TOP 25 Best Graduation Gifts Ideas 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Graduation is a big event for everyone, from kindergarten children to university youths. If someone you love is going to graduate from their school, there’s no way you should or would miss the chance to show them how much you’re proud of their achievement. Graduation gifts are various and fun, as long as you know what to get and where to get them. And here’s our top 35 best graduation gift ideas list of suggestions!

Graduation Gifts for Children

Graduation gifts for children

Cute gifts carrying your encouragement will motivate the child to do better in their incoming classes.

1. I Wish You More – by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Author) & Tom Lichtenheld (Illustrator)

Your little one would love a book of positive wishes to uplift their spirit when classes become difficult and exhausting. Coupled with the exuberant and joyous illustration, it will bring many memorable moments and milestones.

2. Gift Bag with Tissue Paper and Confetti

You might have had plenty of gifts for children on the special graduation day but it will be even better if you wrap it in colorful confetti with a cute gift bag. Put your wish in the cardholder section right inside the bag!

3. Sculpted & Hand-Painted Courage Angel

A figure representing positive emotions will give your baby a sense of hope and healing. It can be a decoration item for the study corner or the bedside table along with the sentiment enclosure card.

4. Disney Kindergarten Graduation Card

Let the baby celebrate their first achievement with the friend of every family: Mickey Mouse! You can fill the inside of the card with sentiments and wishes to encourage the child in their very first school year. Of course, a young adult who loves Mickey will appreciate it as well!

5. Barbie Graduation Celebration

Barbie fans would love to celebrate the big day with the doll princess! The outfit pays attention to the littlest details and makes the doll impossibly more lively. You would love to look back at it one day for the memory!

6. Adulting Note Pad (To-Do List)

A reasonable pattern will make a note pad much more interesting. It helps little ones keeping track of the tasks, errands, contacts, and important things in a humorous way. A possible diary for young adults!

7. Grad Hat Fun Fold Card

Grad Hat Fun Fold Card


Plain cards are outdated, yet who says you can’t give your cards the vibes of the celebration? With simple materials and a few minutes, you will have a cute, unique card in the form of a grad hat. Both children and youngsters will love them! You might want to give them something related to their chosen occupation, simple but effective!

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University Graduation Gifts

University Graduation Gifts

8. Signature Jacquard Stripe Zip File Bag

Giving a freshly graduated student a high-quality file bag is a simple yet thoughtful gift since they are about to start working. Multiple choices of colors and unisex design, you might see them making good use of your gift every day!

9. Friendship Anchor & Compass Necklace

Graduation means you might have to say goodbye to your best friend and start a new life in a new place. The symbolization of anchor and compass will be a heartwarming reminder and an encouragement for them to conquer their journey and dream.

10. Funny Wine Tumbler

You surely can use it for more beverages than only wine. The saying in a witty font will deliver your wish for the new graduate and the adventures awaiting them. Usage wise, this tumbler has a design with double vacuum insulation to keep your drink perfectly hot or cold.

11. Graduation Keepsake Frame

Even after the graduation ceremony, many people would still love to keep the tassel, the diploma, and the photo in a beautiful frame, along with an inspirational quote. Why don’t you give them the tool they need to honor their achievement?

12. Socks with Occupation Trademarks

These funny socks have the most common items used in a job on them, and they will be perfect for either a graduation gift or a Christmas present. You have got a friend who’s going to be a chef, a teacher, or a nurse? Look no further! Here’s the cutest gift for them.

13. Money Leis DIY

Money Leis DIY

Some graduates are straight-out practical, but you don’t want to give them a boring envelope filled with cash. Let’s give this money leis a chance! With the bills, a clear tape, a string or ribbon, and a comprehensive instruction, you will succeed in no time!

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14. Personalized Lab Coat Hanger

Looking for the best graduation gift that a science researcher would love? A hanger for lab coats might be much more useful than you think! In addition, you can have their name personalized in a fancy font, and the hanger will never leave their side.

15. Graduation Glass for 2020

Double-walled vacuum insulation, powder-coated, stainless steel – these tall cups are as modern and adorable as they can get. Choose a color, pick a symbol for personalization, and enjoy the drink how you like it, no heat loss!

Graduation Gifts for Girls

Graduation gifts for boys

We can’t skip the opportunity to congratulate our beloved ladies on her graduation and send her some lovely, fashionable, and meaningful items.

16. Personalized Encouragement Bracelet

With a guarantee for no fading, rusting, tarnishing, corrosion, stain, the cuff bracelet with your inspirational sentiment will be with her for a long time. Send your special girl a warm wish to remind her of your affection!

17. Personalized & Engraved Keepsake Box

Why getting a cardboard box when you can have a gorgeous one made of glass instead? The translucent sides provide a good view of the pretty items you want to put in there. The seller will have your wishes engraved on the lid for a personal touch as well.

18. Graduate Bracelet

There will be challenges and hardships, a reminder of the things she’s capable of when she believes it will be a brilliant graduation gift. It’s one of a kind, adjustable, and durable enough to stay with her for a long time. A pretty bracelet for your girlfriend, daughter, or best friend!

19. Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

A lovely lunch bag will earn her adoration like nothing before! It has cute patterns, the inside is roomy, and it can stretch to fit all the goodies too! No more fragile and mediocre lunch bags with cold and unappealing meals.

20. Makeup Mirror with Lights and Magnification

Everyone who has tried this modern makeup mirror will hardly want to use the traditional ones again! You will have a smart screen to provide enough lighting and three panels with different levels of magnification to make it easier when you do the details.

21. Vintage Leather Journal

A top-quality notebook will be a precious friend in the long run. The feminine and stylish cover design will satisfy the pickiest lady! It’s also convenient with the zipper pouch and the cardholder that will help you store all your cards, receipts, and important papers.

Graduation Gifts for Boys

Boys would prefer something they can use on a daily basis but it doesn’t stop us from being picky and giving them the looks as well.

22. Tactical Pen with Multiple Tools

Not only does this pen write, but it also breaks the glass, radiates lights, opens bottles. Men love these best graduation gift ideas and practice even more so if the items have many uses. As useful as it is, it can also be a great present for an independent lady.

23. Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers for Men

What do we say? A fine pair of shoes can bring you everywhere! The worldwide popular Converse shoes will serve as a wish for your dear on his way to building a career. There are countless colors for you to choose as well!

24. GA100 Camo Dial Watch

Watch is a valuable and useful item for men, especially when it’s resistant against shock and waterproof! Made of fine materials, it will be the best assistant when he engages in sporty and energy-consuming activities. What best graduation gift ideas for our beloved people!

25. Engraved Leather Waller

It has the mature look that a boy who has just graduated from college will love. It’s plain with a cash slot and a cardholder, and boys love that simplicity. But the inspirational saying engraved on it makes the difference!

26. Toiletry Travel Bag

It can be his best buddy for the gym or the trips with multiple pockets to keep everything neat and ready for use. The vegan leather and the superior trim beats the cheap PU bags completely. You will also have it in a premium box to give away immediately.

27. Necktie Gift Set

3 elegant ties, 3 handkerchiefs, 4 tie clips, and 4 cufflinks are certainly enough for him to flaunt a decent look on important occasions like birthday, job interview, formal event. It’s important to have your confidence boosted!

28. Whiskey Decanter Set

The set will only get fancier with an engraved name of your choice. The set includes matching glasses as well. Fill the decanter with your favorite whiskey and let it be a valuable piece of decoration in the house.

Unique Graduation Gifts

If you have a graduate with a unique personality, send them one of these special gifts not everyone will think of when it comes to graduation gifts!

29. Scratch-off Map World for Travelers

This intricately crafted map will be perfect for a travel enthusiast. With each place you visit, you can scratch the matte black layer off and reveal bold colors to mark your path. If you will, you might also check the destinations off your list with the tiny flags included in the box.

30. Large Gift Bag

13 inches of depth allows you to carry necessary items like books, clothes, and desk accessories up to 10 pounds. There’s a patented card holder pocket inside to keep your cards in good form. Both male and female consumers would adore it.

31. ‘I Wrote a Book About You’ Fill-in Notebook – by M.H. Clark (Author) and Justine Edge (Illustrator)

A book with nice things is always a special gift for someone you love because you will fill in the meaningful prompts with your thoughts about the recipient and personalize it uniquely. Such best graduation gifts, right?

32. Scented Candles Gift Set

Catch up with the trend for aromatherapy with a gift set of 4 packs with a pleasant scent each: rose, lavender, lemon, and the Mediterranean signature. No black smoke, no harmless remnants for your body or the environment, and easy to pack if you go on a trip. What more do we need for a gift?

33. Antique Map of the Moon

If your recipient is an astronomy lover, they would appreciate an elegant print of celestials on their wall. With a frame, it will be ready to brighten up any room in a house.

34. Graduation Goody Bags

What if you are also a graduate? It won’t stop you from sending gifts to your friends, and this package with 100 cellophane bags will help you wrap your little present with style. The flying graduation hats, the crowd, the hands throwing high in the air – aren’t they festive and adorable?

35. Graduations Party Supplies 2020

Aside from the gifts that the recipient can use every day, you might want to hold a party to congratulate them on their graduation, and this decoration set is everything you will need! Balloons, pompoms, hanging swirls, and tools, you have got it all with a single purchase.

Let our list of best graduation gift ideas help you prepare for the big day and make the celebration unforgettable! If you have a specific request, feel free to leave a question.

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