TOP 50 Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Children

 Another year has passed. If you have been teaching the little ones in the right way, they should be familiar with shapes and colors by now. They are also stronger and more active. They can run, kick balls, toss things!

When you go shopping for gifts that 2-year-olds would love, keep an eye on items that can teach the kids new things. Their imagination and motor skills are still in the progress of improvement. They are also very active that something to slide or bounce on might be the best choice. Let us begin!

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2-year-old Gifts for Creativity

Every expert about children will agree that you should introduce your baby to activities that require them to think and be creative. Here’s a list of gifts to bring out the best of them. Playing music, drawing pictures, crafting things – you will be delighted to know the little one is capable of all these.

#1. KidiBeats Drum Set

Perhaps, your child is a musician in the making, who knows? This set of drums and sticks encourages sensory development and gives the whole family a fun time playing with different genres of music. Aside from that, it comes with LED lighting effects and studying modes of letters and numbers.

 KidiBeats Drum Set

#2. Keyboard Play Mat

Are you searching for a music-related present but it must be unique? This playmat might be what you need! It’s like a giant piano you can play using your hands and even feet. Motor skills and learning are what it aims for.

Keyboard Play Mat

#3. Water Drawing Mat

A clever board for doodling: you only need to fill the pen with water and let the babies draw on the soft mat again and again. The scribbles will disappear after a few minutes, like magic. For your convenience, the mat is foldable and portable for outdoor activities as well.

Water Drawing Mat

#4. Beeswax Crayons

Of course, we want to let children express their creativeness, but not all crayons are safe for health. This one is different. The crayons aren’t easy to break, hence you don’t need to worry about your child swallowing the fragments and choking on them. They smell good, too!

Beeswax Crayons

Educational Gifts for 2-year-old children

As the child is learning faster and faster day by day, educational gifts become more important than ever. We have the cutest toys the babies will love to play with while finding out something new for themselves.

#5. Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

The book runs on battery and includes a variety of topics like colors, animals, vehicles, clothes, body parts, fruits, and more. When you touch a word, you will hear adorable sounds and facts in two languages, Spanish and English. It might be a good start for the little linguist.

Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

#6. Little Apps Tablet

The tablet features a piano, an alphabet keyboard, a screen with changes of colors, a play camera, and buttons for control and activity. It creates musical tunes and realistic imagination. A beneficial combo in only one gift.

Little Apps Tablet

#7. Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Choking hazards is no longer a concern with these large-sized pieces of the puzzle. They are safe and easy for little babies to grab and play with while training their concentration and motor skills. Aside from that, they also enhance the child’s patience, imagination, and memory.

Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

#8. Rainbow Blocks

The set includes 20 pieces with interesting shapes and colored acrylic windows. They are made of wood but without sharp edges, safety ensured. Your baby can build many items from these blocks, having their hand-eye coordination and visual perception improved.

Rainbow Blocks

#9. Magnetic Letter Set

The alphabet and phonics is the start of everyone’s studying career, and these interactive alphabet tiles will make your child enjoy the progress. They only need to place a letter on the bus and press it once to hear its pronunciation.

Magnetic Letter Set

Games for 2-year-old Children

It’s totally appropriate for children to start playing games, action or board. These games have very simple rules and easy to follow, but they are still wise choices if you want to help the baby develop certain skills.

#10. Whack A Frog Interactive Game

Do you want your baby to have extreme fun without seeking help from video games? The little frogs have smooth edges and the hammer is soft, hence we guarantee the absolute safety for the children. It also has a touch of competitiveness that your child can benefit so much from, probably the most effective when it comes to developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Whack A Frog Interactive Game

#11. Matching Eggs Set

12 eggs of different colors, perfect for children to exercise grasping and sorting. The set enriches the baby’s color identification, hand dexterity, and motor skills. It’s a great gift for preschoolers who are learning numbers and shapes.

Matching Eggs Set

#12. Wooden Lacing Beads

The little one can compose these 20 pieces (with various shapes) into a long bead. The blocks have numbers, geometric elements, and sound effects, making the playtime much more fun. It promotes the cognition of shapes and colors as well as creativity and motor skills.

Wooden Lacing Beads

#13. Spike the Fine Hedgehog

This hedgehog friend lost his spikes, and he needs your baby to help him! The spikes come in the perfect size for children’s hands and have no sharp edges. When putting the spikes in the right place, your child will have their motor and sorting skills enhanced.

Spike the Fine Hedgehog

#14. Race Car Ramp Set

Once you put a tiny race car on top, it will race to the bottom and flip at the end of every ramp. Children might play with it for hours while trying to figure out how it works. It’s a great exercise for the little minds!

Race Car Ramp Set

#15. My Very First Games – First Orchard

The idea of the game is to harvest the fruits before the raven reaches the end of the board. Kids will roll the dice and pick up a fruit or the raven will advance. It’s simple enough for 2-year-olds, and collaborative games like this are always great education for children.

My Very First Games – First Orchard

#16. Monkey Around – The Wiggle and Giggle Game

Children love activeness. The game set has many cards with prompts to get your baby to move: hugging, balancing, hopping, matching. The beanbag banana adds to the fun!

Monkey Around – The Wiggle and Giggle Game

#17. Roll and Play Game

Toddlers would love to throw the soft dice and pick up a corresponding card which has an activity for them to follow. The game teaches them to recognize colors as well as complying with rules!

Roll and Play Game

#18. Thomas and Friends

Who doesn’t love Thomas the Train? All little ones have to do is a light press on the button, and Thomas will take them on a (circular) adventure. This must be the coolest Thomas toys for the children!

Thomas and Friends

Cute Gifts for 2-year-old

The little angels are surely adorable, but these gifts will add to it! The cute designs are one thing, but the important point is these toys are very helpful in nurturing a caring and attentive child.

#19. Piggy Bank

There’s always something so attractive about the little treasures, and your kid will love a piggy bank to keep these colorful coins. Each time they drop a coin in, the piggy will count along and thus introduce them to numbers.

Piggy Bank

#20. “Care for Me” Learning Carrier

The set offers a plush puppy for role-playing fun and an interactive pet carrier that your baby can easily bring along. They can practice pet care with the bowl, ball, bottle, and comb included. There are more than 100 songs and other sound effects installed in the carrier. What a lovely gift!

Care for Me” Learning Carrier

#21. Baby Shark Doll (Official Song)

Remember the song “Baby Shark” that went viral? Now, you can have a fluffy plush shark singing it! Your child would love to have this cuddle buddy!

Baby Shark Doll (Official Song)

#22. Light-up Learning Vacuum

Little ones can act like their parents and do the chores with this special vacuum. Their imagination will improve a lot while pushing the vacuum around and having fun with the recorded tunes.

Light-up Learning Vacuum

#23. Little People and Big Helpers Home

A beautiful miniature of a lovely home, isn’t it an excellent gift? You can open all the sides of the miniature and experience a full interactive play. It has the baby familiarized with more daily activities.

Little People and Big Helpers Home

#24. Cleaning Set

What’s cuter than seeing your child grab tiny tools and pretend to do your usual tasks? It’s very good for their independence and imagination. We have a broom, a mop, a duster, a brush, and an organizing stand!

Cleaning Set

#25. Jumbo Nuts and Bolts

This is a collection of twistable nuts and bolts, which help the baby to learn about shapes and train their motor skills. One of the best first toys for a toddler!

Jumbo Nuts and Bolts

#26. Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Set

Maybe the little one has been watching you cook in the kitchen, and playing the role of the family’s chef might be very interesting to them. The realistic set consists of a colander, pots with lids, pans, wooden utensils, and a rack, making the baby feel like a pro!

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Set

#27. Slice and Bake Cookie Set

You will receive 12 sliceable cookies, 12 toppings, knife, spatula, cookie sheet, kitchen mitt. Your baby can pretend to bake, decorate, and serve the cookies. How cute! It’s a great practice for motor skills and perhaps numbers.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set

#28. Buster Square

A plush with 6 buckles in a variety of different clasp styles. It will easily keep children attracted to its bright colors. Other than helping toddlers with fine motor and cognitive skills, it’s also decorated with numbers and shapes to engage the baby to learn.

Buster Square

#29. Mickey Mouse Plush

Mickey is a classic cartoon character that inspires magical adventures. The stuffed Mickey will be a great gift for every Mickey lover, perfect for home use and traveling alike. What else? The size is suitable for little hands!

 Mickey Mouse Plush

#30. Ladybug with Wheels

The ladybug’s body is sponge covered by a layer of polyurethane. It can move back and forth, sideways and around, ideal for smooth floors. The baby can play with it indoors and outdoors to improve their motor skills and balance.

Ladybug with Wheels

Book Gifts for 2-year-old kids

For all ages, books are never a bad choice when you want a really meaningful gift. Each of them opens a whole new world in front of the innocent eyes, a world lively with colors and imagination but also beautiful with loving feels and kindness.

#31. My First Brain Quest

“It’s okay to be smart!” It’s the right time for you to help your child develop a broad vocabulary. The set includes illustrative pictures and fast-paced questions and answers. Many parents and teachers have recommended this!

My First Brain Quest

#32. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site – by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld

The construction trucks are tough, but even the toughest buddies need to rest and find sweet dreams. It’s a great book to lure your baby into sleep. Vibrant pictures and witty rhymes make it one of the children’s best-sellers.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site – by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld

#33. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carie

Many readers said the rhymes have a great flow, and they somehow remembered the book after a few times reading it. The pages are full of pretty colors, definitely appealing to the baby’s eyes.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carie

#34. The Snail and The Whale – by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

It’s the story of a giant whale and a tiny snail traveling to faraway lands. The snail has never left home before. When the whale is too close to the shore, how can the snail save her friend? A beautiful friendship, a great book.

The Snail and The Whale – by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

#35. The Wonky Donkey – by Craig Smith

Looking for a hilarious book that promises a fun time with laughter? You have found it! Incredibly witty, it will make the baby giggle through the entire story!

The Wonky Donkey – by Craig Smith

#36. Peek A Who? – by Nina Laden

When it comes to children, lift-the-flap books are never outdated. The illustration is very engaging and adorable, coupled with the simple rhyming texts and the peek-a-boo cutouts. It keeps the toddlers curious and attracted all the way to the ending!

Peek A Who? – by Nina Laden

#37. I Need A New Butt! – by Dawn McMillan

A young boy discovers a problem: there is a crack on his butt! Thus he goes on a journey to find a new one. There are oh-so-many types of butt though, what will he choose? It’s silly and funny! The baby will read it again and again for the giggles it brings.

I Need A New Butt! – by Dawn McMillan

Gifts for 2-year-old Girls

Colorful and sparkling things that make your baby girl feel like a princess, a fairy.

#38. Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirt

There’s no doubt that your little princess will love this smooth layered skirt. The package includes a unicorn headband and a bracelet set with 4 pieces. It’s a perfect fit for birthday parties, holiday outfits, dates with the whole family.

Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirt

#39. Musical Rainbow Tea Set

The little lady would love to host a tea party with her friends and improve her social skills. The tea set has both sound and visual effects, you can hear the tea gurgle and see it bubble through the heart-shaped window on the pot. There are recorded songs for the child to sing along and learn manners.

Musical Rainbow Tea Set

#40. Princess’ Pop Up Castle

A spike for imaginative play and creativity! Children always love some private space, and the sparkly castle with glowing stars will be perfect for either indoor or outdoor activity. You don’t need to assemble for this tent, and it’s also very easy to clean.

Princess’ Pop Up Castle

#41. Go-Go Purse

A fun design with bright colors and funny shapes makes a great playtime or shopping time with Mommy. Little princesses won’t ever say no to such a cute purse!

Go-Go Purse

#42. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Extra plush with smooth fabrics and high-quality stitching, this blanket looks and feels amazing! Not only does it make a great item for bedtime but it also gives your princess Disney feels! It surely will bring smiles to the cute little faces.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

#43. Snow Queen Elsa Costume

We bet you haven’t forgotten how Elsa became a global phenomenon, a favorite of many baby girls. Your little one would love to dress up as Elsa, especially when the dress is so pretty with the best fabrics.

Snow Queen Elsa Costume

#44. Minnie Mouse Bike Helmets

Even 2-year-olds need to learn about safety, hence we recommend this helmet with the famous Minnie Mouse on it. Your baby can use it for riding bikes, scooters, tricycles and other toy vehicles. Be safe and adorable at the same time!

Minnie Mouse Bike Helmets

#45. Frozen Snow Queen Watch

A trendy gift with Queen Elsa and the brave Anna, cutely pink and durable with a nylon strap and scratch-resistant mineral crystal. It would look beautiful around your princess’ little wrist!

Frozen Snow Queen Watch

Gifts for 2-year-old Boys

We aren’t saying you can’t give these to a baby girl! What we mean is these are gifts suitable for an extremely active and energetic kid.

#46. Race Car with Radio and Remote Control

Speed excites toddlers who have started walking and running on their own. Let’s see if little runners can win over the superb racing car! It comes with a remote control, honking sounds, headlights, and music effects, for a realistic play.

Race Car with Radio and Remote Control

#47. Sit ‘n Spin Activity Toy

Do you miss the classic fun where we sit and wiggle until the seat spins? Your child will love it, too! They can push and pull at the stationary wheel to control the speed. Remember: Kids love mimicking adults, and the replica of a steering wheel will make them giggle.

Sit ‘n Spin Activity Toy

#48. Dinosaur Toy Cars

Toy cars and dinosaurs never fail to amaze baby boys, what more if they have both in one single item? Its function is simple. You only need to pull it back and release, and the car will dart forwards, looking like a moving dinosaur.

Dinosaur Toy Cars

#49. Airport Building Blocks

It’s time to take off! Your boy would love to build his very own airport with an airplane, boarding gate, luggage slide, suitcases, and figurines. It’s as realistic as you can expect in a toy for 2-year-old children.

Airport Building Blocks

#50. Steam Train

Steam Train

Your little gentleman will be delighted with the steam train featuring tiny figures and track pieces. It enhances motor skills and imagination immensely. No wonder it becomes a favorite of many!

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