TOP 50 Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

50 Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

7 years. It marks a milestone in children’s cognizance. They have started going to school and become a little more mature than before. They are setting the first steps in their learning journey of writing creative stories, drawing intricate pictures, making things. We should give them presents that can help them with that. Here’s the compilation of gifts for 7 years old children from Havycrafts

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Educational Gifts for 7 Year-olds Children

Educational Gifts for 7 Year-olds Children

Now that they are in the second grade, they must have learned the basics at school. Therefore, gifts that involve subjects and skills they have got from classes are always very trendy.

1. Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

Another product for science lovers! Curious children won’t miss the chance to grow some sparkling pieces of crystal. The instruction book has all of the necessary information for your child to perform the experiments.

2. File Folder

Of course, we can’t overlook the benefit of a file folder. It will teach the baby to organize their belongings and keep them free from creases. The package contains 100 file holders with various colors.

3. Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

In your stationery supply, there should be space for this box of rainbow notes. You can do many things with them: doodling, crafting, labelling items, writing notes, and so much more. Easy to use and amazing results!

4. Solar System Planetarium

What’s a better way to learn about something that never stops moving like the Solar system than seeing it in the most livid form? The planetarium will glow in the dark after the baby paints the planets with their clever hands.

5. Touch & Feel Color Cards

You can include shapes, colors, letters, and numbers in these cards. Your little sensory seeker will always enjoy playing with them because they excite all of the senses.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

6. Grade 2 – Spelling for a Year

Make sure your child is learning and applying the spelling rules and conventions properly! Many children have made an impressive improvement with this program, and parents simply love it!

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

Best Books for 7 year-olds Children

Best Books for 7 year-olds Children

At this age, your child begins to develop a view of the world. And reading books is always a great way to nurture the soul. A good book will enhance both the language ability and the knowledge range for the baby. There are some pieces of work a child should have on their desk or bookshelf.

7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition – by J.K. Rowling (author) & Jim Kay (illustrator)

If your baby has started to develop a preference for intricate storylines, the magical world of Harry Potter will be a perfect choice. The first book of the series will test how much they enjoy it before you decide to invest in the whole set of the illustrated version.

8. Sulwe – by Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o, the owner of an Oscar award, shares her heart warming and witty story with children. Beauty comes from the soul inside of us and not from the color of our skin.

9. Marc’s Mission: Way of the Warrior Kid – by Jocko Willink (author) & Jon Bozak (illustrator)

Motivation and discipline are the keys to success and the story of a warrior will inspire your child to be confident with their decisions and to stay true to their belief.

10. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things – by DK

This cyclopedia is for kids who want to know everything, from saying hello or goodbye in many languages to learning how people live on another planet. The lively photography is a bonus!

11. 5000 Awesome Facts – by National Geographic Kids

The book will be a party for the baby’s brain and eyes with interesting facts and colorful pictures. Mysteries of robots and reptiles, sports and spies, even chocolate and peanut butter, and so much more – they are waiting for the little adventurer!

12. Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills – by Alanna Jones

The friendly and positive explanation of the soccer drills will introduce your baby to the king of all sports in the most enjoyable way.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

Best Crafts for 7 year-olds

Best Crafts for 7 year-olds

Children of this age might be interested in making something creative and intricate by themselves. Crafting is an ultimate training technique for brilliant minds, deft hands, and sharp eyes. Paying attention to details is also a way to improve their patience and constancy.

13. Nylon Kitchen Knife Set

If the baby is interested in cooking, you need to give them some tools to start their chef career! With these knives, they can help by cutting fruits or vegetables. The serrated edges will complete the cutting task easily but won’t do any harm to the little fingers.

14.  Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit

The package includes a paintable pot, a flower house, butterflies, paint, and seeds. All you have to add is water and a sprinkle of creativity to achieve a fairy garden.

15. Paper Airplanes Kit

We will enhance the plain paper planes with this craft kit. The baby can design their favorite airplanes with stickers and drawings. They will love seeing colorful and lively planes flying around the house.

16.  Book Making Kit

We know the importance of reading. We love guiding our babies to the best books. But what if they can make their own book with creative texts and illustrations from their unlimited imagination? The kit comes with templates, markers, envelope, and an order form too! How professional!

17. Magnetic Mini Tile Art

With the paint strip and brush included, the child can create artworks and attach them to magnetic tiles. They are ideal for fridge decorations or locker doors.

Best-selling Gifts for 7 year-olds

Best-selling Gifts for 7 year-olds

Trendy and updated. That’s something these gifts have in common. You don’t have to browse website after website trying to figure out what children currently love to own. We have done the work for you.

18. 8.5” LCD Writing Tablet

No matter what your child has scribbled on the board, a simple press on the large button will clear the whole screen. The strength they use on the stylus will determine the thickness of the strokes. There’s no need to worry about them ruining their clothes or other household items.

19.  Bookshelf with Pastel Colors

A cute bookshelf is necessary if you want your child to cherish their precious books. Instead of making a mess, they will learn to put the books and magazines in specific categories that they can identify. The sleeves can hold books of almost every size!

20.  Waterproof Backpack for Student

If your child insists they are no longer a baby and refuses to use a backpack with cartoon characters and rainbow colors, this vintage bag might have their adoration. With a fairly large size, it can fit an umbrella or a bottle as well as textbooks and school kits. The weight won’t cause pain and pressure on the small shoulders since the straps are very comfortable and adjustable.

21. Night Light Projector

This night lamp is one of the best in the market! The baby can control the light, the rotation, the music, and the timer. Accompanied by the soft tunes, the patterns with animals and stars will surround the little one and prevent fears from creeping to their minds.

22. Handheld Learning Game System

Parents will approve of this game system, especially when it’s a big boost to the children’s math, literacy, and creativity skills. They can grow adorable pets and take care of them using the friendly switches and buttons.

23.  Kanoodle – 3D Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are popular choices when you are looking for something that will enhance your child’s problem-solving, strategic thinking, and critical thinking skills. With 200 quizzes, it’s more than enough to keep the mind busy!

Best Toys for 7 year-olds

Best Toys for 7 year-olds

Nevertheless, we don’t need to overthink about the benefits a present can bring. If you believe the child has had enough learning from classes and only want them to have fun with the best toys for their age, please take a look below.

24. Math Dice Junior Game

The rule is simple. You will role the two dices and do math with the numbers you have to get closer and hit the target number. It will promote the child’s mathematical skills like never before!

25. Light-up Terrarium Kit

Letting children take care of things has great effects on developing a kind heart in them. Moreover, when you switch the light on, the terrarium will brighten up into a gorgeous garden.

26. Mini ATM for Children

Piggy banks are cool but they can’t possibly compete with this mini ATM! It also has a passcode to protect the little fortune, plus the automatic intake of money and the sound of cash.

27. 5 Brands Surprise Ball

The unboxing process always has a nonpareil thrill! Each ball will give the baby 5 random brands for their collection. Can they find the super rare miniatures?

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

28. Spot It!

‘Spot it!’ is a big hit at parties! It’s a challenge for the speed of the mind and the hand. If the baby wants to win all of the mini-games, they will have to be the fastest.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

29. Ice & Salt Science Experiment

When it’s burning hot outside, an experiment with ice might be exactly what you need to keep the baby away from boredom. Kids love to predict but they will need more than sheer luck to get the answer right!

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

30. Busy Board

Your 7-year-old child will still love to play with this busy board: opening, pushing, twisting. The variety of attachments is very appealing even for adults!

Birthday Gifts for 7 year-olds

Birthday Gifts for 7 year-olds

Birthday is the most special occasion for us all, not only the babies. We want only the best things to come on this beautiful day. That’s why the birthday gifts for children have to be very unique and satisfying.

31. Zingo Bingo

It’s simply exhilarating to sit down and play a fun game together on such a special day. A fast-paced play of matching pictures and words will promote the baby’s language skills immensely.

32. Googly Eyes Game

People of all ages can gather and play! Put the goggles on, let it alter your vision, and try to get your team to figure out what you have drawn. It’s more challenging than you think!

33.  5-second Rule Junior

There are 400 questions for you to choose from. If you fail to answer within 5 seconds, the timer will go off. We are likely to let silly answers slip out!

34. Awesome Jokes That Every 7 Year Old Should Know! – by Mat Waugh (author) & Indrek S. Einberg (illustrator)

We all love hilarious and timely jokes, and this book will be a great birthday gift. Your baby will be the object of attention in every party with these clever punchlines.

35. I am 7 & Magical! – by Magical Rainbow Journals

The journal has lined pages for writing and blank pages for drawing. There’s always a positive saying of encouragement on each page. A perfect starter for a collection of keepsakes!

36. 7 Years Old T-shirt

Need us to say more? The shirt is probably the coolest greeting for a new year. It carries your encouragement and proudness for the little one.

Christmas Gifts for 7 year-olds

Christmas Gifts for 7 year-olds

A festival that the little ones love so much! After a whole year of trying their very best to excel in classes and be a good child, they will look forward to receiving gifts from Santa Claus. Why don’t you become their Santa?

37. Wooden Plate

Coupled with this beautiful plate, Christmas’ traditional meals will seem much more delectable. It’s safe for any type of food except for extra hot ones.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

38. Triumph 2-in-1 3 Hole Game

When it’s cold and snowy outside, staying indoor and creating pieces of pottery is an activity you wouldn’t want to miss. It ensures great bonding times for the family. Besides, the fruits from such efforts are worthy of being presents for others.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

39. Reeses Chocolate Christmas Trees

These reeses Christmas tree gifts are so delicious and easy to make! It’s a fun and creative twist to the usual Hershey’s chocolate. The babies will love to unwrap some of the trees and munch on the candy!

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

40. Candy Cane Sleighs with Candy Bars

Candy canes are a popular item for Christmas but what if you make a sleigh out of them? Add a bow for decoration and put it upon the gift for the perfect topper!

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

41. Snowman Wall Hanging Decor

Give your kid a chance to decorate the wall of their bedroom by themselves. To complete the large-sized snowman, they will have to be quite clever to put the pieces in the right place.

Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

Last but not least, we will recommend some presents, categorized by genders. However, it doesn’t mean to characterize anyone. There are baby girls who love robots and baby boys who love coloring, for example. It will also be fun if you go out of the usual way and let them discover more of themselves.

Gifts for 7-year-old Girls

Gifts for 7-year-old Girls

42. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

The pink pretty jewelry box will be perfect for a princess who has many precious items to hold. It also serves as a stylish decoration with a twirling ballerina figurine and the tune of ‘Swan Lake’.

43. Light-up Tracing Pad

Tracing the sketches helps with children’s skills and keeps them excited. Even in places with dim lighting, they can easily trace the lines on the lit surface. It also makes a great ornament like other glowing toys you might have had at home!

44. I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful – by Hopscotch Girls

Coloring is tons of fun, but when your baby girl can learn about confidence, bravery, and beauty? Even better. The book is full of cuteness and positivity – perfect for a little girl!

45. Heart Necklace with Tiny Gold Initial

If you are a cool mom who loves wearing a couple thing with your princess, this item is a must-have. The style is minimalism and elegant with a slender string and a tiny pendant to remind you of the unbreakable bond between mom and daughter.

46. The Never Girls Collection – by Kiki Thorpe (author) & RH Disney (illustrator)

Baby girls dream of searching for fairies and these books will take them on fantasy adventures with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from Neverland.

Gifts for 7-year-old Boys

Gifts for 7-year-old Boys

47. The Lego Ideas Book – by Daniel Lipkowitz

LEGO is an ideal trainer for brains, therefore, it doesn’t mean the little one needs to always come up with new ideas by himself. The comprehensive LEGO book will help them build a new structure and upgrade the figures they already have with simplified yet creative suggestions.

48. Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Even if you have the most hyper baby boy at home, the shockproof feature and the eye protection will assure complete safety. He will love the sharp, intricate magnified view of the world around him.

49. Portable Hanging Chair

You can hang this chair indoor or outdoor for your little son to use as his own personal space or a simple swing. He will love it to pieces!

50. Electronic Grabber Machine

We don’t need to go to the malls and wait in line for hours to play with the claw toy anymore. Your sons would be excited by the challenge of getting the claw on their desire prized. It also features LED lights and encouraging sounds.

And that’s a wrap for our list of gifts for 7-year-old kids. There is a piece for everyone but if you need more ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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Top 50 Gifts For 7 Years Old Children

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