How to Draw the Sheep Step by Step | Draw a Sheep for Kids

Once again, another cute animal is added with how to draw a sheep in this post for your kids. Some simple steps are also made to finish a sheep drawing. Until now, your kids have collected many cute animals through their drawing designs to enhance your kids’ love for animals around our life. Tutorial of animal drawing is an active activity for everyone.

Finish the cute sheep

You don’t need any special knowledge of animal anatomy to complete the drawings with how to draw a sheep in this video. However, to teach your kids about animal knowledge for their drawing excitement, you should also conduct some basic information on sheep with providing wool, milk and meat for human needs.

How to draw a little sheep with a few super simple steps is very exciting and quick so as to avoid or limit ignorance from kids. Hence, you and your kids start to draw this fascinating drawing.

How to Draw a Sheep

Step 1 – Draw the sheep’s body

  • Draw a fluffy oval shape for the body.

Draw the sheep's body and head

Step 2 – Draw the sheep’s head

  • Draw a circle flower shape as the fluffy fleece on the head.
  • Next, draw a U shape which is wider at the bottom is the sheep’s head drawing.
  • The head with its fleece on above are the closed point of the body.

Step 3 – Draw the sheep’s ears

Draw the sheep's ears

  • Draw two ears with teardrop shape on both sides of the head.

Step 4 – Draw the sheep’s face

Draw the sheep's face

  • Draw a small circle for the eye, the other eye is same as the first one.
  • Add a small curve in every eye. Draw a curve for the mouth and a short vertical line under the mouth. The sheep looks like smiling happily.

Step 5 – Draw the sheep’s legs

  • Draw the sheep legs with the same V shape under the body to finish the sheep drawing.

Color the sheep drawing

Step 6 – Color the sheep

  • You only use two colors for this cute sheep. You can change the other colors to have the pretty sheep drawing for your own design.
  • Color pink for the head and body of the sheep.
  • Finally, color the ears and legs with black color.
  • Your sheep drawing looks very beautiful.



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