TOP 50 Awesome Gifts (Not Toys) for 10-year-old Kids

What should you get for a 10-year-old child? Aside from the usual favorite items, you can also consider their hobbies, their potentials, and possible what they are lacking. We all want the babies to grow healthily in every aspect: physical, educational, and mental. We are back with a list of awesome gifts for 10-year-old kids.

These presents are fun yet practical! Even the strictest parents wouldn’t say no to a book full of interesting pieces of information or an item that inspires their child to learn and experience.

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1. 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) – by National Geographic Kids

The book is full of topics that kids love to learn about. What are the unknown things about chocolate and peanut butter? How would a wicked shark talk about himself? How many secrets there are behind the appearance of robots, spies, and so much more? Fun facts and colorful graphics are awesome gifts for children.

2. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

It’s hard to say goodbye to your favorite stuffed toys, but what if your house no longer has spare spots for them? Worry not! When fully expanded, the chair can store more than a dozen of fluffy animals, extra throw pillows, or anything soft enough to be packed up.

3. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

A session of riddles and answers always acts as a good warm-up for a gathering. The questions will test the baby’s logic and lateral thinking as well and problem-solving skills and creativity. Great for babies who like to stretch their brains.

4. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Many parents want their child to leave the screen and get some sunshine, but the question is: How? It has to be fun, and this cool scooter will lure them outside with its promise for tons of fun.

5. Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

The crystal powders will enthrall young scientists as they mix the ingredients and watch the crystals grow along with their knowledge about crystal and science in general. High-quality ingredients and innovative guidelines, the baby will have a blast!

6. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Da Vinci’s DIY Science & Engineering Construction Kit

Get some hands-on experience with the powerful medieval weapon invented by Leonardo Da Vinci and try it out with the projectiles and the paper targets. Learning how a genius thinks will be a great boost to their STEM skills.

7. Flashing LED Gloves

Glowing things never fail to attract children. With these gloves, the children can create their own light festival. It will be a blast for parties or dance contests. There’s no concern needed, for it’s warm enough for winter and also air permeability for summer.

8. Wooden Plate

Plastic plates might be a little too childish for your baby’s liking yet porcelain is still posing as risks. Parents and children will probably love this wooden plate equally. It serves as a safe utensil and an elegant item in your kitchen.

Best-selling Gifts for 10-year-old Children

Best selling gifts for 10 year old children

Trendy and modern, they don’t need to be all about big screens and videogames to get the babies interested.

9. LED Hover Soccer Ball

Colored with LED lights, the hovering ball will be such a delightful game in the dark. With the powerful fan as the motivation, the ball can easily slide across flat surfaces. A fun game to tighten the bond between family members.

10. Mini App-enabled Robot Ball

Perhaps we don’t have enough space for a gigantic robot, but how about a ball? Your baby can control it from the free app provided for hours of fun and even learn about coding to program more commands for their robot.

11. Compact Shock-proof Binoculars

This pair of binoculars has quality and durability all alike. With its easy to focus lens, the leaves of a tree 100 yards away will come into sharp focus. The product also features soft rubber around the eyepieces to protect children’s eyes. It also provides shock-proof in case the binoculars fall.

12. Electronic Coin Bank

Unlike the traditional piggy banks, the mini ATM will excite children with its passcode function and the realistic, automatic volume of currency with lights. There’s enough space for 600 pieces of coins and 100 sheets of paper money.

Creativity Gifts for 10-year-old Kids

Your little one will either push their imagination or train their baby hands to conquer the challenges and create the prettiest crafts.

13. Gravity Maze Marble Run

STEM toys are the best games with challenges that you can choose for your child, which can be perfect gifts for them. In this set, young engineers would be fascinated by the spatial reasoning and planning skills as they conquer levels from beginner to expert.

14. Light Up Tracing Pad

The pleasantly lit surface makes tracing easy even when the lighting isn’t enough. The child can trace one of the filled sheets, mix them together, or create a whole new picture. So much imaginative fun is waiting ahead!

15. String Art Kit (Owl Edition)

Unlike any other craft kit, you will use pins to fix a pattern and strings to bring it to life. It looks complicated but the clear instructions will make it as easy as a piece of cake. The completed artwork can be a lovely ornament, too.

16. Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

When it comes to creativity, we can’t overlook LEGO. Under clear instructions, kids can upgrade their brick tricks and build moving machines! The process will teach them a lot about science and logical thinking.

17. Bottle Coloring Craft Kit

Plain water bottles are kind of boring, so we present a kit to help you decorate a unique bottle with your own creative design. Keep the baby hydrated and stay in style at the same time!

18. Sprinkle Art Shaker

Sprinkles are incredibly pretty but sometimes messy. However, it’s not the case with the sprinkle shaker. You simply add paper bits with sprinkles, shake, and use it to decorate line art or blank pages. It would look pretty on a desk or a wall!

19. Inspiration Art Case

The art case provides the little artists with all the supplies they will need to create intricate pictures. There are many types of colors: pencils, crayons, markers, and a stack of large paper sheets.

20. Hallmark Pack of Easter Cards, Chicks, and Flowers with Envelopes

For Easter, these colorful and lovely cards with cute bunnies will be such a hit! The rabbits peek out from behind their carrots, which are foldable flaps for you to write sentiments on.

21. Photo Snow Globe Craft for Kids

Photo Snow Globe Craft for Kids

During winter, snow globes with photos are the best DIY gift to give. They are so adorable and heartwarming, not to mention, your baby can also join you and create some for their important family members and friends.

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22. Foam Cup Bunnies

Foam Cup Bunnies

However, you can use paper cups or thick paper instead of foam to make these little buddies, if you wish! You can put candies, chocolate eggs, crayons, or tiny toys. It depends on which occasion you’re celebrating, but one certain thing is how incredibly cute they are.

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Birthday Gifts for 10-year-old Kids

Birthday gifts for 10 year old children

Children love celebrating their special day in ways no one will ever forget. Gorgeous, fun, and memorable – let these presents get them swooning.

23. ‘This is What an Awesome 10 Year Old Looks Like’ T-Shirt

There’s no gift like a firm declaration of how cool your kid is, and the funny T-shirt will do exactly that. Perfect for a birthday present and a keepsake. You will have nostalgia looking back at the shirt one day!

24. Gold Glitter Cake Topper

If you are looking for decoration ideas, no need to stress about the hanging ornaments or anything extravagant. The cake is the center of attention and a sparkling topper will attract every pair of eyes!

25. Despicable Me (DVD)

Your baby will feel like a professional photographer with a multi-function camera! They can film videos in high definition and take pictures with adjustable brightness and different modes. Strong, durable, and waterproof, this camera will last long.

27. Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens

The stencils and gel pens will make parties more fun as the babies trace trendy designs and peel the stencil off before coloring it for some adorable, washable tattoos. A refreshing activity to the usual fashion activities.

28. Birthday Decorations Party Supplies Gifts

A perfect conversation piece with popular events, movies, songs, and facts that happen in your child’s birth year. It’s a decoration gift they will cherish forever!

29. Ballerina Birthday Card

Ballerina birthday card

A birthday card with a spinning ballerina figure surely is an extraordinary present for your baby’s special day. The pretty design will easily steal hearts! If the little one loves intricate items or ballet, they will be thrilled by this card!

Credit: Pinterest

30. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Every child loves a chocolate drink, whether it is winter or summer. But if you want something fun for the birthday party, let’s make hot chocolate on a stick! Delicious and pretty, even adults would love to get a bite!

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31. Wrappers with Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

Nuts and Bolts and Screws

You are reading it right! The patterns on those steel pieces can turn a sheet of blank paper into a lovely gift wrapper or a card. For sure, you can decorate the wallpaper or the hanging ornaments as well, it will be a unique touch!

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Christmas Gifts for 10-year-old Kids

Christmas gifts for 10 year old children

A favorite festival of many, and a perfect occasion for the whole family to spend time together, do traditional, heartwarming activities, and send the cutest gifts.

32. Reindeer Chupa Chups

Reindeer Chupa Chups

Have you ever noticed how much a round lollipop resembles a reindeer’s nose? Yes, you are absolutely right! With the printable reindeer template and simple tools that you come across almost every day. It will breathe fresh air in the common lollipops and delight the children!

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33. DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Box

A prayer box sounds so serious while it, in fact, is a small tin box that you can personalize and decorate it however your baby likes it. With this secret box, they can store little notes with their secret wishes and prayers for years.

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34. Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Babies are cinnamon sticks to their parents, precious, adorable, and out of this world. What can be cuter than the big cinnamon rolls fondling with the tiny ones and turning them into cute ornaments? Darling, they are so cute and easy to make.

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35. Rocking Paper Plate Santa

Rocking Paper Plate Santa

A regular paper plate Santa can’t be as fun as a rocking one that you can either hang or put on a table instead of simply watching them. Following the instruction, you can also make some penguins or reindeers. Your baby will adore them so much!

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36. Beaded Wire Christmas Ornament

Beaded Wire Christmas Ornament

It looks more complicated than how is! The most important part is forming the star shape or the shape you want, and the rest of the work is simply wrapping the thin wire around the frame until you are satisfied with the outcome. Your child will love these sparkling stars!

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37. Christmas Tree Photo Craft

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments


Still using the simple crafting materials: card stock, toilet paper rolls, stickers, and ribbons, you can have some Christmas tree crafts. With the adorable photos attached, the crafts can be the most precious keepsakes for years.

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38. Salt Dough Ornament

Salt Dough Ornaments

If you haven’t tried making salt dough ornaments with your baby during the Christmas season, you should try it right away! The perfect recipe will save you from the possible dry or sticky mess you usually see when it comes to dough.

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Gifts for 10-year-old Girls

Gifts for 10 year old girls

Make sure your baby girl is always stylish!

39. Denim Jacket

Your baby girl will look stylish and chic in this denim jacket because of the fashionable and modern design. You can mix the jacket with a lot of other articles or let the baby do it by herself.

40. Jewelry Making Kit

The set comes with pendants, chains, glass covers, glue, and instruction for the little girl to be creative and craft their favorite necklaces. It can be for both art projects and gifts.

41. Bowknot Leather Mini Backpack

Your baby girl would love to go to school looking cute and stylish, and this convenient yet pretty backpack will do the trick. With the main compartment and many supplementary pockets, it can adapt to any of your needs.

42. Kitty Night Light

During winter nights, a bed-side light with warm rays will be a delight for your princess. You can change the colors simply by tapping on the surface. The bonus point is the cute kitty printed on the cover.

43. Lip Gloss Kit

Our big girls might have started learning about makeup, but they will find the art of creating their favorite lip balms much more fun. The kit includes customizable containers, sticker sheets, glitters, balm base, and mixing tools.

44. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Toilet paper rolls don’t have to go waste if you know how to turn them into something pretty. You can make the butterfly wings with the printable templates or design your favorite patterns and color them with the most radiant colors.

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Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Gifts for 10 year old boys

Excite the energetic baby boy with sporty and healthy activities.

45. Flying Rings

Get your boy outdoor with these unique rings! The manufacturer designed them to fly straight and fit the small hands without hurting them. If that wasn’t cool enough, the rings glowing in the dark are available too.

46. Skateboard & Cycling Helmet

You will be at ease when your energetic boy exercises his favorite sports outdoor if you know he has a safety helmet protecting his head. The helmet feels great and looks cool, what’s the reason to not love it?

47. Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Made from high-quality materials and ensuring safety, the archery set will be your best friend when it comes to outdoor activities. The bow can send the arrows flying at an amazing speed and reaching a fairly far distance, enough for excitement!

48. Knee, Elbow, and Wrist Guards

The 3-1 gear set will prevent risks from occurring to your baby. The durable pads and the tough plates can easily fit various girths. They are a must-have item for anyone who’s into extreme sports.

49. Softball Infinity Charm Bracelet

It’s an adorable present for softball players or sports enthusiasts. Who said accessories can’t express sport spirits and power? Look at the stylish yet strong design of this bracelet!

50. New Sling-ball Game

With a launching hook, a catching net, two handles and racquets, and two balls, the child will get to enjoy the fun from aiming and shooting. The ball can fly up to 100 yards before falling into the deep net with a catching snap!

We believe there’s a bit of something for everyone. Have you had a choice from our list? Do you want more detailed suggestions? Leave us some feedback. Happy holidays!


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