How to Draw a Baby Chicken | Draw a Baby Chicken for Kids

Everybody knows a question that what came first, the chicken or the eggs? Nobody knows its answer, however. Also, we are sure all of baby chickens (or chicks) are very cute because of their yellow fluffy feathers and silly face. Learning about how to draw a baby chicken is a so easy way for beginners who want to discover the animal world generally, and cute baby animals individually through drawing practice.

Cute baby chicken

A baby chicken (of either gender) drawing can be done in a few minutes, but your kids’ time is very interesting and funny. Therefore, let’s start to effortlessly learn how to draw a baby chicken for kids with some easy steps in anyway.

How to Draw a Baby Chicken

Step 1 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Head and Body

  • Firstly, you draw a circle for the head.

draw head and body of baby chick

  • Next, the oval shape which is wide at the bottom is under the first one to have the body.

Step 2 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Wings

  • Draw leaves shape on both sides of the head toward the body for the wings of baby chicken.

Step 3 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Legs

draw wings and legs of baby chick

  • Draw the V shape to form the legs.
  • Finish up with a few lines for the claws.

Step 4 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Hairdo

  • Add three curved lines at the top. These are like feathers or called “hairdo” on the top of the baby chicken’s head.

Step 5 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Eyes and Beak

draw feathers and face of baby chick

  • Add the eyes of baby chicken by drawing two curves with rhombus shape attached with a curve below to finish the beak.
  • You also draw the feathers under the head to complete the cute baby chicken’s outline.

Step 6 – Color the Baby Chicken

  • Color the whole of baby chicken with yellow.

color baby chick

  • Complete to color lemon for the baby chicken’s beak and feather under the head.
  • Let’s guide your kids to draw a cute baby chicken enjoy your time!



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