TOP 50 Good Books for 5-Year-Old Babies

One more year and your beloved baby will start their first school year. They are no longer clueless and passive about what they want. For curious learners, educational tools or books will be a brilliant choice. For enthusiastic and eager little ones, fun and creativity are all they need. So, what are the best gifts for a 5-year-old?

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Good Books for 5-year-old Babies

Books are the most common gifts but they never fail to bring joy to the recipient. We’re putting this category first in the list because many parents would actively search for touching and meaningful books for their kids.

1. Beginner Book Collection – by Dr. Seuss

Undoubtedly, the most traditional way to prepare for school is reading, and Dr. Seuss is a popular name if you want some books for children. The collection includes 5 books by Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and Hop on Pop. Time to read and drown in adventures!

2. Big Preschool Workbook – by School Zane & Joan Hoffman

You will get many benefits from this workbook. It’s not expensive, containing 320 pages and additional goodies. The book is full of adorable graphics, worksheets for the baby to practice, and multiple types of puzzles with different topics.

Big Preschool Workbook – by School Zane & Joan Hoffman

3. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun – by Maria Dismondy (author) & Kim Shaw (illustrator)

“Having the courage to be who you are” is probably the message every parent wants to send to their beloved angels. Ralph is so mean to the unique Lucy. But when Ralph needs help, Lucy is courageous enough to make the right choice because she is always proud of herself.

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun – by Maria Dismondy (author) & Kim Shaw (illustrator)

4. First Little Readers Pack – by Deborah Schecter

These 25 books are incredibly charming. Most pages of each book will repeat one simple line for children to follow and read with confidence. Some of the titles are Cold Rose, I like School, Bubbles, Sweet Treat, Almost Spring. As you can see, it’s full of happiness and positivity!

First Little Readers Pack – by Deborah Schecter

5. The Day the Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt

It’s a good story to nurture and grow the kindness in your child. Duncan wants to color, but the crayons say they have had enough of him! The colors have feelings, too. They want to be the center of attention. How can Duncan convince them that everyone has their own ability and responsibility?

. The Day the Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt

6. Never Let a Unicorn Scribble! – by Diane Alber

Everyone tells the little girl to never let a unicorn scribble but she doubts it’s because they don’t know how scribbling can also be beautiful. She overcomes all difficulties and teaches her unicorn friend. In the end, she has earned the well-deserved request and seen the true magic. A great lesson about how far the baby can go with determination and effort!

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble! – by Diane Alber

7. Rosie Revere, Engineer – by Andrea Beaty (author) & David Roberts (illustrator)

This best-selling book is very inspiring. It tells us the story about Rosie, who dreams of becoming an engineer. She has attempted to invent a variety of things but ends up hiding them away from everyone because she’s afraid of failure. What’s gonna happen next? Let your baby find out!

Rosie Revere, Engineer – by Andrea Beaty (author) & David Roberts (illustrator)

8. There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System – by Tish Rabe (author) & Aristides Ruiz (illustrator)

Space and its mysteries are fascinating for all ages, and a curious beginner would love nothing more than drowning himself in the journey to all planets in our solar system with an adorable team! It’s an unforgettable read – literally and figuratively!

There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System – by Tish Rabe (author) & Aristides Ruiz (illustrator)

9. What Should Danny Do? – by Adir Levy & Ganit Levy (author) & Mat Sadler (illustrator)

Both girls and boys would find Danny relatable because he’s a friendly and interactive character! The book is full of surprises. They can’t foresee what comes next as Danny makes a choice. The story shows them the consequences of negative choices and guides them to a positive path, making it a precious lesson about the key to happiness.

What Should Danny Do? – by Adir Levy & Ganit Levy (author) & Mat Sadler (illustrator)

10. How to Babysit a Grandma – by Jean Reagan (author) & Lee Wildish (illustrator)

What if the little one is in charge of looking after their granny? The book offers helpful tips that will turn them into an expert in no time! It will become a heartwarming memory between grandmas and grandchildren for many years to come.

How to Babysit a Grandma – by Jean Reagan (author) & Lee Wildish (illustrator

Best Imaginative Play Games for 5-year-old Kids

Imagination will be good assistance for your little one in the long run, so what’s the reason to not enhance their greatest gift?

11. My First Microscope

If you’re finding a way to introduce your child to science, a toy microscope is worth your consideration. It will stimulate the baby’s curiosity and induce them to examine everything their little hands manage to grab. The playful microscope can magnify the objects 8 times for detailed observation, which promises hours of fun.

My First Microscope

12. Vet Play Set – Examine & Treat

The set comes with 24 pieces of animal figures, medical tools (thermometer, syringe, tweezers, bandage, ointment, cast, and more), and a tote bag. Through pretend play, your baby will develop empathy towards smaller living beings as well as imagination.

Vet Play Set – Examine & Treat

13. Cash Register

The cash register with a working calculator is an interesting gift for children who are preparing to go to school next year. They will learn more about currency and math while handling the life-sized cash. The buttons are very compatible with little hands as well. It opens with a cha-ching sound!

Cash Register

14. Tasty Treats Play Food Set

You won’t need another pretend food set for your child if you purchase this, and we are not exaggerating! It includes cans, bottles, snacks, vegetables, fruits, and numerous kinds of food. These 115 pieces will leave so much room for the little chef to be creative and make all types of treats.

Tasty Treats Play Food Set

15. Wooden Table & Chairs

We all are aware of how children love to have their own space, and the 3-piece set of table and chair will be ideal for their imaginary scenes. They can use it as an office desk, a dining table, or even a platform for creating artworks.

Wooden Table & Chairs

Best Toys for 5-year-old Kids

Here’s a collection of toys that will give children tons of fun! All of them are safe for kids and capable of improving their motor skills or cognizance in one way or another.

16. Bubble Solution

A giant bottle containing 2 liters of Gazillion bubble solution, how cool! It’s usable for every bubble machine, bubble wand (the package includes one), or bubble blower. In addition, the solution is totally safe and not going to stain any fabric in the house.

Bubble Solution

17. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Reel for Moonlite Story Projector

If you own the Moonlite projector, you might want to add more tales to your library. We can insert the story reel into the item and clip it to our smartphone, and the lively illustrated story will show on any surface. Kids of all ages love these beautiful stories!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Reel for Moonlite Story Projector

18. Play Sand with Molds and Trays

Who said you have to be at a beach to play with sand? Now, you can have 2 pounds or perpetually moist sand for your little one to mold and build their favorite structures. Even though the sand is blue, it’s completely non-toxic and easy to clean up.

Play Sand with Molds and Trays

19. A Kick Scooter

Perhaps, you think your child is spending too much time indoor and want them to have fun outside? Good news: they will love this scooter! The handlebars are at the perfect height and very easy to control, coupled with the rear-fender brake, so it’s entirely safe for the little one!

A Kick Scooter

20. Night Light Projector

There’s nothing wrong about being scared of the darkness but the usual tabletop lamp is outdated now! This projector will paint a rainbow across the walls or the ceiling, and the colorful lights will guard the child against all nightmares.

Night Light Projector

21. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Get yourself ready for a feeding frenzy with this board game! Babies will need to be faster than their opponents and press on the hippo’s tail as quickly as possible for it to chomp on the marbles. Collect the most marbles or snatch the golden marble to win – what would be their choice?

Hungry Hungry Hippos

22.   Pie Face Game

If your family consists of witty and humorous members, they would love to play this game together! Players will take turns to put their head in the mask and spin the handle accordingly to instruction, one will eventually get a face full of cream or sponge! With each turn finished safely, you will receive 1 point, and the first player who reaches 25 points will be the winner!

Pie Face Game

23. Crazy Forts

Caves, forts, and secret hideouts in general always capture children’s hearts. This set of 69 pieces will help them build different configurations. They only need to put the pieces in any shape they desire and pull a blanket over the structure. Boom!

Crazy Forts

24. Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Toy

The classic peg game is now more sparkly than ever with a bigger board and more pegs! With more than 200 colorful pegs, the child has the perfect material to design their light show aside from the templates included in the package. It inspires multiple skills for children, too.

Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Toy

25. Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition

The set has 10 pieces of mouth guard for children to play as a group. They will pick a card and follow the command to pronounce a phrase, with the mouthpiece on, and the others will guess what they are trying to say. It’s best for a family night or a sleepover.

Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition

Educational Games for 5-year-old Children

Definitely, these gifts will be the choice of many parents. Worry not, they are not boring! They aim to make studying fun and interesting for the babies.

26. Eye Found It – Hidden Picture Game

A fun game with the most famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, Alice, Elsa! It’s perfect for little Disney fans to share with their friends and even parents. The Game Rules Manual will teach you how to play in less than 5 minutes, and you will see the wonder this game does to your baby’s memory and focus, cooperation, and matching skills.

 Eye Found It – Hidden Picture Game

27. Junior Suspend Family Game

More games to play as a group? You will spin the spinner, set up the frame, and balance the right piece to create a hanging structure. Who finishes the race first will win but one wrong move might cause the structure to collapse! The exciting activity will enhance the baby’s hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skill, and cognitive skill.

Junior Suspend Family Game

28. Strategy Game of Code-maker & Code-breaker

It’s one of the best-selling games, with simple and interesting principles. Players will take their turn to create codes and let the opponent try to solve it. The baby will need logic and deduction, maybe a little bit of luck as well, to win the games. What’s a better way to improve their strategic thinking and intelligence?

Strategy Game of Code-maker & Code-breaker

29. Connect 4 Game

This classic game will be a great trainer for your baby’s logical thinking. It’s a disc dropping fun. 2 players will compete. Whoever gets 4 discs of the same color in a row will win the match. The set comes with 21 discs of each color, a grid, a slider bar, 2 legs, and instructions to follow.

Connect 4 Game

30. The Magic School Bus

We believe everyone should know the basics of electricity, be it a boy or a girl! With the detailed guidance, the young scientists will learn to build their first circuit or light switch, to design electric games, to experiment with insulators or conductors, or to make cereal dance. There are so many things your child can do with this kit!

The Magic School Bus

31. Orboot: Interactive Globe for Kids (App Based)

The Orboot app will connect your smart devices to the 10” globe and turn it into a lively interactive and educational toy to pique your child’s curiosity. The baby can learn about Geography, Environmental Science, History in the most interesting way with the help of stamps, flag stickers, and a detailed guide.

 Orboot: Interactive Globe for Kids (App Based)

32. Zingo Game – Bingo with a Zing!

With over 50 million sets sold internationally, Zingo is a top choice when you are in search of challenging puzzles. For early learners, the fast-paced game will boost their language and matching skills. Even the teachers love to use Zingo in their classrooms!

Zingo Game – Bingo with a Zing!

33. Plugo Count

Plugo Count is a gaming kit that turns your device into a learning system. It offers a series of challenges with a storyline. The children will conquer the missions by playing with numbers and improve their logical reasoning, mathematical knowledge, critical thinking, and intelligence.

34. Responsibility and Chore Chart

Strict parents think it’s never too early to teach their children about responsibility and behavior. We have to agree. The routine chart set features 2 boards – one for 7 goals in a week and one for magnet storage. It will inspire children to help their elders and achieve positive feedbacks for satisfaction and probably a reward!

Responsibility and Chore Chart

Best Creativity Toys for 5-year-old Children

If your baby is more interested in arts than numbers, they will love these presents and let their creativity soar high.

35. Classic Creative Brick Box

When it comes to creative play and building blocks, LEGO is probably the first name that pops up in our mind. With 484 pieces with 35 different colors, including windows, tires, wheel rims, the baby can make anything they like and combine them with their other LEGO sets, since they are all compatible.

Classic Creative Brick Box

36. Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

Some kids aren’t into modern and shiny gifts. Instead, simple toys that challenge their imagination and creativity to figure out more ways to play with them will be such a delight. With these colorful chalks, your baby can draw and design anything they like. Moreover, you can easily wash the chalk clean afterward!

Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

37. Open Play 300 Pieces Set

The Plus-Plus pieces have a simple design that offers many possibilities beyond our expectations. Even bigger kids love to play with them. From flat mosaics to 3D models, your baby can build whatever they desire with these colorful pieces and enhance a number of necessary skills.

Open Play 300 Pieces Set

38. Watercolor Books

The set will give you two activity books with animal and vehicle themes, and refillable water pens. The little artist can color the pictures with vibrant colors. When the page dries, you can erase the pictures and use them again later. There’s no mess you need to worry about.

 Watercolor Books

39. Light Up Tracing Pad

Have you ever heard of drawing in the dark? If the idea surprises you, the little one is likely to be just as amazed. They can choose 1 from 100 traceable images, and decorate it with the set of 12 color pencils. The LED drawing tablet will give them the lights they need and give their artistry a refreshing breath.

Light Up Tracing Pad

Best Gifts for 5-year-old Girls

They are on the way to become a real lady! Most of the time, 5-year-old girls love sparkly and unique stuff. Although there are exceptions, we believe our list will satisfy the pickiest little girl!

40. Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

A great gift if your girl is a big fan of Moana, one of the most popular movies from Disney in recent years! It has an ethereal green glow that will brighten up if she closes it and presses the button. A realistic and iconic item from a courageous and adventurous protagonist will inspire her so much.

Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

41. Headbands Craft Kit

With satin headbands in a rainbow array, flowers, butterflies, and ribbons, the girls need nothing else to create their fashionable accessories. Crafting headbands will also build their color awareness and artistic sense. It can be a group activity as well!

Headbands Craft Kit

42. Pretend Play Purse

For the development of the child’s imagination and cognizance, this purse is one of the best choices. It’s loaded with the accessories a lady would love: a smartphone and car keys that feature realistic noise and light, a credit card, a hairbrush, and cosmetics that are safe for children.

Pretend Play Purse

43. Wooden Stamp Set

It would be a beautiful gift box for your princess to share with her beloved family members or close friends. She can make lovely pieces of art with the outline of a stamp and color pencils to decorate it. And yes, it surely will promote her creativity and motor skills.

Wooden Stamp Set

44. Unicorn Slime Kit

Kids are spazzing over slime but it might not seem safe enough for parents’ approval. Cheer your girl up with this sparkly kit! She would love to utilize her imaginative mind and senses for colors and designs to make hundreds of slime gifts for everyone.

Unicorn Slime Kit

Best Gifts for 5-year-old Boys

Baby boys can be a bit more demanding now since they have got in touch with different sources of entertainment and knowledge. They know what is popular and most wanted in the market!

45. Perplexus Beast – A 3D Maze Game

If you give the child a game that is easy to play but difficult to master, it will be a great boost to their patience. Perplexus Beast is a maze contained within a sphere, and the task is to keep the ball on the track and guide it to the finish line. Your baby won’t be able to put it down anytime soon!

Perplexus Beast – A 3D Maze Game

46. Criss Cross Crash Track Set

By the first look at it, you might think it would be so much fun, with the tricky intersections and turns, motorized boosters, and a crash zone. And you are absolutely right! Intricate toy sets like this will taunt the child’s imagination and inspire them to come up with more creative plays!

Criss Cross Crash Track Set

47. Science Experiment Kit

Science is challenging and difficult, but you can definitely make the first steps more interesting for your boy. With the tools and the chemicals included in the kit, they can perform captivating experiments such as a color-changing volcano, sunset in a test tube, or growing jiggly crystals. They are not messy either, but it’s best if you make sure the kid plays on a flat surface for easy cleaning.

Science Experiment Kit

48. Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad

Superheroes are very important to children of this age! And as most of them might have a couple of figures, we suggest a board game featuring the heroes instead. Let’s have a superb adventure with ladders pushing you forward and chutes sliding you backward. Be the first to reach the finish line and win the game!

Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad

49. Star Wars Darth Vader Costume

No one will deny the effect of the franchise Star Wars on many generations, and we won’t be surprised if your baby boy is in love with the Jedi warriors and the enticing lightsabers. Despite being mostly on the dark side, Darth Vader is a cool character he might want to cosplay. This gorgeous costume will grant his wish!

Star Wars Darth Vader Costume

50. PJ Masks Super Catboy Learning Watch

Baby boys are so fond of PJ Mask, so why not give them what they truly want? A cool watch will make them feel like a grown lad but the PJ Mask clock faces will add to their cuteness. The watch has all usual modes of a clock and 4 exciting games that will enhance their number and shape recognition.

PJ Masks Super Catboy Learning Watch

You have reached the end of our “Gifts for 5-year-old Kids” list! We hope the list has given you some ideas on what to purchase. Please leave a question if you are still pondering upon more specific requests, and we would love to help!

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