traveling. The lid is decorated with a beautiful greeting to always remind her of your love. 7. Scented Candles Gifts Set With 93% natural soy wax and 7% essential oil, these candles will help her relieve stress better than anything else. You don’t need to worry about the wrapping either! The set comes with an exquisite colorful box and designed jars. 8. Skincare Product Set Including cuticle cream, hand salve, lip balm, res-q ointment, repair cream for hands, and foot cream, this gift set will help you pamper her from head to toe. It will make every day less tough and more relaxing at the end. 9. Spa … Read More

Best Retirement Gifts 2020 | Top 30+ Coolest Ideas

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Although a retirement party means you will have to say goodbye to a favorite colleague, it doesn’t have to be sorrowful! If you know the right ways to hold a party and find the best retirement gifts, the party might be an interesting experience they will never forget. Let’s browse our list of gifts and choose your favorite! Retirement Gifts for Women The female colleagues always have so many things to “gossip” about, hence it’s easy for them to become attached. Pick the most suitable retirement gifts for her! 1. Stainless Steel Glitter Flask Have you been looking for a flask, which women will love, and being disappointed? It’s time to change that! Who said women can’t have their stylish flask for drinks? The moment she gets a hold of this glowing flask, it’s time to start the party! 2. Retirement Party Tiara This funny yet gorgeous tiara will make sure you have a perfect retirement party. Instead of feeling the sorrow from saying goodbye to a favorite colleague, turn the night into an unforgettable memory! 3. Retirement Angel Figurine The figurine sculpted from stone and resin is undeniably durable. The message reads: “Bless your retirement, your accomplishments and the journeys on which you have yet to venture”. It will be a lovely item in the recipient’s retirement luggage. 4. Retirement Party Decoration This set includes everything you need to host an unforgettable retirement party for women: a banner, a sash, paper pompoms, and balloons. The main color of the set is rose gold, which is very eye-catching and shining in the light. 5. ‘A Season of Joy’ Gift Set It’s a typically standard gift set, with a greeting card and a necklace bearing the shape of an abalone leaf. The gift is elegant and ready for giving away, regardless of the season you are currently going through. 6. Scented Candle Gift Set Made by natural soy wax and pure essential oil, these candles give a clean and long burning time, and we need it for the full effect of aromatherapy. Women deserve to be surrounded by pleasant scents which fresh the air and help them relax. 7. Spa Gift Set Retirement time is the perfect time for women to take care of themselves after all these hardworking years. Infused with lavender essential oils and formulated with healthy ingredients for skin, it has the fragrant scent and the luxurious feeling you can only find at the finest spas. Retirement Gifts for Men Male colleagues, on the other hand, are reliable and fun to be around. Men like practical things they can use, and we also have a collection of retirement gifts for them. 8. ‘The Legend Has Retired’ Whiskey Glass If you think the achievements they have got over the years deserve to be called legendary, why not give them this witty glass? The high-quality print will never lose its vibrant white color and glow. It actually looks good with any colored drink! 9. ‘My Guitar is My Retirement Plan’ … Read More

Gifts for Engineers | Top 35 Best Ideas For You

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Nerdy, smart, and reliable – those are probably the best words to describe our engineer friends. What are the right gifts for engineers? Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, and more – we have a whole list for you to pick from. Funny Gifts for Engineers A few suggestions of gifts for engineers who have a good sense of humor and love a good fit of laughter. 1. Funny Engineer Mug We tend to rely on everything our engineer friend says, especially when it comes to numbers and facts. Why not take this chance to strike them with a witty joke printed on a fashionable mug? It’s good for use at work and at home! 2. Math Wall Clock Solving an equation to track the hours won’t be a problem for our brilliant engineers, and they will find this wall clock extremely entertaining. The black-and-white design also makes it a fit for any color palette in a house. 3. Caffeine Beaker Mug Coffee in a beaker-shaped mug guarantees a perfect morning for a chemical engineer! It’s a great gift for either engineers or engineer-wannabes who are interested in chemistry. Remember to not mistake it for the real beaker in the lab! 4. Science Lab Socks If you’re looking for a funny birthday or Christmas gift, these colorful socks will be a great choice! They will bring smiles to your recipient’s face and complete their stylish look in the lab. 5. Keychain Tag with Key Ring Flaunt the title proudly with this simple yet stylish tag on your keychain! The design is stitched onto the tag, so there’s no need to worry about it fading or peeing off. It’s perfect for someone who loves the sky and airline. Gifts for Engineers (Males) Which gifts for engineer males would be perfect? Practical and useful are the virtues we are looking for. 6. 3D Assembly Wooden Locomotive Engineers are very likely to enjoy toys that tease their brilliant brains! The locomotive kit has an interlocking mechanism and tight tolerance, including pieces that easily come in place without glue or anything like that. Beautiful artwork is waiting for you to complete it! 7. Multifunction Tool Pen Who needs a whole case of tools if you can carry a multi-use pen in your pocket? You can have a ruler, a spirit level, a stylus, and a screwdriver with you if you own this special pen. It’s convenient everywhere you go. 8. Magnetic Pick-up Tool It’s such a hassle if you have to pause and search around for tiny nuts and bolts when you are fixing something. This magnetic pick-up tool will change that! The range can reach 30” and the weight limit is 15lb. 9. Whiskey Set – Stones and Glasses The elegant whiskey set will be a great decoration for any living room or indoor bar. Using granite rocks to chill the drink won’t dilute it as ice cubes do. Who doesn’t want their shots to look and taste nice? 10. Magnetic Wristband An engineer needs no … Read More

How to Make A Birthday Card | Birthday Card Ideas with Heart

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Which day is your lover’s birthday? Which gifts will you prepare for her? Or any birthday card ideas do you think of? Of course, lack of a birthday cake is impossible. I’m sure you present any gift to her who is very happy and loves you so much. But a special gift in crafts will express your love with a full meaning. How do you think about a birthday card with heart? A birthday card is made by yourself with a heart-shaped, she will have a strong emotion to you. Moreover, a birthday card in colored paper crafts is rather than a store-bought card you pick-up. For persons who love card crafts, the paper birthday cards are always their favorite. Also, birthday card with heart shape is crafted by kids to present their mothers, fathers, grand-fathers or grand-mothers due to simple, inexpensive and fast card crafts. Now let’s start how to make a birthday card with heart with a few simple materials. Preparation 1 A4 white card stock paper Colored card stock papers (or colored construction papers): dark denim, red, medium brown Scissors Ribbon and cotton string 1mm for decoration How to Make a Birthday Card With Heart? 1. Cut rectangle colored papers Place an A4 white paper shaping as a horizontal rectangle in front of you and fold it in half. Use fingers to press down the folded side to make a crease of the paper. Place the folded white paper on a brown paper, which is cut with the same size of the white paper. 2. Draw and cut out a heart on red paper Draw on the red paper with a heart shape of which dimension is from which your wants is cut. 3. Cut to shape a heart on brown paper Put such heart-shaped red paper to draw a little big shape on the brown paper. Draw an extra line connected to the heart shape downwards the bottom edge of the paper and cut away the printed brown part. 4. Cut small rectangles for tagging Cut two rectangles with 2x4cm, 2×4.5cm on white and denim paper alternately. Stick the white paper on the denim one. Any content is tagged on it. 5. Cut and twist wire Cut out a denim paper as a wire 1mm to tightly twist it into a cotton string. Sticking the two heads of these wires together by using wax glue gun. 6. Tie a ribbon bow Tie a bow in a ribbon 20cm length. You create two bunny ears and use a small steel string to tie at a joint of the bow. You can design nice bows with your own style. 7. Finish the birthday card with heart Overlay to stick the brown paper on the white paper. Stick the red heart shape on the white paper at the point of cutting brown paper. Stick to connect one head of the wire at the bottom point of the heart and another head is adhesive to the bottom edge of the … Read More

How to Make Beautiful Paper Tulip Flowers | Easy Paper Tulip Flower Craft

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As a girl/lady, do you love beautiful flowers, particularly tulip flowers? As a man, have you ever presented tulip flowers for your girlfriend or wife? Real tulip flowers or paper tulip flowers? Why do I mention that? Because tulip flowers symbolize the fame, wealth and perfect love, which are the targets that we desire to own. The tulip is among favorite flowers in the world. Originally being exported to most countries, Holland today is known for its tulips with the great tulip fields. Tulips’ colors are variously showy and meaningful. Therefore, for different purposes, tulip flowers shall be chosen as a gift for everyone at the appropriate ceremonies or festivals. However, the price of a tulip flower is not cheap and not so easy to buy. In order to satisfy your favorite for tulips, this post shall help you make beautiful paper tulip flowers easily and inexpensively. You can make a bouquet or a vase of flowers in colored papers as gifts or to decorate your room more beautiful than ever before. Moreover, you can also guide your kids how to make paper tulip flowers. It’s so easy, even also help your family members enjoy a happy time together. Preparation Before starting your process, you need to prepare a few simple materials and tools to make: Orange and green papers in squares (dimension and quantity as desired) Scissors How to make beautiful paper tulip flowers? Step 1 – Shape the tulip’s head You use square orange papers to make flowers. Fold the paper into triangle shape from the bottom corner up to the top. Fold up the right side of which edge is lined on the center of the triangle and meet at the corner. Repeatedly fold the other side by turning the paper down. Flip over to fold two small triangles with two flaps. The tulip’s head is finished. Step 2 – Make the stem You use bigger square green papers for the stem. Fold the paper into a triangle to have a center line. Unfold the paper, from the top corner to fold one side of which the edge is in the creased center line. Repeatedly fold another side. Turn around the paper to alternately fold the sides as above. Again turn around the paper to repeatedly fold the sides. All of the sides’ edges need to overlap on the center line. Fold the bottom corner up to the top and fold the two sides together. Separate the sides to have a finished stem. Step 3 – A perfect tulip flower Cut a corner of the tulip’s head to a small hole and then spin in the stem. You make many tulip flowers in similar steps. Just some simple steps to make paper tulip flower craft, you can create your own designs by coloring papers, either play with your kids or present your lovers without so much money.

How To Make A Paper Bee Craft | Easy Tips With Toilet Paper Roll

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Nowadays, there are various modern and qualified toys on the market for customers to choose from. However, many people still love hand-made products that look so creative and out of their imagination. They may not know that it is quite easy to make up some incredible hand-made products with the help of home things. Let’s start to be a skillful designer with our easy tips to make a paper bee craft. Bees are common bugs, which are really popular characters in lots of cartoons. They are used to give compliments on those working hard and get good results after a long process of their striving. Why don’t you follow our simple steps below and have the answer for how to make a paper bee crafts with a toilet paper roll. Preparation The main materials to make these cute bees are color papers, a toilet paper roll, and some simple tools which can be easily found at your home or any store nearby. a paper roll wiggly eyes stickers (which make your bees become more impressive than ever) yellow, light blue and black paper scissors some glue stick a black marker How To Make A Paper Bee Craft There is nothing difficult to make a paper be craft if you follow our simple steps below. Step 1: Making the bee’s body Having a toilet paper roll on the table, we apply the glue stick to it like the below picture. Cut the yellow paper with the same width as the paper roll. Wrap this yellow paper around the roll. Step 2: Decorating the body Use the black paper to cut some strips Wrap and stick two of them to the roll which is already wrapped with the yellow paper. Also, use the black paper to cut two smaller and shorter strips. These strips are for making the bee’s beard. Step 3: Decorating the bee’s eyes Take two wiggly eye stickers and stick them carefully on top of the roll to make eyes for the bee. This step is quite easy to do, but you should be as careful as you can so that you will have a perfect handmade paper bee craft, which makes everyone admire you so much. Step 4: Drawing a beautiful smile for the bee With the qualified marker, you can create some styles of smiles for your dreaming bees. If you want to make a happy bee, let’s draw like our picture below. In case you want to make an angry bee or a sad face bee, let’s draw an opposite smile. Surely, you will be surprised after this drawing step. Step 5: Making wings for the bee Place the roll at the center of the orange paper. Use a pencil to draw wings from the roll. At this step, you can feel free with your creation. Let’s cut its wings as you like the most. The picture below is our simple wings that any people can cut. After all, stick the wings into the roll. Only … Read More

23 Funny Gifts For Science Nerds | Creative gifts than ever

Funny gifts for science nerds

Nowadays, science and technology are developing every second. Thanks to it, people have a more convenient life. Moreover, some get crazy about discovering new things relating to science. So, if you have a friend who is addicted to science like them, what gifts will you give on their special occasions? Let’s follow our list of top 25 funny gifts for science nerds to check if you have the same ideas with us, or not. * Gifts for men who are crazy about science 1. Star Wars Men’s Millennium Falcon Tie This impressive tie is specially designed for those men who love science. Just looking at it, other people can feel how deep is his love for this subject. Don’t forget to choose his favorite colors. He will highly appreciate your understanding of the gift idea to him and be more confident when going outside and show to other people about his interest. 2. Josh Bach Men’s Chemistry and Science Silk Necktie, Made in the USA Josh Bach Men’s Chemistry made of qualified silk is another good choice of a tie for those men loving science. It is excellent to match this tie with a white shirt, which makes him become more gentlemen than ever. Surely, he will highly appreciate your gift. Let’s try! 3. Hanes Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt A T-shirt is a very common kind of clothes for a science nerd. He loves comfortable clothes, which can help him to be more concentrated in his work. Moreover, the sentence printed on it shows that he is busy at thinking and prevents others from disturbing him. It is excellent enough to be on your list of funny gifts to him, right? 4. Awkward Styles Future Scientist Youth Shirt This is another design of a T-shirt that you can consider putting it in the list of top funny gifts for science nerds you know. It is suitable for a young teenager or someone who is at the beginning of discovering science. 5. Awkward Styles Merry Christmas Sweatshirt Funny Besides T-shirts, you can choose some awkward styles of sweatshirts for him. They are good gifts for those men living in Europe where it is usually cold. On Christmas occasion, he will be so excited and thankful to receive such a meaningful and funny gifts like these sweatshirts. 6. Socks n Socks-Men 5pair Luxury Colorful Cotton These socks are perfect for those men getting crazy about science. They look so funny but they can help to bring your men a whole day of feeling comfortable. To be more concentrated at work, the men need to wear soft and comfortable clothes, so these luxury colourful cotton socks are qualified enough to be on top of 25 funny gifts for science nerds. 7. Neurons Not Included Periodic Table of Elements Cuff – Aluminium Wide Bracelet This aluminium wide bracelet is printed in the US with non-toxic, earth-friendly, and permanent inks. It is cool so cool that many customers give good compliments about their favourite bracelet. … Read More