TOP 50 Best Toys and Unique Gift Ideas For 3 Year Old Boy& Girl

Children change a lot when they reach the age of 3. By this time, you can start considering gifts with more educational purposes instead of only fun and toys. You will be surprised at how fast they improve in terms of motor skills, logical thinking, problem-solving ability, artistic sense, creativity. As a great parent, you should help them discover their potentials.

Here’s our compiled list of best gifts for 3-year-old kids. We believe you can find several items that meet your requirements!

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Educational Gifts for 3-year-old Children

It’s important for children to start learning and have fun at the same time. These are some games that promise a fun playtime and enhance your baby’s intelligence immensely.

#1. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Pieces Set

The baby will need math, science, and creativity to build their magnetic building. The pieces are so beautifully colorful and translucent that they can easily keep the toddlers engaged and attracted. Anything they want, they can try creating it with the elaborate set

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Pieces Set

#2. Three Little Pigs

Sometimes, children have a hard time following the games you encourage them to play because there’s no storyline. This game is different. With the picture book telling the story, they will immediately understand that they need to protect the three little pigs from the big bad wolf. Not only can they practice solving puzzles, but they also can act like the characters.

Three Little Pigs

#3. Under the Sea Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

When the little one manages to put all 24 pieces in the right place, they will obtain a beautiful picture of ocean life. For a fun bonding time, you can show the baby the first steps and let them finish the rest. Hand-eye coordination, motor skills, abilities to solve problems – they will have it all!

Under the Sea Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

#4. Super Sorting Pie (68 Pieces)

These color pieces will immediately steal the toddlers’ hearts. They are perfect for little hands to grab and fondle with. While playing, the kids will also practice counting and working on colors, patterns, and imagination.

Super Sorting Pie (68 Pieces)

#5. Lower and Capital Case Sandpaper Letters

The box includes alphabet letters in both lower and upper case. The children can trace the shapes of the letters and learn how to write them. It’s the first alphabet every baby should have!

Lower and Capital Case Sandpaper Letters

#6. My Continents and Animals

All 7 continents and a variety of animals in 30 puzzle pieces and 28 flashcards! It helps to improve children’s problem-solving skills, motor skills, spatial reasoning, and, of course, knowledge about the world around them.

My Continents and Animals

#7. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

The toy flashlight teaches kids about animals, numbers, and colors, but in the most exciting way! They can choose the modes by pressing the buttons or the color of the light. The coolest feature is it will automatically switch off after 45 seconds of inactivity.

Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Imaginative Fun and Creativity Gifts for 3-year-old

There’s no limit to a child’s imagination. We don’t want to let such an amazing gift fade along with time, therefore, we pick out a couple of toys and games that spark their creativity. Who knows if you are nurturing an artist?

#8. Cash Register

Aside from the toy sets of restaurant, grocery store, movie theater, fashion shop, this cash register is an important item to make the play more realistic and interesting. It’s the first step to encourage the baby’s enthusiasm with math and calculation, and they will simply love to press the buttons for the cha-ching sounds!

Cash Register

#9. Curious Chef

Why don’t you use some help from the little chef? Give them the 6-piece cookie kit with all necessary baking tools: cookie cutters, whisk, rolling pin, stickers, spoon, cookie turner, shopping list.

Curious Chef

#10. Reusable Sticker Pad

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the sticker book features multiple removable backgrounds: oasis, farm, jungle, sea, and so many more. It promotes children’s creative play and motor skills. If you want to keep them engaged without the help of smart devices, it’s a great choice!

Reusable Sticker Pad

#11. Water Coloring and Painting Book

First of all, it’s very convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities. The water pen is easy to fill, you can do it right inside a restaurant, for example, and keep the baby busy with their picture book. Needless to say, it is a boost to the child’s creativity.

Water Coloring and Painting Book

#12. Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

If your child shows immense interest in art, don’t hesitate to indulge them with this easel and stimulate their creativity. It’s modern and outstanding with a screen-free play option, a dry erase board, a chalkboard, plastic trays, clips, and paper roll holder.

Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

#13. Mess-Free Coloring Pad

Firstly, you can refill the collection with new mess-free pages. Secondly, the markers only leave colors on the specially formulated Wonder paper and not on clothes or furniture. It assures your baby a fun playtime without causing a little mess for you to clean up!

Mess-Free Coloring Pad

#14. Disney Princess Mess Free Coloring Pages

The set contains 18 Disney Princess pictures to color and 5 Color Wonder markers. There won’t be any stain on your furniture and clothes! The package in folder style makes it convenient to carry along and recycle (you can replace it with new pages).

Disney Princess Mess Free Coloring Pages

#15. Rainbow Scratch Paper for Kids

Each box comes with 150 sheets of scratch paper, each has one colored side, and 2 stylus pens to write short messages or decorate. They can create little cards, play tic tac toe, or fold different shapes. What’s more? You adults can utilize these sheets for to-do lists and notes as well!

Rainbow Scratch Paper for Kids

#16. Drawing Stencils Set

The complete art set every child loves to own! It contains large stencils, paper, color pencils, a sharpener, a pen, and a case. It will motivate the baby’s imagination and artistic sense. Get yourself ready for hours of fun with them and the cutest drawings!

Drawing Stencils Set

#17. DIY Decorate and Personalize Your Own Water Bottle

As your baby is going to kindergarten, they might want to have a personal water bottle. But it will be much more special if you can spend time and decorate it with the child. The gift comes with sparkly glitter gem stickers that you use to create unique patterns.

DIY Decorate and Personalize Your Own Water Bottle

#18. Trolls Inspiration Art Case

Inspired by the global hit “Trolls”, this case will undoubtedly capture the baby’s attention at first sight. It includes 48 crayons, 12 pencils, 15 markers, 3 glitter tubes of glue, 20 sheets of scrapbook paper – a full supply for art enthusiasts. Fans of the Trolls would love the themed case and the stickers of the characters.

Trolls Inspiration Art Case

Best Toys for 3-year-old Kids

These toys are for enthusiastic and eager kids who love outdoor activities, nature, and bright lights. They surely will add more radiant colors to their little world.

#19. High-Resolution Binoculars

Give these awesome binoculars to your kid and take them out for some fun! You don’t need to worry about it dropping and breaking because it has high-quality shockproof rubber. Perfect on bird watching and stargazing, it will grow the love for nature in the baby.

High-Resolution Binoculars

#20. Balancing Tree Game

A tricky game for the toddlers! But it will bring their motor skills to the next level. The set includes 11 pieces of the tree and 6 birds, colorful and tactile. It’s fun whether the baby plays by themselves or with a group of friends.

Balancing Tree Game

#21. 3D Dinosaur Night Light

In the darkness of their bedroom, the children would love to have a beautiful and glowing friend with them. The ZOKEA 3D lights come with various options for timer settings and colors. All you have to do is adjust it to your needs, and your baby will feel completely safe.

 3D Dinosaur Night Light

#22. No-Pedal Balance Bike

The pedals might still be a little complicated for the toddlers but we have an alternative! The no-pedal bike is safe and easy to ride, not to mention its lightweight and simple assembling. Over a million of this bike has been sold! What’s your choice?

No-Pedal Balance Bike

#23. 3” Trampoline

What if the toddlers need to burn off some energy? You only need to spare a little space in the house for this trampoline. The jumping surface is large, and the handlebar ensures stability. Let’s have a fun jumping-and-bouncing session!

3” Trampoline

#24. Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

This wooden toy set with 14 pieces of realistic tools encourages children’s storytelling and role-playing skills as well as develops hand-eye coordination and building skills. It includes a vice, a wrench, a screwdriver, a ruler, a hammer. Watch your tiny engineers at work!

Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

#25. Rock and Pop Music Player

Some parents are very strict with hi-tech devices but this kid-friendly music player will conquer all hearts! It has 3 music styles, an instrument remix mode that they can choose from, and 10 musical games to learn about numbers, letters, and animals. Who could say no to such a lovely gift?

Rock and Pop Music Player

#26. Ride-On Push Car

A push car with a sleek design: the wheels roll with smoothness and the horn makes realistic noises. It also has cup holders for the little driver and a foldable handle. There are two colors for you to choose: pink and blue.

Ride-On Push Car

#27. Magnet Boat Toy Set for Bath

Toys for bath time will never be outdated. The set contains 4 boats with different colors and numbers, enhancing the child’s cognizance and imagination. Even the bath time should be filled with joy and delight!

Magnet Boat Toy Set for Bath

#28. Disappearing Ink Pen

Your baby will feel like a secret spy when their sketches magically disappear after a few seconds, and the only way to see them is by using the special blue light. They would love to surprise you more often, which promises a fun and exciting atmosphere in the house.

 Disappearing Ink Pen

#29. Interactive Baseball Toy with Sound Effects

Throw, catch, tap, or shake this hilarious baseball for a funny response. It can be a song, a sound effect, or an announcement of new records. Nevertheless, the exterior of the ball is very soft and machine-washable. You can let the children play with it outdoor without any concern!

Interactive Baseball Toy with Sound Effects

#30. Kidizoom Camera Pix

The pretty camera includes all the tools that our little photographers want. There’s a selfie mode that detects your face and takes the best picture, also video and voice recorders that give you more imaginative ways to play.

Kidizoom Camera Pix

Best Books for 3-year-old Children

We can never overlook the benefits a good book might bring when it comes to gifts for our children. Lovely and meaningful, these incredibly famous books will be a precious addition to the baby’s bookshelf and live in their memory forever.

#31. Q&A A Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal – by Betsy Franco

A keepsake for the whole family! You will smile when looking back at the evolution of thoughts and feelings, as well as the toddlers’ questionable grammar! It’s a precious collection of memories, especially for sensitive children who always wish to keep their ideas in pretty notes.

 Q&A A Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal – by Betsy Franco

#32. Dragons Love Tacos – by Adam Rubin

A silly yet funny story of dragons messing up a taco party. The illustration really does its job of painting a lively picture of the parties with the dragons enjoying their favorite food. It’s a big hit for children who are fond of dragons!

Dragons Love Tacos – by Adam Rubin

#33. The day the Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

What if you open the crayon box one day and they all refuse to cooperate? It’s the storyline of this humorous and educational book. They will imagine themselves having a conversation with the crayons and come to realize that they should cherish every item and use them right.

The day the Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

#34. If Animals Kissed Good Night – by Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker

Let’s take a glimpse into the animal world and find out what it would be like if they do things we usually do. Wolves will howl, giraffes will stretch their necks long and high, and sloths will move oh so slowly. The love for animals is important for nurturing a kind heart.

If Animals Kissed Good Night – by Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker

#35. How to Catch a Mermaid – by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

Many children love mermaids and the simple story only makes the book easier to approach. It features lots of objects for them to point and name – a subtle form of learning. How to catch a mermaid? Let’s find out!

How to Catch a Mermaid – by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

#36. Giraffes Can’t Dance – by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

What would you do if you wanted to dance but the whole world said you couldn’t? This is a touching tale about a giraffe named Gerald whose crooked knees and thin legs make it so hard for him to dance. Where did Gerald gain the strength from? It’s a precious lesson all kids should experience once.

Giraffes Can’t Dance – by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

#37. The Wonderful Things You Will Be – by Emily Winfield Martin

Bold, creative and clever, the witty rhymes expresses the love from parents to their children. It’s something you would hold close to your heart as a fond memory. A great present for baby showers, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be – by Emily Winfield Martin

#38. Grumpy Monkey – by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

It’s a beautiful day, but Jim the chimpanzee suddenly falls into a bad mood. He receives consolation and encouragement from his friends, and has a bit of a meltdown. The book teaches children one important thing: they are allowed to express their feelings, whether it’s happiness, sadness, or anger.

Grumpy Monkey – by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

#39. National Geographic: Little Kids First Big Book of Why – by Amy Shields

The book is full of content, enough to satisfy the curious little ones. Kids always have the ‘why’ questions in mind, and we don’t always have the answer to everything.

National Geographic: Little Kids First Big Book of Why – by Amy Shields

Best Gifts for 3-year-old Boys

Do we need to say more? Gifts for the active, hyper baby boys!

#40. Dinosaur Figures with Dinosaur Sound Book

There’s no doubt that little boys love dinosaurs! The prehistoric play box includes 12 dinosaur figures from many periods. The boys can explore colors, landscapes, and habitats of their favorite dinosaur with this exciting collection!

Dinosaur Figures with Dinosaur Sound Book

#41. Rocket Ship Play Tent

Every kid loves playing in their tent, and this one is perfect for a baby boy. It comes with 1 space projector toy and 2 image slide discs. Unlike what parents think, it’s easy to setup. You only need to pop it up and the little boy will have his imaginary rocket ship!

Rocket Ship Play Tent

#42. Monster Treads – Tractor with Lightning Wheels

The little boys will be extremely excited with the lights activated by motion when they roll the tractor backward or forward. The tires are big and durable for all types of terrain. It encourages outdoor activity and motor skills!

Monster Treads – Tractor with Lightning Wheels

#43. Construction Toy Kit

Sometimes, kids love to figure out what a car consists of instead of riding it. We have a repair kit for those curious children. With 30 parts to modify the look of the racing car, it will improve cognitive and motor skills.

Construction Toy Kit

#44. Dinosaur World – Race Track

273 pieces! It will be a challenge for the baby boy to build his dinosaur track but the outcome will be incredibly satisfying. We have a track, 2 dinosaur cars, 8 dinosaurs, 8 signs, door, bridge, slope, bumping road, crossroad, ball, tree, tires – like a real Jurassic Park! A perfect gift for curious and clever boys!

 Dinosaur World – Race Track

Best Gifts for 3-year-old Girls

Presents that will bring your baby’s fantasies to life.

#45. Princess Castle with Glowing Stars

Make the outdoor trips tenfold more interesting with this gorgeous play tent! It’s sturdy and easy to clean. Your princess will have hours of fun with her little castle, surrounded by twinkle stars and glistening hearts. It can be a fortress, a magical cave, a secret hiding place, and so on. Full of adventures and imagination, it will steal her heart!

Princess Castle with Glowing Stars

#46. Makeup Kit with Cosmetics

The baby girl probably has started making sure they look pretty all the times, why not give them a makeup kit? This set includes blush and eyeshadow powders, cream, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, nail sticker set, and necessary tools – non-toxic and completely safe for children. She will feel like a professional makeup artist.

 Makeup Kit with Cosmetics

#47. Mermaid Princess Costume

Little girls adore Disney princesses and aspire to be like them, and this mermaid costume will be a dream come true! It comes with a dainty crown, a pair of gloves, jewelry, and a powerful scepter. It’s a perfect Halloween or birthday gift!

Mermaid Princess Costume

#48. Princess Dress Up and Play – Shoe and Jewelry Boutique

What will you have in this set? 4 pairs of shoes in different styles and colors, 3 bangles, 3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, and a crown. It promises hours of role-playing fun and social-emotional skills. Isn’t it such a pretty sight to behold?

Princess Dress Up and Play – Shoe and Jewelry Boutique

#49. Disney Princess Necklace Set

Your baby daughter will love this collection of Disney princesses! She can mix and match the colorful beads for a new charm with a different style before sliding the character pendant through to complete a pretty necklace. It will train both her motor skills and eyes for details.

Disney Princess Necklace Set

#50. Ladies’ Pretend Play

Perhaps, your girl isn’t into fantasy and fairytale, how about a set that makes her a modern lady? The package comes with a pink purse, a smartphone, car keys, a credit card, a hairbrush, cosmetics – all are safe for children!  

Ladies’ Pretend Play

That’s the end of our gift list for 2-year-old children. Have you made a decision? If you have a specific requirement or question, feel free to ask!

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