How to Make A Handmade Card | Handmade Card Ideas

Once again, an easy handmade card which involves a series of handmade card ideas is here posted as an extra gift craft. As I previously posted, birthday card and Christmas card were also easy but not less beautiful. To me, this handmade card is more glamorous and useful than others because it is used for various occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teachers’ Day, and birthday, and of course Valentine’s Day is suitable to make this handmade card.

Besides flowers, candy and gifts are usually presented on this day, the greetings also are attached to the beautiful cards. So, with memorable cards, they shall be kept for a long time and not tossed away momentarily.

Moreover, in various colored hearts symbolizing love, your girlfriend/boyfriend, even friends, mothers, fathers or teachers shall be very happy and get a high appreciation of your talent on card crafts without a lot of expenditures at the store. A mason jar of heart crafts with a handmade card are filled to express your full love to someone whom you bring to. Cards became a popular way for people to send expressions of goodwill, celebration and caring to those important people in their lives. Absolutely, if you characterize your oral performance in difficulty, what good words you want to reveal that can be done through a blank card?

Handmade card is used for Valentine's Day

Meanwhile, in an effortless way, you can make this card with your kids together. Creating many types of card tutorials with kids’ own designs as artwork, they are exciting and funny at home to prepare extra card ideas for the upcoming occasions.

Enjoy with me another simple and easy handmade card!


Preparation of handmade card

  • Colored papers: orange, red, blue, yellow, pink and white
  • Craft twine
  • Glue gun
  • Blank pen
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

How to make a handmade card?

1. Step 1 – Draw a picture on white paper

  • Draw a jar at the middle of A5 white paper (you can draw any picture that you like) with a pencil. Line the drawn picture with a black pen.

Step 1 of handmade card

2. Step 2 – Make some colorful hearts for decoration

  • Draw and cut some hearts on colored papers in different sizes to fill enough for the whole of the jar. Optionally arrange and stick them with colors in mixing harmoniously.

Step 2 of handmade card

3. Step 3 – Finish a handmade card

  • Cut a section of craft at the neck of the jar with a similar width and stick on it.
  • Tie a bow to stick on the twine section.

Step 3 of handmade card

  • Write down a wish or subject which you want to mention for this handmade card. Please present this simple and colorful handmade card in valentine’s day to your lover or your friends. This card with a jar picture is a type of card idea that likely contains your sweet wishes to recipients.

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