How to Draw an Owl step by step | Draw an Owl for Kids

Many people said that the owl is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Owls have the big, curious eyes and flat face, which make them look oddly human. All of owls are birds of prey with hunting at night. A few creatures of owls are interesting to your kids about animal world. This kind of bird shall be rarely found at places where you are living or working. Of course, your kids see them in difficulty. In order to make another way of attracting with learning how to draw owl by your kids through this post.

Simple Owl drawing

Please let your kids know more clearly at Fact about Owls for kids’ education. Although owls are not so cute with their appearance, especially the impressive eyes, your kids love them through this cute drawing beside the cute animals as dogs, cats and etc. There are many simple ways to draw the owl, and a tutorial on how to draw an owl with step by step easily is made herewith for your enjoyable time with your kids.

How to draw an Owl

Step 1 – Draw the owl’s head

draw an Owl's head

  • Start to draw a curved valley shape, and then draw two curves on both sides. Add the wings on two sides of the owl’s head by drawing rhombus shapes. These wings look to cover the owl’s body, therefore this drawing tutorial does not mention body drawing.
  • Draw a wide curve as the owl’s chin to connect the wings.

Step 2 – Draw the owl’s face

Draw an Owl's face

  • Draw two connected curves inside the face to have two cheeks.
  • Draw a curve to for the owl’s mouth at the bottom of the face. Add three waves in the inside to finalize the mouth. It seems this is an unsmiling owl.
  • Next, add the eyes by drawing two circles of each at the connected curves as above. Owls actually have the largest eyes of any bird.

Draw an Owl's eyes

  • The owl’s nose is added in the middle of the face by drawing a small rhombus shape.

Step 3 – Draw the owl’s legs

Draw an Owl's legs

  • Finalize a simple outline by drawing two little legs with claws under the head.

Step 4 – Color the owl

  • To make a beautiful owl by coloring, you use dark green to color the owl, except the eyes.
  • Color the inside of owl’s face with light green.

Color an Owl

  • Use dark color for the eyes that have the spots inside them.
  • Finally, dark color is also used in the nose and legs.
  • We perfectly complete the simple and easy drawing of an owl.



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