How to Make a Handmade Christmas Card | Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

The holidays are always a magical time for kids. Particularly, the Christmas holiday comes at once a year, whether any new interesting thing will be performed in the upcoming Christmas holiday. Certainly, a lot of amazing series of DIY Christmas Ideas have not been revealed from your kids’ creative ideas. I’m sure you had a plan for your holiday from now. However, I persist in presenting an easy handmade gift for all of you with a handmade Christmas card in a chain of card ideas which are bought to you in a previous post as to how to make a birthday card.

A beautiful Christmas card for card craft ideas

Just some simple directions and easy ways to make a handmade Christmas card with colored papers as a gift. In addition, you can use the type of cardstock paper (or construction paper) which I usually propose or you can choose another type of paper that you like, but you must ensure the rough and hard colored papers for use for your easier and pretty designs than ever.

To release any worry or stress from your hard working days, welcome to come with my video for making a Christmas card craft. You can choose your own design without inflexible acquisition. This post is served as inspiration to your wonderful and warm holiday crafting with your family and friends. Let’s start together!

Table of Contents


Preparation to make handmade Christmas card

How to make a beautiful Christmas Card?

1. Prepare the paper card

prepare paper Christmas card

  • Place an A4 black paper in front of you to sprinkle white paint with a paint brush as per image. I noted the card texture must be rough so that liquid paint is nicely adhesive to it.

2. Prepare some decorative materials

  • Draw 2 cloves with a 10×5 cm dimension on the red paper and cut them. Stick the white string and some white beads on gloves.

prepare decorative papers for Christmas card

  • Draw on the green paper one 10 cm high Christmas tree and three small leaves. Stick some mini ball-shaped colored papers on the tree.
  • You can self-design with your little changes for this step as long as your card is beautiful and good-looking.

3. Stick decorative materials on the paper card

Decorating Christmas card easily

  • Stick two heads of the 20 cm swine with spiral shape at the upper location of the card.
  • Next, fix two cloves below the swine.
  • At the top, you stick on the Christmas tree and leaves at the bottom.

Some decorations are made tofinish Christmas card

  • Finally, a correction pen is used to decorate to finish the perfect handmade Christmas card.

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