How to Draw a Spider Easy | Draw a Spider for Kids

Have your kids, especially boys watched films of spider man? Because of the symbolization of spider man as a hero, almost boys like playing or owning something spider man involved. How about a real spider? You should let your kids know the structures of spiders to make some exciting activities at home or schools. Therefore, how to draw a spider in this post is suitable for your kids. This activity is also tutored easily as how to draw a sheep of the previous post with some simple steps. To draw a spider with ease, this video is posted to guide your kids with step by step and know how are the spiders amazing on drawings and surprises as well.

Beautiful spider

I only show you here how to draw a spider. Learning this post is able to increase your kids’ imagination on spider drawings. From some easy steps to difficult steps, your kids shall love drawing tutorial to have a perfect one and cannot stop learning.

Please take an attention with two minutes to have a simple spider drawing for your kids and enjoy a happy time together!

How to Draw a Spider

Step 1 – Draw the spider’s body and head

  • At first, you draw an oval for the body.

Draw the spider's body and head

  • Draw a U shape under the oval. This makes the spider’s head.
  • You can self-draw the spider’s head above the body if you like.

Step 2 – Draw the spider’s legs

Draw the spider's legs

  • You draw leg by leg alternately to have eight legs for this spider. The spider’s legs are shaped with V lines.
  • These legs help the spider can crawl very fast to catch something for their food.

Step 3 – Finish the spider’s body

  • Draw some curves in the body to have the perfect body after coloring.

Finish the spider's body

  • Some spider drawings omitted these circles of the body. However, I realize this design of spider is the most perfect one.

Step 4 – Draw the spider’s eyes and fangs

Finish the spider's drawing

  • Draw two circles in the head for the eyes. You continuously draw a set of fangs at the bottom and a straight line in the body for the final drawing of this spider.

Step 5 – Color the spider

Color the spider

  • I use orange to color the spider. You can choose the other colors as long as you love it.
  • Color gray inside circles of the body.
  • Color part of the eye with black to have the scary spider. Also color black for the spider’s fangs.
  • You finish a beautiful spider in spite of its scare.



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