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Nowadays, science and technology are developing every second. Thanks to it, people have a more convenient life. Moreover, some get crazy about discovering new things relating to science. So, if you have a friend who is addicted to science like them, what gifts will you give on their special occasions? Let’s follow our list of top 25 funny gifts for science nerds to check if you have the same ideas with us, or not.

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* Gifts for men who are crazy about science

Gifts for men loving science

1. Star Wars Men’s Millennium Falcon Tie

This impressive tie is specially designed for those men who love science. Just looking at it, other people can feel how deep is his love for this subject. Don’t forget to choose his favorite colors. He will highly appreciate your understanding of the gift idea to him and be more confident when going outside and show to other people about his interest.

2. Josh Bach Men’s Chemistry and Science Silk Necktie, Made in the USA

Josh Bach Men’s Chemistry made of qualified silk is another good choice of a tie for those men loving science. It is excellent to match this tie with a white shirt, which makes him become more gentlemen than ever. Surely, he will highly appreciate your gift. Let’s try!

3. Hanes Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt

A T-shirt is a very common kind of clothes for a science nerd. He loves comfortable clothes, which can help him to be more concentrated in his work. Moreover, the sentence printed on it shows that he is busy at thinking and prevents others from disturbing him. It is excellent enough to be on your list of funny gifts to him, right?

4. Awkward Styles Future Scientist Youth Shirt

This is another design of a T-shirt that you can consider putting it in the list of top funny gifts for science nerds you know. It is suitable for a young teenager or someone who is at the beginning of discovering science.

5. Awkward Styles Merry Christmas Sweatshirt Funny

Besides T-shirts, you can choose some awkward styles of sweatshirts for him. They are good gifts for those men living in Europe where it is usually cold. On Christmas occasion, he will be so excited and thankful to receive such a meaningful and funny gifts like these sweatshirts.

6. Socks n Socks-Men 5pair Luxury Colorful Cotton

These socks are perfect for those men getting crazy about science. They look so funny but they can help to bring your men a whole day of feeling comfortable. To be more concentrated at work, the men need to wear soft and comfortable clothes, so these luxury colourful cotton socks are qualified enough to be on top of 25 funny gifts for science nerds.

7. Neurons Not Included Periodic Table of Elements Cuff – Aluminium Wide Bracelet

This aluminium wide bracelet is printed in the US with non-toxic, earth-friendly, and permanent inks. It is cool so cool that many customers give good compliments about their favourite bracelet. Its length is adjustable; therefore, we can easily adjust it to fit with him. He will be surprised by your outstanding choice!

8. Chemistry Gifts- Coffee Tumbler for Teachers, Biology, Nerd

No one can imagine that a tumble can be decorated with special science features like this coffee tumble. It is suitable to use at the workplace, in the car, or even in the lab. Besides impressive design, it catches users’ love with its quality to keep the beverage at the perfect temperature (hot or cold) for a long time

9. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Most of the science nerds love to discover strange things. That’s why the book of unusual knowledge is always at the top of the best seller products for them. Its 704-page content perfect for anyone with a curious mind and a passion for learning. Why don’t you give these not only useful but also funny gifts for science nerds you know?

10. Willcomes Wooden Turns Itself Off Useless Box

He may have lots of tools to support his work as being a science nerd. This willcomes a wooden box that will be a qualified choice for him. It is easy to open and close with a quick flip. He will highly appreciate this best gift. There is no reason for you to hesitate to give it to him.

11. Computer Keyboard Keychain, Computer Engineer Keychain

A key chain is a common gift for people nowadays. However, a special one with computer keyboard decoration can help science nerds to show up their styles. This small gift will make you become a skilful giver in his eyes. Why don’t you choose it for your science nerds?

* Gifts for women who are crazy about science

Gifts for girls loving science

12. Science Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf like this will be truly funny gifts for those girls loving science. It is not only fashionable but also impressive. When other people look at it, they may wonder what is written on the scarf and give some compliment on it. Remember to choose her favourite colour to make your choice more perfect.

13. Sock It To Me, Knee High Funky Socks: Science and Space

Besides scarfs, lots of science features are decorated on these socks. Wearing these funny gifts, they will be more attractive in other people’s eyes. Why don’t you choose these incredible pieces of stuff for her?

14. Alaza Chemistry Periodic Table Double Wall Water Bottle

This water bottle is engraved lots of chemistry periodic outside. Just looking at it, other people can guest what its user’s interest is. Its capacity is 17 ounces or 500 ml, which is perfect for office, outdoor, or even in lab usage. There is no reason for you to reject such funny and meaningful gifts like these water bottles, right?

15. Decodyne Math Wall Clock – Each Hour Marked By a Simple Math Equation

Decodyne math wall clock brings its user a great gift idea because its hour is marked by a simple equation. Watching at this clock, other people will imagine its user a lot because of her intelligent mind. The clock is designed with black and white, which are easy to display anywhere in houses or offices. If you find this incredible clock perfect for your science nerds, you should order it soon because there is only one left in stock. Hurry up!

16. Universe Galaxy The Eight Planets Guardian Star Natural Stone Beads Bracelet

It is a handmade and extremely creative design of the bracelet, which reflects the whole eight planets in a qualified bracelet. Wearing it, she will confidently show with the others your best gift and her knowledge about the solar system. It is suitable for all girls, so you must put it in your list of best gifts for science nerds right away.

17. 3D Crystal Ball with Solar System model and LED lamp Base

This crystal ball is a special 3D design with a LED lamp base. It is great for bedroom decoration because of its elegance. Those who love to discover about earth or planets may get crazy about it. Therefore, be careful before choosing it for them, or else they may get addicted to looking at it all the time.

18. Support Bacteria Coffee or Tea Mug

Like the men loving science, we should choose for those girls getting crazy about this subject some best mugs, which can reflect their hobbies and interesting fields. These mugs are produced in the USA, so you don’t need to worry about its quality. With a picture of bacteria engraved outside the mug, it can easily catch other’s people eyes, which makes her more proud of the funny gifts she gets from you.

19. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

We cannot ignore the important role of books for those girls loving science. The more they love this subject the more she wants to read and discover. That’s why we should choose some interesting books for her. And this book can help her to answer various problems with absurd hypothetical questions. That sounds great, right?

20. Threadrock Women’s Science It’s Like Magic But Real V-Neck T-Shirt

There are not only special T-shirts for men loving science on the market, but there are also a variety of T-shirts for women with cool designs. Theses thread rock ones are clear examples. They are made from 60 percent of combed ring spun cotton and 40 percent of polyester, which is qualified enough to bring her long days of comfort. There are many colours for you to choose, don’t forget to book her favourite colours to make you become a skilful giver in her eyes.

21. Lightsaber Light up LED Chopsticks Multifunction for Star Wars Theme Party Fun Gift Set

These LED chopsticks are strange but creative gifts for those girls loving science. Some may think they are so funny; however, some

22. Sabai NYC Laboratory Microscope Dangle Earrings

Let these earrings lead you to the top of best givers. They are not only attractive but also creative to those loving science. When you buy them, they are carefully presented in a gift box, which sounds great, right?

23. Fox Run Science Cookie Cutters Chemistry Set, 4 Piece, Stainless Steel

Last but not least, don’t forget to give her the set of 4 pieces of stainless steel which are great for cutting out cookie doughs, birthday cakes, fruits, or sandwiches. The set can make the meal more attractive with many shapes of foods. Think carefully before buying this set for her because she may ask you to buy some more!

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