How to Make a Ladybug Craft Paper at Home | Ladybug Craft

Do your kids know about ladybugs? Do they like to look or love these ladybugs? Because there is a colorful and spotted appearance on ladybugs’ bodies, this is a species of insect which is attractive in looking. Even though they are called ladybugs, not all of them are females. It’s one of those interesting things. Therefore, kids should learn about ladybugs, for more details about Invertebrates on Ladybugs. At first, however, let them know how to make a ladybug craft paper to increase their curiosity and discovery.

Make an easy ladybug craft

Paper crafts are always exciting activities for kids of all ages at home. They can reuse waste papers or buy new cheap papers with a lot of bright colors to make. This ladybug craft paper having a full black body and red wings with black spots on is getting attention to everyone who is looking for them. There are many ways to make ladybug crafts, but I introduce a very easy way for your kids in funny learning. How to make a ladybug craft paper at home to be added craft ideas with papers for kids in summer vacations or weekends to their family or friends. The craft works that help your children watch television or smartphones in limitation and are reactive to the outdoor activities that you always hope for.

Now let’s enjoy to learn how to make ladybug craft paper at home!


preparation of ladybug craft

  • Colored papers: red, black, white
  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black pen
  • Scissors

How to make a Ladybug craft paper at home

1. Make a body of the ladybug

Make body for ladybug craft

  • Stick adhesive tape on lengthwise of the toilet paper roll and remove the release coating. Then coat the roll with black paper.

2. Make the ladybug’s wings

Make wings for ladybug craft

  • Place the tape as a stencil on red paper to draw a circle and cut it out.
  • Fold the circle and cut it into two halves.
  • Draw a few small spots on two halves of the circle with black pen.

3. Make two antennae on the ladybug’s head

  • Cut two thin rectangles with 0.5 cm width to make two antennae.

Make eyes and antennae of ladybug craft

4. Make the ladybug’s eyes

  • Cut two small circles of white paper out.

5. Combine thoroughly

  • Stick a pair of eyes on the upper part of the ladybug’s body.
  • Make googly eyes by drawing a smaller circle inside with black pen.

Combine to make a perfect ladybug craft

  • Use glue to stick two wings of ladybug, just under the eyes.
  • Stick two antennae inside the paper roll and stick out.
  • A beautiful ladybug is perfect.

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