How to Draw a Frog Step by Step | Draw a Frog for Kids

Animal drawings are exciting for your kids, especially easy drawings. Today this easy drawing for a type of familiar animal to your kid is posted with how to draw a frog. This frog is a cute amphibian of which life is easily found in the countryside has been learned about Facts About Frogs. The kids or child living in the countryside don’t have a lot of playgrounds. Therefore, this post brings your kids a fun in drawing activity.

Finish the frog drawing

With some easy steps, this frog drawing to your kids, even all ages to have a relax time at weekends or any free day together. Now let’s start to draw this cute frog!

Table of Contents

How to Draw a Frog

Step 1 – Draw the Frog’s head

Draw the frog's head

  • Starting a frog’s head by drawing the eyes, not the face shape as the previous animals to simply and easily instruct you.
  • Draw a double circle for one eye and the other eye is as same as the first one to draw.
  • Draw an oval shape to link two eyes. It looks the circles should overlie the top part of oval shape.

Step 2 – Draw the Frog’s legs and body

Draw the frog's forelegs

  • Start to draw the frog foreleg with two bent lines on the left side, you draw an M shape for the toes on the bottom. You draw two similar bent lines on the right side for another frog foreleg and the similar toes. Now you have finished drawing the forelegs, which connect with the oval-shaped body.
  • Draw the frog hind leg with the reversed number 2 shape on the left side to connect to the foreleg with short lines for the toes.
  • Repeat to draw the frog hind leg with the number 2 shape on right side and its toes.
    You finish the frog legs and body.

Draw the frog's hind legs and face

Step 3 – Finalize the Frog’s head

  • Draw a curve line inside the frog face to have a fun frog

Step 4 – Color the Frog

Color a frog drawing

  • Use yellow color to color the frog.
  • Color the frog belly with lemon color.
  • Color the frog eyes with black, not at all, to have the spot eyes, which are specially round and big.
  • This drawing with a fun frog is just some easy steps to make.



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