How to Draw a Monkey Easily | Draw a Monkey for Kids

Monkeys are not good pets as same as cats or dogs. Therefore, your children usually see them in the zoo or watch on TV. Of course, almost of children had watched films about Monkeys called as “Monkey King”, a well-known film until now. Beside how to draw a dog and how to draw a cat, it’s very enjoyable for how to draw a monkey to be learned through this post with some simple steps involved.

The cute monkey sketches are made in various designs of drawing. This design is added to have a silly monkey in vision for your kids’ easy learning and favorite of animal drawings, especially monkey drawing.

Let’s enjoy together with some easy steps to draw a monkey for kids.

How to Draw a Monkey

Step 1 – Draw the monkey’s face and head

Draw the monkey's head

  • Start to draw the face and head. The face looks like a heart shape that the top part is wider than the bottom part.
  • Next draw the head by adding hair around the face. The hair looks as a burning flame shape in creative appearance.

Draw the monkey's ears

  • Draw two similar ears with three circle halves each. The ears place at outside the hair on both sides.

Step 2 – Draw the monkey’s body

Draw the monkey's body

  • A starting point at the bottom of the face is to draw two ovals for the body.

Step 3 – Draw the monkey’s arms and legs

  • The monkey’s arms and legs are mostly as similar as human’s ones. Therefore, you draw double curve lines on each side for two arms.

Draw the monkey's arms and legs

  • Make the end part of the arm by drawing the hands. The monkey’s hands are also similar to our own, but not necessary to have enough finger as ours.
  • Draw the monkey’s legs and feet as same as the arms and hands’ shapes with curve lines at the bottom of the body.

Step 4 – Draw to finish the monkey’s face

Start to draw a circle and add another smaller circle inside it for an eye.

Finalize a monkey drawing

  • Draw the same way for the other eye.
  • Draw a small triangle for the nose.
  • Draw two small curves on both sides and a smiling mouth with two curves under the nose, just cap it off.

Step 5 – Color the monkey

Color of how to draw a monkey

  • At first, color the monkey with brown, except the hands, feet and ears.
  • Make an extra color by red in the face, part of the body and ears and also the color of the hands and feet.
  • Add color to dark red for the inside of the ears, nose and mouth.
  • Add white color for a space between the two circles of each eye to have googly eyes of the monkey.
  • Now we have a silly monkey drawing.


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