How to Draw a Cute Dog | Drawing Dog for Kids

For kids even adults, dogs and puppies are adorable because of their cuteness and free royalty and other reasons everlasting from before. It’s easy to have a cute dog or puppy in your house. However, your kids are still young and little to directly touch a dog. That’s why you are as a tutor for your kids who learn how to draw a cute dog. A love from you to your child and to this drawing style are expressed.

There are many choices to find out how to draw a cute dog, but this design is chosen for its simplicity and promptness. Particularly, the dog’s simple posture (standing) is so cute and pretty that your kids are so loving and exciting through their process. This dog as a little puppy makes a picture in cartoon of which is likely to be finished with your kids with a lot of fun following this video.

A cute dog tutorial for kids

With this post, you can teach your kids to love animals, and then to love the animal (pets) drawings for home time with nothing on the schedule or schools on their tutorial drawing.

Let’s start with step by step to draw a cute dog!

Step 1 – Draw the dog’s head

Drawing the dog's head

  • You start the top of the head of a curve as a face form and simultaneously line down to make a pointy ear.
  • Draw the other ear as same as the first one.

Step 2 – Draw the dog’s legs and body

Drawing the dog's legs

  • Start from the bottom curve of the face to spread a curve line for a front leg and feet together, the same drawing for the second front leg.
  • Draw two back legs as the same lines. Connect a back leg to the ear by a deep curve.
  • All legs are linked by some short curves.

Step 3 – Draw the dog’s eyes and eyebrows

Drawing the dog's eyes and eyebrows


  • Draw two eyebrows with teardrop-shaped in the upper face.
  • Draw two black spots covered by the soft lining circles for the eyes under the eyebrows.

Step 4 – Draw the dog’s tail

  • Draw a small wagging tail at the back.

Step 5 – Draw the dog’s nose

Drawing the dog's nose

  • Draw a wavy line to connect to the lines of the face under the eyes.
  • Draw a close round as a small oval for a nose under the wavy line.

Step 6 – Draw the dog’s mouth

  • Draw two curves of which a starting point is from the center of the nose to draw a small straight line, are similarly extended to two sides of the face, just cap it off. Curve in the center to have a dog with a mouth laughing.

Drawing the dog's tongue

Step 7 – Draw the dog’s tongue

  • Just a little not long tongue by two small curve matches.

Step 8 – Draw wavy lines in the body

Drawing wavy lines of the dog body

  • Draw a wavy line in the middle of the dog’s body and a short wavy line in the tail.

Step 9 – Color to finish up the cute dog

Painting a cute dog

  • Color the orange color of the half face and tail and make some orange spots for the dog, the brown color for the ears, half tail, eyebrows, nose with a little white and part of the body and the pink color for the tongue. A cute dog is finished.



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