How to Draw a Lion Easy | Draw a Lion for Kids

I previously posted how to draw a cute dog easily. The dog is so nice and friendly to kids at home, therefore an observation is made with ease, just a few simple steps to finish drawing. Today, let’s explore a more special animal to promote your kids’ attention to drawing by this post. That’s how to draw a lion to add your drawing collection upon animals in a variety.

Before you start, your kid should be taught some basic knowledge of this animal species for both of learning and playing in getting from him. As almost of people know, lions have been popularly acquired a title of “the King of the Jungle”, an animal is so powerful, ferocious and brave, of which features are attractive to your kids, especially boys, who desire to be characterized by the power and the brave or something more. The lion is like a big cat which is as a cute pet in home, otherwise the lions have two sharp eyes and eat flesh, it results to your kids are scared of them. Therefore, just a drawing in looking, they can know how is a lion like?

Masterful Lion drawing

This masterful lion drawing is performed by a male lion with his mane to express the lion’s power. Learn how to draw a lion to make a few simple guidelines to give you realistic lion structure and proportion. Let’s start it with step by step.

Step 1 – Draw the lion’s head

  • Draw a U-shape with a wavy line from the lion’s head top.

Drawing the lion's face

  • Draw a wavy circle as a flower around the head for the lion’s mane

Step 2 – Draw the lion’s legs

  • Draw two curves on one side down from the center of the head for front leg and paw together, draw another front leg is as same as the first one, you finish to draw two same front legs.

Drawing the lion's legs

  • Next, draw two back legs and paws with the deep curves on both sides symmetrically.

Step 3 – Draw the lion’s tail

Drawing the lion's tail

  • Draw double curves for the tail and teardrop shape for the hairy tuft at the end of its tail.

Step 4 – Finish the lion’s face

Drawing the lion's eyebrows and nose

  • Draw two curves on both sides in the face for the eyebrows and connect together with a small triangle at the center for the nose.
  • Continuously draw a short straight line from the bottom of the nose and curve it out to have the mouth.
  • Draw two black spots for the eyes under the eyebrows.

Drawing the lion's mouth and whiskers

  • Add whiskers at the mouth with three each side.

Step 5 – Draw the lion’s ears

Drawing the lion's ears

  • Draw two ears inside the lion’s mane with the shape of two circle halves each.

Step 6 – Color the lion

  • Color the lion’s head and tail’s top by using brown color.
  • The lion’s face and ears, except the mane to overlap in color with yellow color.

Painting a Lion drawing

  • Color the body in yellow color.
  • Color inside the ears with dark yellow.
  • Please look the nice drawing of a lion.


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