TOP 50 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Children

If you’re thinking that gifts for 1-year-olds are only for parents’ eyes or children of this age don’t know anything, you are completely wrong. The toddlers are getting more and more excited to discover the big world around them. Almost everything seems interesting to them, so it’s actually easier to get a fun present than you expect.

At this age, they are curious enough to find the wrappers and the boxes more intriguing than the gifts. Sometimes, they love to pull things apart and put them together again later. The other times, they pay more attention to the rhymes or the colors. It’s an agreement among experts that toys without specific instruction are the best since they leave so much more to the imagination.

Looking for detailed suggestions? Browse our list of gift ideas for children at 1 year old.

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Best Books for 1-year-old children

Surprisingly, there are plenty of books you can give a 1-year-old. Children will rely on adults to read them stories and focus on the graphics. Colorful, expressive, funny, and innocent – these are the specs for us to compile a collection of books.

#1. The Wonderful Things You Will Be – by Roger Priddy

The book is filled with love. It consists of parents’ fondness when they look at the children and think of how the babies will grow up. The illustration is witty and adorable. The beautiful and earnest messages will live for a lifetime.

#2. Now You Are One (Little Bird Greetings) – by Minnie Birdsong 

Why give a birthday card when you can give a birthday book instead? This book comes with an envelope and a seal. The cover design is lovely, including a lift-a-flap for personal notes.

#3. Peek-a-Boo Forest – by The Lamaze Infant Development System

One of the most favorite books about animals for the baby to learn from. It’s an interactive soft bok with durable cloth pages. While feeling the texture and turning pages, children will have their eye-hand coordination improved immensely. The vibrant colors also foster their imagination and language skills.

Peek-a-Boo Forest – by The Lamaze Infant Development System

#4. Dear Zoo – by Rod Campbell

First published in 1982, “Dear Zoo” is a classic lift-the-flap book for toddlers. Kids can discover the animals sent by the zoo and try to find the perfect pet. With Eye-catching and bright artwork, it should be on every child’s bookshelf.

Dear Zoo – by Rod Campbell

#5. Where is Baby’s Belly Button? – by Karen Katz

A delightful and interactive book for parents and children to share and have some fun time together. It also has a sturdy format and expressive illustrations.

#6. Giraffes Can’t Dance – by Giles Andreae

It’s a story about Gerald the Giraffe who loves dancing more than anything despite the crooked knees and thin legs. This tale is a touching and inspiring experience for your child. The message is beautiful: Following your dream is admirable, and encouragement from the loved ones is always necessary.

Giraffes Can’t Dance – by Giles Andreae

#7. First 100 Words – by Roger Priddy

A must-have item for your baby! Children need to learn letters and words sooner or later, so we should make the journey interesting with colorful photographs. The pages, made of hardboard, will definitely last for years. 

#8. If Animals Kissed Good Night – by Ann Whitford Paul

This book is from the popular series “If Animals…”. What if an animal did what we do? Many reviews have agreed that ‘cute’ isn’t enough to describe it. Let’s travel to the wonderland with your beloved baby and find out how it would be like if animals kissed each other good night!

#9. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – by Bill Martin Jr.

An adventure of a plump cat, a happy frog, a soft duck, and a handsome horse. The boldly colored collages along with singsong texts will engrave themselves in children’s minds and earn their reaction immediately.

#10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – by Eric Cale

Another all-time classic picture book for children that you need to give your baby! Its size is small enough for little chubby hands. We will follow the ravenous caterpillar as he eats his way through one then two then more fruits, in correspondence with each day of the week. It’s a perfect and interactive method of teaching.

#11. The Pout-Pout Fish – by Deborah Diesen

A pout-pout fish who discovers that it’s not his destiny to be gloomy and spreading “dreary wearies”. Clever rhymes and cartoon illustrations, the baby’s imagination will swim along with the adorable fish friend through pages of the book. The positive energy will turn the biggest pout upside down!

Toys are part of one’s childhood, there’s no doubt about that. Let’s pick one of these amazing playthings to help your child have fun and discover more about their abilities.

Best-selling Toys for 1-year-old children

Modern toys that feature interactive actions for great learning experiences.

#12. Hape Pound & Tap Bench

Perhaps, you are nurturing the musician in your little one with this magical tool. By grasping the wooden mallet and creating their own melodies, the baby will train multiple things at once: the hearing sense, the coordination of hands and eyes, the strength of the arm.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench

#13. Fat Brain Toys

A beautiful set of buttons to keep their attention. Push and pop, poke and grab; it’s a simple yet brilliant way for sensory exploration. Are you worried that plastic might not be safe for your baby? We’re happy to assure you that it has gone under a full safety test.

Fat Brain Toys

#14. Spike the Hedgehog

The hedgehog lost his quills and only the baby can help him! You might not believe this, but a simple game of spiking the hedgehog will do wonders for your little one. The colorful spikes will help them build color recognition along with the motor and sorting skills.

Spike the Hedgehog

#15. Smart Shots Sport Center

The first sports matches of the little ones can start from tossing or kicking the balls to the target. You can also teach them about shapes and numbers by pressing buttons or flipping pages. The toy comes with an LED scoreboard and encouraging sounds or animations, which will impress the children even further.

Smart Shots Sport Center

#16. Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

In Asia, they say 3-month-olds start flipping, 7-month-olds crawling, 9-month-olds teetering. So, it’s time your little baby learns to set the first steady steps. You can attach the panel to the walker as the child grows, they will learn and move along at the same time, on the background of lovely sounds and colors.

Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

#17. Funky Toy Keys

Keys are the top-choice distraction of adults when a toddler starts fussing. These funky keys aim for the satisfaction of both: your baby can play with the keys while you get to keep the real ones. The buttons make real car sounds and flashlights that the children will love!

Funky Toy Keys

#18. Drop and Go Dump Truck

Every time you drop a boulder at the top of the truck, it will count aloud. This way, your child can learn how to count. There are buttons that control melodies and phrases about tools or colors. Learning will be so much fun with this lovely truck!

Drop and Go Dump Truck

#19. Turn and Learn Driver

Drive your way into the kingdom of wisdom with this special driver. It includes three modes: animal names. driving, and listening to music. They encourage the baby’s imaginative play with a traffic light, a signal lever, and a gear shifter, each has its own function.

Turn and Learn Driver

#20. Learning Lights Remote

Children can press a number and hear Scout counts lights, a weather symbol and see how Scout finds fun, or help Scout find shapes in the little garden. There are so many things your baby can learn with just one toy.

Learning Lights Remote

#21. My First Learning Tablet

Do you know that kids love acting like their parents? Therefore, the tablet will make them feel just like a busy adult, and they will enjoy it so much. It has many applications: role-playing, interactive modes, light show,… Every action will activate unique patterns, colors, and sounds.

My First Learning Tablet

Best Plush Toys for 1-year-old Children

Stuffed animal friends will always be a favorite gift for children, no matter what.

#22. Flappy the Elephant 

The stuffed elephant has two play modes: peek-a-boo with its giant flappy ears if you press on the left foot and singing a cute song on the right foot. It will be an adorable friend for your baby. Moreover, it comes with a set of blanket, rattle, book, activity toy for great playtimes.

Flappy the Elephant

#23. Baby Einstein Octoplush

Octoplush will enter a baby’s heart in… well, a heartbeat! It’s extremely adorable and huggable. Every squishy leg has an embroidered image. If you squeeze on the said leg, you will hear the corresponding color and a short melody. Can it get any more amazing? Yes! It includes English, Spanish and French for your little linguist.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

#24. Rockin’ Rider

Rocking or rolling? There’s no need to choose one when you can have both with this fluffy Charger. If you remove the base, it instantly becomes a rolling pony. The left ear is the switch for fun sound effects in synchronization with Charger’s moving mouth.

Rockin’ Rider

#25. Fish Bowl

Little boys and girls love to put the fluffy fishes in and out of the bowl. Each fish plays a different sound: crinkle, squeak, bell. A brilliant way to promote motor skills and learn about causes and effects.

Fish Bowl

#26. Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea

Let this sweet pea become your baby’s first doll! It’s incredibly perfect for cuddling and snuggling. It nurtures the caring and loving nature of the innocent souls. As they take care of the little friend, they will learn a lot about treasuring their loved ones, just like how you have been cherishing them.

Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea

#27. Pull and Sing Puppy

Pull the cord gently, and the puppy will make cute noises and play some tunes. The little buttons on its body help greatly with motor skills, language abilities, and reactions to sounds.

Pull and Sing Puppy

Best Blocks for 1-year-old Children

Block toys are the first steps to puzzle games that enhance children’s intelligence.

#28. Stack Up Cup Toys

Children would love to fit these colorful cups together, fill them with water, or flip them over and hide things underneath. It’s not only color identification they will learn, but also numbers (printed on the bottom of the cups) and counting.

Stack Up Cup Toys

#29. Baby’s First Blocks

The set includes a stack of rings to teach the baby about relative sizes and a collection of five shapes to train them in sorting. After finishing the tasks, it’s fun to topple the wobbly base over and see what will happen, or simply start all over again.

Baby’s First Blocks

#30. My First Number Train

Learning to count is the first essential lesson, and your child will have so much fun doing so while developing their imagination with this train set. The set comes with a locomotive and three wagons, three figures of two children and one cat, and bricks with numbers from 0 to 9.

My First Number Train

#31. Wooden Farm Activity Cube

A classic game for children! Finding animal friends and discovering all sides of fun on the cube – there are so many things for the tiny hands to work on! It nurtures their imaginative play and improves the coordination of eyes and hands. Aside from that, it’s a beautiful craft with a sturdy wooden structure and bright colors.

Wooden Farm Activity Cube

#32. Foam Wonder Blocks

If plastic blocks aren’t the best option for you, you might be satisfied with the durable foam ones. You can help the children to train various skills at once: recognizing colors and shapes, solving problems, and counting. Make playtimes as educational as a lesson, and make a lesson as entertaining as playtimes.

Foam Wonder Blocks

Gifts for Active 1-year-olds

#33. Wooden Race Track

Colorful cars starting from the top and flipping at the end of each ramp to continue to the next. doesn’t it sound fascinating? The little ones won’t be able to take their eyes off the motion. Vibrant colors will attract the kids to keep watching, and they will slowly learn numbers on the cars as well as how things work.

Wooden Race Track

#34. Bubble Mower for Toddlers

Kids these days spend too much time indoor, which isn’t a good thing for their improvement and growth. Let’s encourage them to go out and help you to ‘mow’ the lawn. The mower features realistic engine and gear noises, but when the baby pushes it, bubbles will fly out instead of grasses. Who said yark work had to be boring?

Bubble Mower for Toddlers

#35. Pop Up Play Tent with Tunnel

Children love to pretend they are in tents or tunnels, for a taste of mysteriousness. With this product, you will have both of them in one. The tents are full of balls and the tunnel connecting them offers countless game opportunities. It makes great group activities.

Pop Up Play Tent with Tunnel

#36. Water S.prinkler Pad

It’s a perfect gift for summer. Who doesn’t want some coolness and water splashes? It will enhance the baby’s physical flexibility and brain development. You can join them and enhance the parent-child bond as well.

Water Sprinkler Pad

#37. Hide and Seek – Climber and Swing

A slide, a swing, a wall, and a platform – children can do many things with those. This set encourages imagination and activity (indoor or outdoor). You won’t need to worry about safety because it comes with a three-point safety belt that will protect your baby while they have fun.

Hide and Seek – Climber and Swing

#38. Corn Popper

How to encourage your toddler to practice walking? Here’s the answer! As the little one moves, bright colored balls will pop around inside the transparent dome. The faster they go, the faster the balls bounce and spin, making them excited to try again and again.

Corn Popper

#39. Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Ahoy matey! We have a ship to sail! The pirate ship with a play table loaded with funny features upgraded the concept of a sandbox to a new level! It offers interactive and realistic games, great for playing in a group and enhancing children’s essential skills!

Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Cute Gifts for 1 year-olds

They are extremely adorable, but the child will still learn a lot from them.

#40. Plush Animal Backpack for Toddler

The backpack features a cute and friendly animal face. Every detail aims to fit the little ones, and the adorable design will make them excited to go out with this backpack. You can put books, pens, tissues, and small things in the main compartment, and you are ready for a trip to the zoo, the park, or any out activities. 

Plush Animal Backpack for Toddler

#41. Starry Night Light Projector

It’s normal for the little ones to feel scared and nervous at night, but this warm night light will give them a feeling of safety. It can switch to several colors and light modes. The starry sky might be very helpful in developing the child’s creativity. It’s also a great decoration, isn’t it?

Starry Night Light Projector

#42. Floating Bath Bubbles

Does your baby love things that bobble and spin? The rattling bubbles will make their bath time much more exciting, as they are very interesting to watch. It improves their hand-eye coordination with the perfect size for grabbing. 

Floating Bath Bubbles

#43. Ice Gel Teether Keys

The teething process comes with so much drooling and nibbling, but you wouldn’t want the little one to grab something unsafe, would you? This teether combines exercises for hands, gums, and teeth as well as provides visual stimulation for the child.

Ice Gel Teether Keys

#44. Sweet Manners Tea Set

A magical teapot spouting lights up and playing music? Yes, children will adore it very much. Teatime is never as sweet and fun! It’s great for children to play together and for you to introduce them to manners.

Sweet Manners Tea Set

#45. Say Please Snack Set

Another gift set to teach your little one about manners through fun activities like puzzle games and cute songs. It includes more pieces. The Smart Stage technology will tell you when to take the studying to a higher level.

Say Please Snack Set

#46. Wooden Musical Eggs

Made for tiny fingers to grasp easily, these eggs are truly an adorable present you won’t want to miss. As they shake, the eggs will make different tunes and sounds, which will help them develop an ear for rhymes as well as color recognition.

Wooden Musical Eggs

#47. Rainbow Stacker

This beautifully crafted rainbow will fuel the child’s imagination and creativity with its radiant colors and multiple uses as bridges, tunnels, fences, dolls’ catwalk. As they play with it, they will also train their hand-eye coordination and motor skill. It’s an interesting ornament, too.

Rainbow Stacker

#48. Cozy Coupe

Adults will agree that vehicles always attract children to a surprising extent. That’s why Cozy Coupe has become a classic amongst all gifts for toddlers. This little car is good for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Cozy Coupe

#49. My First Palm Grip Crayons

Choking will no longer be a concern with these chubby crayons. The toddlers can easily grab and scribble with them, but swallowing is far from possible, unlike with regular crayons that are dangerously small and too thin for chubby fingers.

My First Palm Grip Crayons

#50. My First Scribble

For sure, the little artist needs a blank canvas for themselves, and it shouldn’t be your working desk or important node pads. This book features activities to follow on each page and cute stickers. What’s a better way to let the creativity in your child grow?

My First Scribble

And we’re good to go now! Finding gifts can sometimes be a bit difficult, but we’re here to be your assistance. Aside from gift ideas for 1-year-old children, we also have lists for different ages, so be sure to check them out!

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