How to Make Beautiful Paper Tulip Flowers | Easy Paper Tulip Flower Craft

As a girl/lady, do you love beautiful flowers, particularly tulip flowers? As a man, have you ever presented tulip flowers for your girlfriend or wife? Real tulip flowers or paper tulip flowers?

Why do I mention that? Because tulip flowers symbolize the fame, wealth and perfect love, which are the targets that we desire to own.

The tulip is among favorite flowers in the world. Originally being exported to most countries, Holland today is known for its tulips with the great tulip fields. Tulips’ colors are variously showy and meaningful. Therefore, for different purposes, tulip flowers shall be chosen as a gift for everyone at the appropriate ceremonies or festivals. However, the price of a tulip flower is not cheap and not so easy to buy.

In order to satisfy your favorite for tulips, this post shall help you make beautiful paper tulip flowers easily and inexpensively. You can make a bouquet or a vase of flowers in colored papers as gifts or to decorate your room more beautiful than ever before. Moreover, you can also guide your kids how to make paper tulip flowers. It’s so easy, even also help your family members enjoy a happy time together.


Preparation for beautiful paper tulip flowers

Before starting your process, you need to prepare a few simple materials and tools to make:

  • Orange and green papers in squares (dimension and quantity as desired)
  • Scissors

How to make beautiful paper tulip flowers?

Step 1 – Shape the tulip’s head

  • You use square orange papers to make flowers.
  • Fold the paper into triangle shape from the bottom corner up to the top.

Step 1 of beautiful paper tulip flowers

  • Fold up the right side of which edge is lined on the center of the triangle and meet at the corner.
  • Repeatedly fold the other side by turning the paper down.

Step 1.2 of beautiful paper tulip flowers

  • Flip over to fold two small triangles with two flaps. The tulip’s head is finished.

Step 2 – Make the stem

Step 2 of beautiful paper tulip flowers

  • You use bigger square green papers for the stem.
  • Fold the paper into a triangle to have a center line.
  • Unfold the paper, from the top corner to fold one side of which the edge is in the creased center line.
  • Repeatedly fold another side.
  • Turn around the paper to alternately fold the sides as above.

Step 2.2 of beautiful paper tulip flowers

  • Again turn around the paper to repeatedly fold the sides. All of the sides’ edges need to overlap on the center line.
  • Fold the bottom corner up to the top and fold the two sides together. Separate the sides to have a finished stem.

Step 3 – A perfect tulip flower

Step 3 of beautiful paper tulip flowers

  • Cut a corner of the tulip’s head to a small hole and then spin in the stem. You make many tulip flowers in similar steps.

Just some simple steps to make paper tulip flower craft, you can create your own designs by coloring papers, either play with your kids or present your lovers without so much money.

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