Birthday Gifts for Her | Top 35 Best Ideas For You 2020

The date of birth is an occasion to remember, especially when it’s for the special lady in your life. You might be showering her with love on normal days already, so what are the best birthday gifts for her? What can you do to make the day more special? Let’s check our gift list out!

Birthday Gifts for Her Daily Use

birthday gifts she can use everyday

If she is the practical kind of woman who is more into gifts that she can use every day, these are the best birthday gifts for her!

1. Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug

The pretty bag with a silky interior is ready for you to give away. The mug is printed with two lively gold pigeons – a symbol of peace and love. Although it’s beautiful, its weakness is microwave and dishwasher!

2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Be it summer or winter, fruits play an important role in women’s diet, as they should, with the amount of vitamin and nutrition they provide. Thus, a fruit infuser would make an interesting gift for any woman. Simply add fruits and let them hydrate.

3. Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Serve her most favorite food and snacks with elegance! An assortment of cheese, a few slices of bacon, and several fresh fruits will make a feast for the eyes. The special feature is the slide-out cutlery drawer and the beveled serving rim for quick access to your utensils.

4. Landscape Kitchen Knife Set

Imagine being able to admire a beautiful landscape printed on a sharp knife with great performance – How cool is it! This knife set surely will enhance her experience in the kitchen and give her a relaxing time as well.

6. Glass Coffee Mug

This glass mug looks like a beautiful masterpiece from a fantasy movie with the glittering handle and the diaphanous flower print. It suits every type of drink with different colors and also makes a great piece of decoration for the house.

Cosmetics Birthday Gifts for Her

Cosmetics Birthday Gifts

Cosmetics are essential for women, and we aren’t talking about makeup products only, but also skincare ones. They make the most caring and thoughtful birthday gifts for her.

6. Makeup Mirror

It’s unbelievable how useful a makeup mirror can be for a girl. She can use it every day to do the makeup for work and assure she looks nice while traveling. The lid is decorated with a beautiful greeting to always remind her of your love.

7. Scented Candles Gifts Set

With 93% natural soy wax and 7% essential oil, these candles will help her relieve stress better than anything else. You don’t need to worry about the wrapping either! The set comes with an exquisite colorful box and designed jars.

8. Skincare Product Set

Including cuticle cream, hand salve, lip balm, res-q ointment, repair cream for hands, and foot cream, this gift set will help you pamper her from head to toe. It will make every day less tough and more relaxing at the end.

9. Spa Gift Basket

An elegant spa basket will make her heart race! It has everything needed for the luxury at the finest spa: shampoo and shower gel, bath bomb and bath salt, body lotions, eye mask, and more. How can she not feel your love when you attempt to take care of her from head to toe?

10. Special Box Set

This gift basket surely will impress! It has everything a lady would use on a daily basis: a fancy notebook, a cotton makeup bag, natural bath salt, and a pair of funny socks. They feature a spectrum of different pink shades for a feminine look.

11. Makeup Organizer

Say goodbye to messy mornings of trying to find your favorite cosmetics and accessories. The 360-degree organizer will be every girl’s best friend as it can accommodate at least 60 brushes, 30 skincare products such as lipsticks, eyeliner, nail polish.

12. Makeup Brush Set

The set features 5 brushes with distinctive handles and uses for basic makeup, blush, blending, eyeliner, face powder, and more. It’s portable and convenient for her daily makeup routine, making sure she always looks fabulous.

Accessory and Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Her

Accessory and Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Her

Jewelry makes women shine with confidence, as they complete a stylish set of clothes. Take a look at our choices of birthday gifts for her in terms of accessory.

13. Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

With real dried flowers preserved in resin and framed by gold over sterling silver, these earrings have a gorgeous and unique look that would make women fall in love. It’s even more fitting if she adorns in summer.

14. Heart Pendant Necklace

The slender chain will commend her tall neck so well, and the beautiful pendant will express the adoration you have for her with an accented open heart and a trio of diamonds in the center of it.

15. Kimono Robe

The design offers a sensual look while the materials give the user a comfortable feeling. Your lady will look stunning in this robe whether she makes it her bathrobe or her cover-up as she carries out daily tasks. It’s very durable, too!

16. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

She can add a few drops of essential oil on it and let the diffuser do the rest. It assures calmness and tension relief during long hours at work or long-distance trips. It’s a good combination of luxurious jewelry and aromatherapy.

17. Adidas Women’s Running Shoes

A sporty and active girl would be fond of a pair of high-quality shoes that help her move comfortably. Adidas is a famous brand when it comes to sports equipment, and you can be at ease about its long-lastingness.

18. Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter

Satisfy her adoration for glitters with these little stars, hexagons, and dust. She will glow after adorning this lovely holographic glitter and steal everyone’s attention. It can be used for makeup looks at parties or night-outs.

Decoration Birthday Gifts for Her

Decoration Birthday Gifts for Her

What if she’s the domestic type who likes to keep the house lively and well-decorated? You can absolutely pick some decoration items as birthday gifts for her. She will adore them endlessly!

19. Gold Rose

Rose symbolizes love and loyalty. Gold represents nobility. Need us to explain further? Glazed and trimmed with 24K gold foil, these real roses will always shine and never deform. It will be a great decoration item for her room and a reminder that you love her.

20. Moon Lamp

The surface of the moon lamp uses the real moon topographic map from NASA. When you turn on the light, the shapes of mountains, craters, and basins of the moon will appear clearly. It will put your special lady to a peaceful sleep at night.

21. ‘You and Me’ Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

The figure of a couple embracing each other intimately will never fail to mark a milestone in your relationship and express your emotions thoroughly. It’s a perfect birthday gift as it is for any occasion you celebrate with your beloved girl.

22. Owl Pots

Taking care of small plants will help her relax after a busy day and enhance her mood remarkably! The attractive color also makes it a great piece for decoration – you can use it for storing office supplies or displaying dainty little items.

23. Positive Wall Plaque Pallet

A wall plaque has to convey an inspirational message and possesses great quality. This piece will look elegant and beautiful on the wall, and it will last for years with 3D laser technology.

Special Birthday Gifts for Her

Special Birthday Gifts for Her

These are the gifts for ladies with a unique personality and special hobbies – enough said.

24. Photo Mini Printer

You can simply connect the Polaroid ZIP to a smartphone or a tablet, and the pictures from your accounts will be ready for printing in bold and radiant colors. There’s no need for film, ink, or other tools anymore. Plus, the photos will be resistant against water, tear, and smudge.

25. Wooden Music Box

This vintage music box doesn’t run on battery. You need to crank the handle for the music to play. It’s small enough to fit in your palm but the outside is still beautifully engraved with patterns. A girl who loves old-school style would love to own it!

26. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

The default password is ‘iloveu’ but you can change it to something else for a brilliant decoding game. Put a small gift inside, drop the hints with a love note, and let the curious lady figure it out. She would love a pleasant surprise on her birthday!

27. Memory Jar

The packet includes 180 tickets for you to write your wishes and memories on for keepsake. Every time your loved one reads the notes, she will feel happy and motivated enough to conquer any challenge awaiting ahead.

28. ‘Promises From God for Women’ Cards

The box has 51 inspirational messages printed on cards of playing card’s size. She can draw a card whenever she needs encouragement, or you can hide the little notes somewhere to surprise her. Your smart and thoughtful gift will be dearly appreciated.

29. Back Neck Shoulder Massager with Heat

The massager with 4 big nodes, 4 small nodes, and 3D rotation kneading rollers in U-design will provide deep tissue massages on shoulders, neck, back, legs, and arms – basically all over the body. Take good care of your lady with this modern item!

30. Sandwich Maker

This convenient and friendly sandwich maker will enhance her morning beyond imagination. She can customize her meal: heavy with nutrition and protein or healthy with a balance of meat and veggie. If the consumer is running out of ideas, there’s a recipe book included!

Supply Birthday Gifts for Her

Supply Birthday Gifts for Her

Last but not least, you might want to consider these ideas if you are planning a party with many surprises as birthday gifts for her!

31. Rose Gold Decoration Set

If you’re planning a splendid and extravagant party for her, this set is exactly what you need. It includes latex balloons, clear balloons with gold confetti, sequin table runners, foil fringe curtains, and foil ribbons – all in rose gold color.

32. Birthday Gift Bag with Tissue Paper

The size and the weight-endurance of this bag allow it to carry either a scarf or a book of standard size. The design is incredibly lovely with pick flowers and patterns. There’s a cardholder inside for you to slip in a sentiment note.

33. Birthday Wine Bottle Labels

You will receive 6 labels with different designs and greetings to wrap around the wine bottles for a more festive atmosphere. Since the labels are waterproof, you are free to store the bottles in the refrigerator without worrying about it being wet and ruined.

34. Party Decoration Supply Set

Look no further! It’s a 4-in-1 set of decoration supplies with a banner, a circle dot paper garland, spiral hangings, pompom tissue flowers. It will give the place a radiant and bright vibe, totally suitable for a birthday party for your special woman.

35. Sash & Rhinestone Tiara Kit

Every girl deserves to be a princess on her birthday, and this kit is a must! The pink color and the glitter look really good in photos in case your lady is enthusiastic when it comes to posting on SNS accounts!

You’ve reached the end of the list of birthday gifts for her. Did any item catch your attention? Don’t forget to let us know!









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