Top 50 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

patricks day craft

St. Patrick’s Day, commemorated on the 17th day of March, is the feast of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Irish emigrants were responsible for spreading the practice of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in different parts of the world. Both Irish and non-Irish people celebrate this holiday by wearing various clothing items in different shades of green. People also use shamrock themed pins, leprechaun-inspired accessories, and green trinkets. Introduce your children and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these craft ideas for kids. Leprechaun Craft with a Beard This simple craft is a good introductory activity to the festivities for your children. There is a great chance that you already have most of the materials needed for this artwork. Using the fork to make the beard of the leprechaun encourages your child to find creative uses for everyday materials. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Foam Stickers Permit your kids to deck out the whole house in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with this shamrock foam sticker. A pack of these stickers comes with shamrock in three different sizes. Each sticker is self-adhesive, non-toxic, and lightweight. Decorate windows, walls, phones, and even clothing in the traditional green shamrock. Source: Amazon Leprechaun Toilet Paper Roll Prepare for St. Patrick’s Day with your kids when you make this leprechaun craft with recycled toilet paper rolls. Dress up the body of the leprechaun with green glitter. Use green glitter paper, black craft paper, and gold glitter paper for the leprechaun’s hat. Glue googly eyes for the face and orange pom-poms for the beard. Source: The Best Ideas for Kids Leprechaun Handprint Let your kids add a personal touch to the St. Patrick’s Day artwork with this Handprint leprechaun. Trace your child’s hand on the orange cardstock and cut it out. The cutout will be the leprechaun’s head and beard.  Following the downloadable pattern, assemble the hat and face of the leprechaun, then glue it to the leprechaun’s head and beard. Source: Simple Everyday Mom Watercolor Shamrock Clover Cards This St. Patrick’s Day craft is a perfect way to get your young children interested in art. It is also a great project to improve fine-motor skills. Set up the art space and prepare the materials needed. Allow your children to explore watercolor and assist them when the time for cutting and gluing comes. Source: Hello, Wonderful DIY St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids It is never to early to include your children in the preparations for a holiday. These do-it-yourself St. Patrick’s Day crafts are easy and fun to make for both you and the children. Have tons of fun when you paint cards or wall-hanging using the children’s hands and feet. After using them as decor, these children’s art can also be keepsakes. Source: DIY Cuteness Shamrock Emoji Ornament Add a personalized and funny touch to your St. Patrick’s Day gifts when your children make these shamrock ornaments. One pack includes enough materials to make a dozen of these shamrock ornaments. The shamrocks are … Read More

50 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids That Make You Melt

Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is a lovely occasion to show affection and care towards our most cherished ones. It is not only for lovers and we are all encouraged to spread our love and have fun on this special day. If you are looking for some heartfelt ideas for kids, whether it is for your children or students, you are in the right place. Let’s jump right into it and explore our 50 best Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that guarantee the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever! Crafty Projects A Heart Caterpillar Craft  A cute heart-shaped caterpillar is an easy and amusing project for kids on Valentine’s day. They can spend time cut out hearts from construction paper. This not only trains their patience but also crafty skills like using scissors and glue. Caution: use kid-friendly scissors to avoid any harm.  Credit: Crafty Morning Hearty Bug Headband  A love headband is a cute gift for a group of girls on Valentine’s day. You can prepare various sized hearts, stickers, and paper for them to spend their playtime decorating the headbands. This is a cute and inexpensive idea for a fun playgroup.  Credit: Events To Celebrate Crafty Heart Tree  This Crafty Heart tree is colorful and easy to prepare. Your kids can have a lot of fun making this cute heart tree for this Valentine’s day. Plus, they can then use them as a card to send to friends and family members.  Credit: Crafty Cleverness Heart-Shaped Dog  If your kids are animal lovers, you are in for a treat with such a fun activity. All you need is googly eyes, three pom-poms, white and pink construction paper, scissors and glue. You can make it as a gift for your kids or spend quality time creating those together.  Credit: Crafty Morning Valentine’s Day Pizza Paper Plate Craft for Kids Tutorial Who is not crazy about pizza? How about a pizza with toppings which is full of hearts for Valentine’s Day? This simple craft will rob your heart in no time, especially for pizza lovers. You can use paper plates as pizza slides, colored paper as a pizza topping and craft paint for an eye-catching pizza decoration. Credit: Surviving A Teachers Salary Valentine Frames Made From Popsicle Stick You can spend some quality time with your kiddos to create these adorable Valentine frames with popsicle sticks and handprints. This is a cute memento for kids to give their grandparents or friends. A child’s handprint is always the cutest thing ever. Credit: Crafty Morning DIY Necklaces  A DIY necklace is a cute activity for kids to do together. Then they can either keep them as a piece of cute jewelry or give them away as a present for their classmates. Apart from necklaces, there are a few other options such as rings and bracelets using the same tutorials.   Credit: Passion For Savings Valentine Love Bug This Valentine gift is such a cutie and easy to make for both kids and grown-ups. All you need are heart-shaped … Read More

100+ Free, Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages Ideas For Kids

Valentine Coloring Pages with Disney Themes 2

Valentine’s Day is but another special occasion where games capture as much attention as gifts and sentiments do. We are talking about a game that includes creativity and cleverness. Not only that, but it also means great bonding sessions. Yes, the old, childish coloring game. But with an upgrade. Nowadays, you can easily find a printable drawing, print it and let your hands do the rest of the work. The number of choices is overwhelming though. That’s why we are here with the best suggestions. Valentine Coloring Pages for Toddlers Babies can celebrate their Valentine’s Day as well! These coloring pages are pretty simple since we want the little ones to have fun with them, not to sulk and give up after a few minutes! The topics vary, from basic shapes and giant letters to friendly animal friends and familiar items in daily life. Don’t we all love the sight of chubby little fingers working with crayons and pencils? Perfect for both family time and school activity. Valentine Coloring Pages for Spring and Easter Valentine’s Festival belongs to Spring, the season of love. The Easter Holiday is also around the corner. We have plenty of things that symbolize spring and Easter: lush trees, blossoming flowers, Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny, sweet chirpy birds. A couple of hours spent on a coloring session with your family is always more than wonderful. Valentine Coloring Pages with Disney Themes We have countless fans of Disney around the world. It will be a mistake if we don’t mention the drawings inspired by Disney characters. Mickey Mouse and his friends? Checked. Disney’s most famous princesses? Checked. Characters from the newest movies of the year? Checked. Give your babies some of these and expect the brightest smiles in return. They will be so excited to bring their favorite cartoon characters to life! Pinterest Valentine Coloring Pages with Harry Potter Themes The series has become an ultimate favorite amongst children, there’s no doubt about that. J.K. Rowling has built a vibrant wizarding world with scenic views, magical creatures, adorable characters. The imaginary world is so creative and lively that it never stops to inspire more and more products. Although the drawings might be quite intricate, children at the age of primary school and early teenage will adore this collection to no end. Superheroes Valentine Coloring Pages When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s a bit more difficult to find gifts for little boys. They probably won’t like the romantic pictures of princes and princesses or flowers and unicorns. But these coloring pages of Marvel and DC Comics superheroes will make them happy. They are manly and strong enough, but not any less adorable. Valentine Coloring Pages with Flowers Flowers are a category of their own when we search for coloring page ideas. Almost everything can make a dynamic duo with flowers: regular shapes with flowers as the decoration, … Read More

Top 50 Best Valentines Painting Ideas For Kids 2020

Best Valentines Painting Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your love to a romantic partner or someone who you enjoy spending time with and are thankful for. One of the best ways you can do so is to create something for them, such as a painting. Below you’ll find 50 different Valentines painting ideas you can try out. To find out more about them and how you can make them, you’ll want to keep reading.  Heart Flamingo This painting features two flamingos holding their heads together so it forms a heart. This cute painting also features “Love” written in cursive across the top. You can paint this picture on a canvas or a piece of paper.  Source: Mylah Painting Blog Hearts Dangling Off Tree This stunning painting is a dazzling option to paint for Valentine’s Day. Featuring the silhouette of a tree against a pink sky, you can paint a few black hearts hanging off of its branches.  Source: Goodness in you Love Canvas Print   The Love Canvas Print has a background of red and white stripes with “Love” painted diagonally across it. You can also paint the “o” in “Love” with glitter paint to add some sparkle to the painting.  Source: Ellendiy Heart Rocks This simple Valentine’s Day painting idea requires you to grab some paint and a few rocks. After cleaning the rocks off, you can paint hearts, swirls, and other similar designs on the rocks in various shades of pink, red, and white.  Source: Sustain My Craft Habit Heart Flowers To make this painting, you can paint a quick watercolor background of yellow and green on a canvas. Then, draw some black stems from the bottom and paint red hearts on top of them so they look like flowers.  Source: paintingesmeblog Night Champagne Scene This stunning painting depicts two champagne glasses being clinked together under the night sky and bubbles coming out of them in the shape of a heart. While it might take some time to paint, the recipient is sure to be amazed.  Source: paintingalenablog Abstract Heart Picture This abstract heart picture features a half-gray and half-red background and a large heart painted in the middle with swirls coming out of it. This painting is ideal for those who enjoy contemporary artwork.  Musical Notes  If you’re on the search for a Valentine’s Day painting for a musical lover, this might be ideal. You can paint two musical notes in the shape of a heart. The background will also catch the eye of many thanks to its stunning mixture of different shades of red.  Source: paintingmaliablog Love Polka-Dot Painting To make this polka-dot painting you just need to grab a canvas and drop some polka-dots on top of it with colors like purple, pink, and blue. However, before you do so, tape off areas on the canvas to spell “Love” so they remain white when you’re done painting polka-dots on the canvas.  Source: paintingmacijournal Ladybug Rocks You can grab a clean rock and paint this cute ladybug … Read More

20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-distance Lovers

Ideas for Long-distance Lovers

Long-distance relationships have never been easy. Many people don’t believe in it – they say it won’t last. But many couples have set their examples of beautiful love, even when they live far away from each other. And gifts with sweetness and thoughtfulness are a common way of helping make it work. But in this special type of relationship, you can’t use the same gifts as if you’re going to be together this Valentine’s Day. If you need a suggestion, have a look at our pick of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-distance lovers. Ready-to-buy Gifts “Me Without You” Book Not everyone is born with talent with words or illustrations, but you can always borrow them from someone else to express your feelings. This book is evidence of a life without your partner by your side, especially in a long-distance relationship. It will constantly remind them of how grateful you’re. “Hug This” Pillow Anyone in a long-distance relationship will experience the misery of not being with your partner for a long time, especially married couples. But with this, you can at least send a bit of comfort to your loved one while you two are still apart. This Oh, Susannah pillow has the top-grade materials: silky microfiber in the pillowcases. Made by the permanent dyeing process, the decoration is breathable and soft, so while sleeping on it, you won’t even feel it. Long-distance Lamp This helps you connect with your loved one, no matter where they are now. This set of bedside lamps by Filimin uses the Wi-Fi network to detect and switch its color. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend will always have a thing to let other people know you’re thinking of them. “Why I Miss You” Fill-in-the-Love Book This colorful keepsake provides an opportunity to share your most genuine, steamiest, silliest thoughts about your partner. With more than 100 entries, don’t worry about running out of space to write down. Instead, make it into a challenge – let’s see how far you can go in this fill-in book. Couple Bracelets You can feel your partner in your arm even when they’re miles away from you. These bracelets are made from quality natural stones, making it an ideal solution to calm you down every time you look at it. The design uses the unisex look, so besides giving them to your partner, you can make it as a bracelet of friendship. “I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us” Keychain Does your boyfriend now live in another state? Just select a version of your current state and send to him. Pack it in a beautiful gift bag, and you will have a perfect reminder of you waiting for him at home On top of being a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for long-distance relationships, made from top-quality stainless steel, the keychain also has great durability besides its romantic side. Going Away Couples Picture Frame A sentimental gift for long-distance couples. Select and print a lovely picture of you two from … Read More

50 Valentine Gift Ideas for Coworkers | Coworker valentines Gift Ideas 2020

Gift for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day is a festival of love, but not only for lovers. You love your family, but friends are also an important constant in life, and coworkers are the special type of friends. You work with them, you rely on them, and you want them to know how grateful you are for having the chance to cooperate with someone so amazing? You have come to the right place! Below is our list of gift ideas for your favorite colleague. DIY Valentine Gifts for Coworkers Some people love handmade stuff so much more than the items they can find in a store. Here are some ideas for you: Valentine Jar With common and inexpensive materials, you can create several jars of sugary treats and customize your sentiment for the recipient. It’s an adorable gift for a sweet tooth! Credit: Empathy Encompassed Lovely Little Notes Up your note game with simple yet amiable wordplays. You can download the printable version or use your deft hands. The task is easy and not time-consuming, but it will still brighten up someone’s Valentine’s Day. Credit: Darling Doodles Design Printable Greetings When it comes to the office, there are many inspirations for snarky and witty wishes. If you haven’t known of them yet, we have plenty for you to choose from and show your favorite coworkers how much you appreciate them. Credit: Staples Brown Paper Giftbag Brown paper bags have become the optimal choice of many, yet do you know they can also make awesome gift bags after simple crafting steps? Fill the bags with goodies and decorate the packs, and you are good to go! Credit: Jentle Creative No-Baek Chex Mix You don’t need any baking skill to get this delicious piece done, perhaps only some heat to melt the ingredients down just like you will be melting hearts.  Credit: Living Well Mom Popcorn Valentine Card Poppin’ in to make your Valentine’s Day a thousand times better! For sure, you can use the cut-out for many other purposes if you are feeling creative. It’s fun and cute! Credit: Cupcake Cutiees Confetti Candles What would a festive season be without the colorful lights and sprinkles of candles and confetti? You will have both of them incorporated in this one easy-to-make craft. These are the perfect mood-maker! Credit: Kimspired DIY “Kind” Energy Bar How simple can it be? You only need to wrap a KIND bar around a bottle and decorate it, if the sentiment is too basic for you. Spread the positive energy and remind your friends that they rock! Credit: The Dabbling Speechie Valentine Gifts for Female Coworkers They share some things in common: elegant, gorgeous, and adorable. We all know how much women love beautiful things! Diamond Ballpoint Pens They are slim, shiny, and elegant. Don’t you think they will look beautiful in dainty and feminine fingers? They are guaranteed to be durable and comfortable to hold as well! Scented Candles Women surely will love the pleasant scent of essential oils. It doesn’t cause … Read More

50 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Husband

Gifts for husband

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of appreciation, affection, and love when wives around the world remember how grateful they should be when having a lovely husband side by side in a happy marriage. If you want to melt his heart this February 14 with your love and thoughtfulness, take a look at these 50 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for husband. Practical Gifts Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker These days wireless speakers are a safe choice, a tech-savvy option that can provide powerful, crisp sound to satisfy all your husband’s favorite podcats or music. This speaker has the ability to connect to smart devices such as your phone or tablet. Using Bluetooth, it can establish and maintain a connection to your music source for up to 66 feet. In addition, the Anker model is very lightweight, making it a portable product. Your husband can even take it to the bathroom without any problems. Amazon’s Echo Studio If your husband is a music lover or a smart home aficionado, this is a perfect gift for this Valentine. The smart speaker can make immersive sound with other built-in features for a modern home. Your husband can schedule, turn on, and switch songs, all by his voice, thanks to Alexa – the digital assistant from Amazon. Yukon Growlers Insulated Beer Growler You should buy this if your husband is a regular guest at your local brewery. This vacuum-insulated growler can keep the beer cool. And your husband can take it to where he wants with the easy-to-carry handle. The Yukon model is made from tough stainless steel. As a result, if he drops it, the growler won’t get broken easily. Apple AirPods with Charging Case We believe there aren’t many words that must be said about this product anymore. Though coming into the market for not a long time, this pair of wireless earbuds from Apple has proved for another time why it’s a top brand that you can trust. If your husband has an iPhone but somehow has not got this, it’s time to show how much you care about him. Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants-Reg These joggers have the comfort your husband can find his sweats. But the special point of theirs is the sleek look, which is suitable for all types of activities, from brunching, dog-walking to errand-running. The Southpole Basic Jogger has all the potential to become a staple in your husband’s closet. Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden PC Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard and Mouse Combo For typical office workers, sitting all day in front of a computer takes a toll on their health. It also can get tedious quickly. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo, made from bamboo, can make the office life a bit more interesting, differentiating your husband’s desk from the rest of the room. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler This portable cooler is a great piece of equipment that your husband can quickly grab on his adventures: going fishing, camping, and road trips. The … Read More

TOP 50 Best Valentine’s Day Decors You Can’t Miss

Best Valentine’s Day Decors

The season for love and heart is slowly approaching. Decorate your house, your backyard, or any place you will be at and turn it into a love nest with these Valentine’s Day ideas. These decor ideas will make your special someone feel even more loved and your date night more unforgettable. Be inspired, enjoy the experience, and have a magical Valentine’s Day. Paper Heart Chain Garland Spruce up your date with these paper garlands. All you need are sheets of paper in different shades of pink and red, scissors, and a stapler. Cut sheets of paper into strips then fold each piece in half. Staple the ends of the first strip together to form a heart. Slip the next piece of paper into the first heart ad staple the ends together to form another heart. Repeat the process until you reach your desired length. Hang it up and brighten the room instantly. Source: Aentshies Blog Heart Decor Ideas There are many ways to add some hearts into your home this season of love. Turn your Christmas tree into Valentine’s Day tree by trimming it with red ribbons, heart ornaments, and red flowers. Display your heart-shaped fine china over the mantlepiece.  You can also display a romantic bouquet of red and pink flowers. Source: Farm Food Family Cupid Chow Get the food on theme with this treat meant for Cupid! Most of the ingredients can already be found in your kitchen. First, melt the peanut butter, butter, and chocolate chips in a bowl until creamy. Add the vanilla and stir. Pour the chocolate over the cereal in a container with a lid. Cover the container and shake until the cereal is well-coated with chocolate. Add sprinkles of your choice and serve. Source: Crafty Morning Folded Paper Hearts Keep even the most obscure places in your Valentine’s Day day venue filled with hearts with these folded paper hearts. Draw an elongated heart on the paper and then cut out using the scissors. Fold the heart like an accordion from top to bottom. Punch a hole through some of the accordion folds while following an invisible centerline of the heart. Weave a skewer through the holes and poke it into a cork cut in half. Source: Design Fixation Farmhouse Style Valentine Decor Ideas A rustic, farmhouse-inspired Valentine is no longer a dream with these decor ideas. You can hang a garland of red tassels over the mantlepiece. You can also put together an assortment of items on a three-tiered metal stand. This can include decorative mugs, jars of sweets, and even flowers. You can also hang burlap garlands, or display a bunch of flowers using floral ceramics. Source: Farmhouse Mags Rose Heart Wall Art Make a display that can be kept forever with this heart-themed wall art. Take a sheet of scrapbooking paper of your choice and cut it into a square smaller than your canvass. Print out a heart template. Stick the paper flowers on to the heart template with dots of … Read More

TOP 50 Best Valentine Gift Ideas for Daughters 2020

best valentines gifts for daughters

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for us to show extra appreciation and affection towards our most beloved ones. However, it’s not a lovers-only day, and we dare say you are well aware of it. That’s why you are here, searching for a lovely present for your daughter, no? Let’s not procrastinate and start our journey right away! Cute Valentine Gifts for Daughter Here’s the section you would love to stop by if you have a little girl and thus want to find something adorable for her. Book – Mothers and Daughters Are Connected By The Heart Book – My Daughter, I Love You and I Believe in You “You Are So Loved” Pillow Cover Coloring Book – I Love You, Daughter Printable Gummy Bear Valentines Children might have their school Valentine’s Day party and it’s utterly adorable. How do you help your little one prepare a gift to hand over? With a printable package of greetings, things couldn’t get any easier. Adorableness ensured! Credit: The Gracious Wife Emoji Valentine Cards What can express emotions better than the emoji itself? We have the cutest printable cards for you to choose and utilize as keychains or backpack decorations. Enhance the card game with creativeness! Credit: Paper Heart Family Tic Tac Toe Board & Bag Topper A gathering where the babies can exchange gifts, play a game, and munch on the treats? You will obtain them all with this simple printable Tic Tac Toe board! Credit: Passion for Savings Peacock Butterfly Card Your girl will love this handmade card for either the radiant colors or the intricate of the design. Considering how gorgeous it is, it deserves to be framed for keepsake, doesn’t it? Valentine Unicorn Lollipop Unicorns and candies create the perfect Valentine atmosphere for baby girls. Print the template and carefully slip the handle of the lollipop in the slot for a depiction of the horn. She will love it to pieces! Credit: Frugal Florida Mom   Customized Cozy Blanket Made of fleece, this blanket offers a luxurious and snuggly feel. The print is entirely up for personalization. Come up with your love messages and order one right now! Buy on Etsy Fairy Crown Keychain But you can have the ring without the chain. It also comes with a birthstone charm and an initial charm. It’s the prettiest gift for your little girl! Buy on Etsy Personalized Valentine Card This is another addition to the customized item list. The amiable graphics are printed on fine paper with the inside left blank for your own wording. Buy on Etsy Engraved Wallet Card The engraved photocard is an idea like no other. The image and the message you chose won’t ever wear off, and the gift will stay with your girl for a lifetime. Buy on Etsy Jewelry as Valentine Gifts for Daughter Jewelry isn’t just beautiful. Each piece carries an exclusive meaning and makes a unique present. Heart Necklace with Bohemian Garnet Consider this gorgeous silver heart-shaped pendant a heart-warming gift … Read More

TOP 50 Best Valentine’s DIY Gifts That You Should Know


Valentine’s Day is the most special event for any couple to show their feelings for each other. Of course, preparing a gift for your lover by yourself is the best way to make him/her touched.  Have you come up with any ideas yet? Let’s find something creative from these Best Valentine’s DIY.  Houseplants  When it comes to Valentine’s presents, flowers are always the priority. However, let’s choose another way to give flowers to make your Valentine’s Day more special. For example, how about giving houseplants, which are like Valentine’s gift from mother nature? You can choose sweet-scented flower-pot with heart-shaped leaves or a pot of your lover’s favorite flowers such as jasmine, violet, and so on. Source: The joy of plants Heart garland Is it possible to make a cheap Valentine’s gift? Well, the answer is definitely yes. And heart garland is an example.  Making heart garlands and giving it as a decoration is a good idea. You can hang it from the ceiling, on the mantel, etc. to decorate your room. Notably, it is effortless to make. What you need to do is to string the patterned paper together to create your own garland.  Heart pillow Giving a teddy bear as Valentine’s gift is no longer popular. It is the right time for DIY projects to become a trend. Hence, a heart pillow is ideal enough for you to consider.  It’s fine to make a heart pillow by yourself even if you may lack sewing skills. You can customize this pillow freely and adorn it with a lovable phrase. Your lover will definitely love it.  Source: Fleecefun Heart-shaped bath bomb Bath bombs are popular these days thanks to their usefulness. It breaks under the water, which makes your bathtub colorful and sweet-scented.  If you are in a bad mood, a bath bomb can help you to relax while bathing. Most notably, a handmade heart-shaped bath bomb with your favorite smell can be the best gift ever for your lover. Do not worry! It is a piece of cake to make a bath bomb with your own hands. Just follow the instruction on the Internet. Source: Artcraft and family Heart bookmark If your lover is interested in reading books, then why don’t you design a heart bookmark?  All you need is cardboard, a pen, scissors, and crayons. Feel free while creating these bookmarks. You can draw any Valentine themed pattern or fold the paper into a heart-shaped item.  Now you have a sweet and cute bookmark to give your partner as a Valentine gift.  Source: Easy peasy and fun Twinkle heart box Twinkle heart box is a must for this Valentine’s Day. You might find it easy to buy these boxes at many craft stores with several different sizes.  However, it will be more meaningful if you make it on your own. Also, you can design it creatively. This glittered item, which looks like a tiny jewelry box, definitely makes your girlfriend happy. Source: Design improvised Marshmallow Pops Does your … Read More