How to Make A Birthday Card | Birthday Card Ideas with Heart

Which day is your lover’s birthday? Which gifts will you prepare for her? Or any birthday card ideas do you think of? Of course, lack of a birthday cake is impossible. I’m sure you present any gift to her who is very happy and loves you so much. But a special gift in crafts will express your love with a full meaning. How do you think about a birthday card with heart? A birthday card is made by yourself with a heart-shaped, she will have a strong emotion to you.

Lovely Birthday card with heart

Moreover, a birthday card in colored paper crafts is rather than a store-bought card you pick-up. For persons who love card crafts, the paper birthday cards are always their favorite. Also, birthday card with heart shape is crafted by kids to present their mothers, fathers, grand-fathers or grand-mothers due to simple, inexpensive and fast card crafts.

Now let’s start how to make a birthday card with heart with a few simple materials.

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Preparation for Birthday Card in Heart Shape

How to Make a Birthday Card With Heart?

1. Cut rectangle colored papers

Step 1 of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Place an A4 white paper shaping as a horizontal rectangle in front of you and fold it in half. Use fingers to press down the folded side to make a crease of the paper.
  • Place the folded white paper on a brown paper, which is cut with the same size of the white paper.

2. Draw and cut out a heart on red paper

Step 2 of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Draw on the red paper with a heart shape of which dimension is from which your wants is cut.

3. Cut to shape a heart on brown paper

Step 3 of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Put such heart-shaped red paper to draw a little big shape on the brown paper. Draw an extra line connected to the heart shape downwards the bottom edge of the paper and cut away the printed brown part.

4. Cut small rectangles for tagging

  • Cut two rectangles with 2x4cm, 2×4.5cm on white and denim paper alternately. Stick the white paper on the denim one. Any content is tagged on it.

5. Cut and twist wire

Step 4&5 of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Cut out a denim paper as a wire 1mm to tightly twist it into a cotton string. Sticking the two heads of these wires together by using wax glue gun.

6. Tie a ribbon bow

Step 6 of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Tie a bow in a ribbon 20cm length.
  • You create two bunny ears and use a small steel string to tie at a joint of the bow.
  • You can design nice bows with your own style.

7. Finish the birthday card with heart

Final step of Birthday card in heart shape

  • Overlay to stick the brown paper on the white paper.
  • Stick the red heart shape on the white paper at the point of cutting brown paper.
  • Stick to connect one head of the wire at the bottom point of the heart and another head is adhesive to the bottom edge of the card. Cut away the redundant part of the wire.
  • Stick the bow on wire.
  • Write down something you want on the paper tag.
  • The lovely birthday card is finished.
  • And now let’s freely express your nice wishes inside the birthday card with heart shape with your pleasantness.

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