How to Draw a Cat | Super Simple Drawing Cat

The previous post to learn how to draw a Lion as a big cat, today I am sharing with you the simple cat drawing for your kids’ learning. How to draw a cat to be added in the drawing tutorial of cute pets.

Cats are always adorable for kids due to their cute appearance. And actually, features of cats with the fur covering the body are smooth and pretty that are enjoyably touched in by kids. Cats at home, including various species such as black and white, tabby, tortoiseshell and etc. are domestic animals. This cat is drawn with a free of fur texture, however, it keeps an adorable shape.

How to draw a pretty cat

How to draw a cat to learn a very simple tutorial. Making a fun choice of a cat drawing creates your kids a close connection with you. This drawing is easy to make without any effortless imagination because of the usual vision of a cat in your home.

Let’s enjoy start this super simple drawing together to learn how to draw a cat.

Table of Contents

Step 1 – Draw the cat’s head

Draw head for the cat

  • Draw an oval for the head.
  • Draw double triangles for each ear, two same ears on both sides.

Step 2 – Draw the cat’s front legs

Draw front legs for the cat

  • Draw two long U-shapes for the front legs with feet together.

Step 3 – Draw the cat’s face

  • Draw two black spots for the eyes.
  • Add a small triangle for the nose in the middle of the face and below the eyes.

Draw face for the cat

  • Draw two curves stretching out of two sides under the bottom of the nose.
  • Draw three short curves on each side of the mouth for the whiskers.

Step 4 – Draw the cat’s back legs and body

Draw back legs and body for the cat

  • Draw two wavy curves at two sides under the head for the back legs and feet and body. The cat’s posture is as sitting. It looks so simple to draw.

Step 5 – Draw the cat’s tail

Draw tail for the cat

  • Draw two wavy lines connected at the end to have the perfect tail.
  • Finalize a simple cat drawing outline from this step.

Step 6 – Color the pretty cat

Paint a pretty cat

  • Use jade green color to color the whole of the cat.
  • Once again color the inside of ears with dark jade green color.
  • Color the nose with black color.
  • There are various colors and ways to color your cat drawing to finalize a pretty cat.







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