How to Make an Octopus Paper Craft | Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Have you ever heard about Paul the Octopus, a common Octopus species predicted the association football match results correctly? And have your kids watched a cartoon video of I’m an Octopus, an animated preschool series featuring shorts? An octopus is very cute and fun in cartoons, so how about Octopus crafts, an animal that kids are intrigued by? I here post an octopus paper craft, which follows the Ladybug craft paper for easy making as well.

As you know, it is necessary for your kid’s learning about animals in the world. You hope your children can be aware of everything around our life. Factually, just reading books, of course it’s very useful, however, your kids sometimes feel boring and do not meet your expectations that you think they can.

Fun Octopus paper craft

In addition, removal of waste papers, particularly toilet paper rolls, which are always found in your home, are reused to make another paper craft effortlessly. A fun octopus with paper craft brings your kid as a beginner to add to the crafting collection in variety.

Moreover, this paper Octopus is made to explore the ocean creatures that your kids also love passionately. Hence, you do not only teach but also participate in their activities through crafts or DIY ideas.

Let’s enjoy to make this octopus paper craft.

Table of Contents


Preparation to make Octopus paper craft

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • White and orange papers
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue gun
  • Black maker
  • Scissors

How to Make an Octopus Paper Craft

1. Scroll orange paper to make the body of octopus

Body of Octopus paper craft

  • Adhere the orange paper to the outside of toilet paper roll by sticking double-sided tape in advance.
  • Fully covered the body of octopus with orange color.

2. Make the tentacles of octopus

Tentacles of Octopus paper craft

  • Cut 8 strips of orange paper with 1 cm width of each for tentacles (strips can be shorter or longer, as your design, but I suggest the strip length is not less than 10 cm to make nice tentacles).
  • Curl the paper strips in half-length by using your fingers. There are many methods for curling, so you can also curl the strips by using pen or scissors.
  • Add some glue to the uncurled part and stick inside the rolls with the same interval.

Sticking tentacles for Octopus paper craft

3. Make the fun face of octopus

Perfect Octopus paper craft

  • Cut a pair of eyes with white paper and stick on the body. Draw in the eyes in black as googly eyes.
  • Draw a line from the under of the eyes to the smiling mouth.
  • Just some simple materials, an octopus paper craft is like a fun octopus.

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