Top 50 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day | The Best Gifts for Your Father

Father’s Day is around the corner, and there’s no way you would want to miss out on it! Whether you’re a wife, a daughter, a son, or a toddler, the number of ideas for Father’s Day gifts are endless. Catching up with the trend and still adding a touch of tradition, we have compiled a list of gift suggestions for you to consider. Let us begin!

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Kid’s Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Cute Gifts from Kids to Fathers

Who said a kid couldn’t prepare some amazing gifts for their father? We have several inexpensive yet meaningful DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day that a child can afford with their allowance, as well as craft projects they can work on!

1. ‘What I Love About Dad’ Fill-in Book

The book contains unfinished prompts and lines that you can personalize with your words. It will be unique and heartfelt because it comes from the bottom of the little heart. Every father will read this precious piece many times and cherish it for life.

2. Engraved Rock

It’s an item a father can either keep in his treasure chest or his pocket as a reminder of how much his favorite child loves him! And when we say ‘keep’, we mean he can keep it for a lifetime! The engraved words won’t wear off no matter what.

3. Bicycle 3D Pop Up Card

A great design of cards for a bicycle lover! The warm written sentiments inside for sure still play the most important role, but Daddy will be surprised when he opens the card and the 3D miniature pops up in front of him!

4. Handprint Grill for the BBQ-Lover Dad

Handprint Grill For the BBQ-lover Dad

While adults can give Dad a grilling recipe book or a BBQ set for camping, little ones can join the fun as well! They will need the template and the paint. Dip the small fingers in the colored paints and decorate the page for a unique card!

Credit: FunHandprintArt

5. Father’s Day Tackle Box

Tackle Box - Gift Ideas for Father's Day

He wouldn’t say no to a cute box full of candies, especially if he loves fishing. The tag is printable for a much easier task, and the baby only has to fill it with gummy worms and fish candies to complete the look of a tackle box.

Credit: CraftyMorning

6. Constellation Craft

how to craft a constellation card?

Children will have a lot of fun making a constellation for their Dad – the best in the entire galaxy! The radiant and colorful look surely adds to the festive vibes and makes the progress entertaining for the little ones.

Credit: IHeartCraftyThings

7. Kid-made Father’s Day Book

Father's Day Book by Kid

From the printable templates and crayons, kids can make a whole book for their beloved Dad. They have prompts and frames to choose and fill in, coupled with a lovely cover. We can use cardstock for more durability.

Credit: HelloWonderful

Father’s Day Gifts from Daughters

gifts from daughters for Father's Day

A daughter always holds a special position in her father’s heart, and she can show him how much she cares and appreciates him with these heartwarming presents.

8. Nonslip Socks

The bold white print read ‘Do not disturb, papa is resting his eyes’ will immediately catch everyone’s attention! Give your dad the comfort he needs with these premium cotton socks: soft, stretch, non-slip, and durable.

9. Funny Father’s Day Card

An adorable card with a cheeky greeting will complete the gift you have for Father’s Day and putt a bright smile on his face. Hilarious and not serious sentiments are the important thing for an occasion like this.

10. Tactical Pens

You have no idea how much men love tools with multiple uses, especially men who work in the military or police force. They would like to feel safe and supported by these emergency functions: glass breaker, emergency responder, everyday carry.

11. Wooden Docking Station

Help your father keep his desk neat and improve his productiveness with this premium docking station! The versatile designs allow us to organize our belongings (phone, tablet, keys, cards) efficiently and make itself an elegant tabletop decoration.

12. Funny Labels for Beer Bottles

Funny Beer Bottle Labels

No matter which brand your father likes, you can easily make his heart swell by customizing each bottle of the pack with one of these witty labels: ‘Dad, without me today would just be a regular day. You’re welcome.’ or ‘Thanks for always saying yes when mom said no. Well played!’, for example.

13. Professional Grill Set

The heavy-duty BBQ set is only a click away! Everything you need for a big grill party for the entire family. From spatula, fork, tongs, brushes, shakers to corn holders, skewers, and a lightweight aluminum case to carry along with convenience.

14. Personalized Beer Glass

It’s nothing like the ordinary beer glasses! You can give this glass a personal touch with your dad’s name or an adorable symbol. Be careful with what you choose to print on the glass, as it won’t ever fade even if you use it all the time!

15. Etched Stainless Keychain

A daughter will always be a little girl to her daddy just like how a father is a hero to his precious child, and there’s pretty much nothing that will make him happier than to hear it from you!

16. Men’s Adilette Shower Slides

It’s Adidas, the brand with a long history and a top reputation when it comes to sports, hence you can be at ease about the quality and the comfort these slippers will bring to him.

Father’s Day DIY Gifts

DIY Projects for Father's Day Gifts

Both adults and children will have a good time doing these simple yet lovely projects. DIY gifts will be the best if you’re holding a party at home!

17. Prize Ribbon Card

Best Dad Prize Ribbon Card

Perhaps Dad deserves a medal for being the awesome man he is? Children can have this template printed for a simple prize ribbon as a card before noting down the heartfelt reason why they love their dad so much on the inside.

Credit: TheCraftTrain

18. Father’s Day Banner

DIY Father's Day Banner

Grab some clothespins and baker’s twines, you’re going to have fun decorating the house for a more festive look! All you need to do is get the printable template and string the pieces together, and the party’s ready!

Credit: IshouldbemoppingtheFloor

19. The High Toss Craft

How to craft the high toss

The high toss is one of the most endearing moments for dads and tots when the precious angel soars and lands back in Daddy’s loving arms, but do you know you can craft it with the most common materials? Use it for a decorative paper plate or a card, be creative!

Credit: TheJoySharing

Father’s Day Gifts from Wives

Father's Day Gifts for Husbands

How can a wife not celebrate Father’s Day with her man, the father of her lovely children? As his significant other, you have all the right to be a little cheeky and intimate with your presents – a privilege!

20. Grilling Spice Gift Set

A special day calls for special activities! If you are planning a BBQ party in your backyard for your grill-lover husband, this set of 5 different sauce flavors will be an interesting gift! Sometimes, a present is best if you can share it with your loved ones.

21. Men’s Fanning Flip Flop

If your family is having a trip to the beach soon, you shouldn’t miss out on these comfortable slippers! Unlike other brands, they have a bottle opener in the outsole to guarantee a thirst-quenching technology wherever you go. A smart feature for summer!

22. Funny Apron for Men

A simple black apron with a witty quote of ‘Hot stuff coming through and I don’t mean the food’ makes the kitchen’s tasks much more fun and less like a chore. Take the chance to flirt with your man while making him smile!

23. Burritos Tortilla Blanket

Made by soft flannel with the newest sewing technology, the fine-quality piece promises the most relaxing and cozy moments. You will become a burrito as soon as you wrap yourself in this! What’s better than snuggling with your man?

24. Men’s RFID

Forgetful and clumsy husbands would need a wallet like this to keep their ID and cards organized! Made by coated leather, lined with polyester, available for handwashing – it surely will last for a long time.

25. Personalized & Engraved Bracelet

Personalized % Engraved Bracelet

The bracelet is intricate with 4 bands and 2 sizes of silver beads for you to pick. You can have a date or a name engraved on it. The secure clasp will do the rest, keeping the gift tight around his wrist and never slipping off.

26. Under Layer Running Shorts

Made by mainly polyester, the shorts are very lightweight and stretchy, which makes them ideal for all sports, from yoga and surfing to gym and football. Your man will feel very comfortable with their heat retention and warmth preservation!

27. Fresh Balls

The groin area is a sensitive zone, not only for women but men also. Fresh Balls will save your beloved from uncomfortable feelings of wetness, sweat, and stickiness without leaving clumps and residues on him or on his pants.

28. Tactical Engraved Pocket Knife

Dissatisfied with the pocket knives that won’t do their job at all? This high-quality, razor-sharp blade will change your impression 180 degrees! It also features a clip for your man to gain quick access to, whether he attaches it to the belt or keeps it in his pocket.

29. Wooden Photo

Beautiful Wooden Photo

If you’re celebrating the first Father’s Day with your husband, what’s a better gift than a frame with a picture of the new Dad and the newborn engraved on wood? No need for something extravagant, he will be thrilled enough with this gift!

Father’s Day Gifts from Sons

Son's GIfts for Father's Day

From a man to a man, the son might be the one who knows his father the most and thus comes up with the best gifts. Manly, useful, and still thoughtful – that’s what we aim for with our suggestions of gift ideas for Father’s Day from sons.

30. Whiskey Gift Box

How about some father & son bonding time over some delicious wine you both love? This set has everything dad needs to enjoy a glass of chilled whiskey: 2 glasses and 8 granite chilling rocks. He will talk about it for many days!

31. Magnetic Wristband

The badass wristband has super strong magnets to hold nails, drill bits, fasteners, wrenches, and other small tools. Dad will have a much easier time when he tries to fix things or work on a creative project, as it acts like his third hand.

32. 11-in-1 Survival Gear Kit

It’s a gadget kit with a lot of fun! You will get a flashlight, a wire saw, a saber card, clip for water bottles, a tungsten pen, an emergency blanket, and more. Aside from that, it’s actually lightweight and inexpensive. It will be a valuable addition to the car or the office.

33. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Help your man maintain the family’s car in a squeaky clean state! The hand-held size makes it extremely convenient to carry, but it’s also powerful enough for maximum coverage and efficiency. Say goodbye to the dry or wet messes, cigarette ashes, and pet hair.

34. Flashlight Glove

Imagine your dad trying to repair or work on something in the dark. How inconvenient it would be if he has to spare a hand for a flashlight or hold it in between his teeth? These gloves have 2 LED lights on the index fingers and fix that problem right away!

35. BBQ Grill Tools Set

Team up with Dad and prepare a delicious BBQ party for the family! With tongs, a grilling spatula (featuring a bottle opener), and a digital thermometer included in the set, the cooking task is as simple as a piece of cake!

36. Universal Socket Wrench

How can a man not have this universal socket wrench?! We might be joking, but you wouldn’t know how much you have been missing until you own it. It makes constructing, repairing, or carpentry much more simple, as it’s able to adjust to about every type of nuts and bolts.

37. Multi-gadget

If Dad likes DIY projects or home improvement, this is the most striking tool to give him! It includes nail puller, pliers, hammer, wire cutter, screwdrivers, knife, can opener but it’s still extremely lightweight and portable.

38. Tie Clip

Tie Clip for Men

As a man, a son should know better than anyone how important a tie is. Be it a formal outfit or a daily work attire, a high-quality tie clip will boost the look and the confidence. Not only that but you can also customize the piece with your own sentiment.

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day gifts for a cool daddy

Have a cool daddy who’s both badass and humorous? This section of cool gift ideas for Father’s Day is for you!

39. Amazon eGift Card

No one said a dad couldn’t enjoy shopping for himself! There’s no need to worry about yourself seeming careless with this gift because the special edition of Amazon’s gift cards has included the entire spirit of Father’s Day in its simple design.

40. Sandwich Maker

Who doesn’t want a delicious and quick breakfast to start the day? A man would never say no to it! Customize your sandwich with your favorite ingredients and it will be ready within minutes. No need to leave the house early for a rushed meal anymore!

41. Backscratcher

If this back scratcher is not the best, at least it’s the biggest you can get on the market! It will reach the spots or hands can’t reach and give you the most satisfying scratches ever with the minimum amount of effort. A must-have in summer, really!

42. ‘Best Dad Ever’ T-Shirt

You can always tell your father he’s the best dad ever, but a shirt with that sentence printed on the front will hit differently, especially on Father’s Day. Quality-wise, it’s 100% cotton, so you know how comfortable it will be.

43. Multi-tools Pen

This gadget is suitable for dads who work in the office. It doesn’t feature emergency tools like tactical pens, but it has enough to amaze: a bottle opener, a ruler, a phone stand, and a stylus pen for all types of touch screens.

44. Gamer Shirts

Daddy would love to wear a coupled shirt with his little game partner! They would look adorable when joining a competitive activity or simply play video games together. Hurry up and give your most beloved persons this adorable gift!

Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpas

Great gifts for grandpas on Father's day

Let’s not forget about the grandpa because he was once a dad, still is. We have awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day for grandfathers, things that will take care of him well, and add more beautiful moments to his memory.

45. Massager with Heat

Give the old man an overall massage with smart design and technology! There are 3D massage rollers and 8 nodes in total, which ensures thorough care for his shoulders, neck, back, waist, arms, legs, and even feet.

46. Wooden Frame

It’s a simple yet classic present. A high-quality wooden frame will stand the test of time and protect the picture inside it thoroughly. The manufacturer uses laser technology to engrave the quote ‘The Love Between A Father And Daughter Lasts Forever’, so it won’t fade easily.

47. ‘Now That You’re Grandpa’ Frame

A wooden frame with minimalistic farmhouse style will be a precious keepsake for a new grandpa on Father’s Day. Decorated with a poem expressing the journey of a grandfather, it will be a beautiful piece to display at home or the workplace.

48. Wood Plaque Prayer

An elder would dig something elegant and a bit classy. Moreover, you can either use it as an easel or a hook for wall decoration. The inspiring and lovely quote printed on the front will remain in his memory for years.

49. Funny T-shirt for Grandpas

‘I’m not retired, I’m a professional grandpa’ printed on a comfy cotton shirt with assured vibrant colors and durability. Hilarious gifts with a touch of cheekiness and sarcasm are perfect for gatherings and daily use.

50. Vintage Car Card

It’s a classic gift for the true classic man in your life. The design is vintage and still outstanding compared to the extravagant cards out there. It will immediately amaze him and leave a lasting impression.

51. Grandpa Keychain

The design of the keychain is simple yet modern enough to please everyone! The stainless steel ensures a shining appearance and no distortion for a long time. ‘If grandpa can’t fix it, no one can’ expresses your love to him transparently.

52. Wooden Watch

Wooden Watch for Men

The premium blackwood coupled with the mineral crystal glass, the precision of Japanese quartz movement, and the skilled crafting will bring you a watch with vintage vibes and classy look, perfect for the old father.

53. Handcraft Compass

Handcraft Compass for Father's Day

A compass always holds so much meaning, especially for people who share a deep connection but live far away from each other. It will be even more precious with a wish engraved on the inside of it.

And that’s the end of the coolest gift ideas for Father’s Day 2020 with separate sections for each group of senders! If you’re looking for something else, please leave a comment and HavyCrafts would be more than glad to come up with more suggestions just for you!

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