How To Make A Paper Bee Craft | Easy Tips With Toilet Paper Roll

Nowadays, there are various modern and qualified toys on the market for customers to choose from. However, many people still love hand-made products that look so creative and out of their imagination. They may not know that it is quite easy to make up some incredible hand-made products with the help of home things. Let’s start to be a skillful designer with our easy tips to make a paper bee craft. Bees are common bugs, which are really popular characters in lots of cartoons. They are used to give compliments on those working hard and get good results after a long process of their striving. Why don’t you follow our simple steps below and have the answer for how to make a paper bee crafts with a toilet paper roll.

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The main materials to make these cute bees are color papers, a toilet paper roll, and some simple tools which can be easily found at your home or any store nearby.

  • a paper roll
  • wiggly eyes stickers (which make your bees become more impressive than ever)
  • yellow, light blue and black paper
  • scissors
  • some glue stick
  • a black marker

How To Make A Paper Bee Craft

There is nothing difficult to make a paper be craft if you follow our simple steps below.

Step 1: Making the bee’s body

Step 1

  • Having a toilet paper roll on the table, we apply the glue stick to it like the below picture.
  • Cut the yellow paper with the same width as the paper roll.
  • Wrap this yellow paper around the roll.

Step 2: Decorating the body

Step 2

  • Use the black paper to cut some strips
  • Wrap and stick two of them to the roll which is already wrapped with the yellow paper.
  • Also, use the black paper to cut two smaller and shorter strips. These strips are for making the bee’s beard.

Step 3: Decorating the bee’s eyes

Step 3

  • Take two wiggly eye stickers and stick them carefully on top of the roll to make eyes for the bee. This step is quite easy to do, but you should be as careful as you can so that you will have a perfect handmade paper bee craft, which makes everyone admire you so much.

Step 4: Drawing a beautiful smile for the bee

Making smile

  • With the qualified marker, you can create some styles of smiles for your dreaming bees. If you want to make a happy bee, let’s draw like our picture below. In case you want to make an angry bee or a sad face bee, let’s draw an opposite smile. Surely, you will be surprised after this drawing step.

Step 5: Making wings for the bee

Step 4

  • Place the roll at the center of the orange paper.
  • Use a pencil to draw wings from the roll.
  • At this step, you can feel free with your creation. Let’s cut its wings as you like the most. The picture below is our simple wings that any people can cut.
  • After all, stick the wings into the roll.

Only with 5 easy steps above, you can make up different cutest bees you like. You can use these handmade and cutest products to catch children’s eyes and push them to concentrate on you perfectly. This craft is also helpful because the more people who follow these tips to creating handmade bees the more rolls they can reuse in an effective way.

Hopefully, you will find our post on how to make paper bee crafts with a toilet paper roll easy and helpful enough for you to follow. Many readers of us have become skillful handmade makers thanks to these simple steps. How about you? Let’s try, your age never waits for you! Moreover, these paper bees can be incredible gifts for your children. Why don’t you try making one for them?

Paper bee craft

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