How to Draw a Baby Chicken | Draw a Baby Chicken for Kids

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Everybody knows a question that what came first, the chicken or the eggs? Nobody knows its answer, however. Also, we are sure all of baby chickens (or chicks) are very cute because of their yellow fluffy feathers and silly face. Learning about how to draw a baby chicken is a so easy way for beginners who want to discover the animal world generally, and cute baby animals individually through drawing practice. A baby chicken (of either gender) drawing can be done in a few minutes, but your kids’ time is very interesting and funny. Therefore, let’s start to effortlessly learn how to draw a baby chicken for kids with some easy steps in anyway. How to Draw a Baby Chicken Step 1 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Head and Body Firstly, you draw a circle for the head. Next, the oval shape which is wide at the bottom is under the first one to have the body. Step 2 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Wings Draw leaves shape on both sides of the head toward the body for the wings of baby chicken. Step 3 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Legs Draw the V shape to form the legs. Finish up with a few lines for the claws. Step 4 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Hairdo Add three curved lines at the top. These are like feathers or called “hairdo” on the top of the baby chicken’s head. Step 5 – Draw the Baby Chicken’s Eyes and Beak Add the eyes of baby chicken by drawing two curves with rhombus shape attached with a curve below to finish the beak. You also draw the feathers under the head to complete the cute baby chicken’s outline. Step 6 – Color the Baby Chicken Color the whole of baby chicken with yellow. Complete to color lemon for the baby chicken’s beak and feather under the head. Let’s guide your kids to draw a cute baby chicken enjoy your time!    

How to Draw an Owl step by step | Draw an Owl for Kids

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Many people said that the owl is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Owls have the big, curious eyes and flat face, which make them look oddly human. All of owls are birds of prey with hunting at night. A few creatures of owls are interesting to your kids about animal world. This kind of bird shall be rarely found at places where you are living or working. Of course, your kids see them in difficulty. In order to make another way of attracting with learning how to draw owl by your kids through this post. Please let your kids know more clearly at Fact about Owls for kids’ education. Although owls are not so cute with their appearance, especially the impressive eyes, your kids love them through this cute drawing beside the cute animals as dogs, cats and etc. There are many simple ways to draw the owl, and a tutorial on how to draw an owl with step by step easily is made herewith for your enjoyable time with your kids. How to draw an Owl Step 1 – Draw the owl’s head Start to draw a curved valley shape, and then draw two curves on both sides. Add the wings on two sides of the owl’s head by drawing rhombus shapes. These wings look to cover the owl’s body, therefore this drawing tutorial does not mention body drawing. Draw a wide curve as the owl’s chin to connect the wings. Step 2 – Draw the owl’s face Draw two connected curves inside the face to have two cheeks. Draw a curve to for the owl’s mouth at the bottom of the face. Add three waves in the inside to finalize the mouth. It seems this is an unsmiling owl. Next, add the eyes by drawing two circles of each at the connected curves as above. Owls actually have the largest eyes of any bird. The owl’s nose is added in the middle of the face by drawing a small rhombus shape. Step 3 – Draw the owl’s legs Finalize a simple outline by drawing two little legs with claws under the head. Step 4 – Color the owl To make a beautiful owl by coloring, you use dark green to color the owl, except the eyes. Color the inside of owl’s face with light green. Use dark color for the eyes that have the spots inside them. Finally, dark color is also used in the nose and legs. We perfectly complete the simple and easy drawing of an owl.    

How to Draw a Spider Easy | Draw a Spider for Kids

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Have your kids, especially boys watched films of spider man? Because of the symbolization of spider man as a hero, almost boys like playing or owning something spider man involved. How about a real spider? You should let your kids know the structures of spiders to make some exciting activities at home or schools. Therefore, how to draw a spider in this post is suitable for your kids. This activity is also tutored easily as how to draw a sheep of the previous post with some simple steps. To draw a spider with ease, this video is posted to guide your kids with step by step and know how are the spiders amazing on drawings and surprises as well. I only show you here how to draw a spider. Learning this post is able to increase your kids’ imagination on spider drawings. From some easy steps to difficult steps, your kids shall love drawing tutorial to have a perfect one and cannot stop learning. Please take an attention with two minutes to have a simple spider drawing for your kids and enjoy a happy time together! How to Draw a Spider Step 1 – Draw the spider’s body and head At first, you draw an oval for the body. Draw a U shape under the oval. This makes the spider’s head. You can self-draw the spider’s head above the body if you like. Step 2 – Draw the spider’s legs You draw leg by leg alternately to have eight legs for this spider. The spider’s legs are shaped with V lines. These legs help the spider can crawl very fast to catch something for their food. Step 3 – Finish the spider’s body Draw some curves in the body to have the perfect body after coloring. Some spider drawings omitted these circles of the body. However, I realize this design of spider is the most perfect one. Step 4 – Draw the spider’s eyes and fangs Draw two circles in the head for the eyes. You continuously draw a set of fangs at the bottom and a straight line in the body for the final drawing of this spider. Step 5 – Color the spider I use orange to color the spider. You can choose the other colors as long as you love it. Color gray inside circles of the body. Color part of the eye with black to have the scary spider. Also color black for the spider’s fangs. You finish a beautiful spider in spite of its scare.    

How to Draw the Sheep Step by Step | Draw a Sheep for Kids

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Once again, another cute animal is added with how to draw a sheep in this post for your kids. Some simple steps are also made to finish a sheep drawing. Until now, your kids have collected many cute animals through their drawing designs to enhance your kids’ love for animals around our life. Tutorial of animal drawing is an active activity for everyone. You don’t need any special knowledge of animal anatomy to complete the drawings with how to draw a sheep in this video. However, to teach your kids about animal knowledge for their drawing excitement, you should also conduct some basic information on sheep with providing wool, milk and meat for human needs. How to draw a little sheep with a few super simple steps is very exciting and quick so as to avoid or limit ignorance from kids. Hence, you and your kids start to draw this fascinating drawing. How to Draw a Sheep Step 1 – Draw the sheep’s body Draw a fluffy oval shape for the body. Step 2 – Draw the sheep’s head Draw a circle flower shape as the fluffy fleece on the head. Next, draw a U shape which is wider at the bottom is the sheep’s head drawing. The head with its fleece on above are the closed point of the body. Step 3 – Draw the sheep’s ears Draw two ears with teardrop shape on both sides of the head. Step 4 – Draw the sheep’s face Draw a small circle for the eye, the other eye is same as the first one. Add a small curve in every eye. Draw a curve for the mouth and a short vertical line under the mouth. The sheep looks like smiling happily. Step 5 – Draw the sheep’s legs Draw the sheep legs with the same V shape under the body to finish the sheep drawing. Step 6 – Color the sheep You only use two colors for this cute sheep. You can change the other colors to have the pretty sheep drawing for your own design. Color pink for the head and body of the sheep. Finally, color the ears and legs with black color. Your sheep drawing looks very beautiful.    

How to Draw a Frog Step by Step | Draw a Frog for Kids

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Animal drawings are exciting for your kids, especially easy drawings. Today this easy drawing for a type of familiar animal to your kid is posted with how to draw a frog. This frog is a cute amphibian of which life is easily found in the countryside has been learned about Facts About Frogs. The kids or child living in the countryside don’t have a lot of playgrounds. Therefore, this post brings your kids a fun in drawing activity. With some easy steps, this frog drawing to your kids, even all ages to have a relax time at weekends or any free day together. Now let’s start to draw this cute frog! How to Draw a Frog Step 1 – Draw the Frog’s head Starting a frog’s head by drawing the eyes, not the face shape as the previous animals to simply and easily instruct you. Draw a double circle for one eye and the other eye is as same as the first one to draw. Draw an oval shape to link two eyes. It looks the circles should overlie the top part of oval shape. Step 2 – Draw the Frog’s legs and body Start to draw the frog foreleg with two bent lines on the left side, you draw an M shape for the toes on the bottom. You draw two similar bent lines on the right side for another frog foreleg and the similar toes. Now you have finished drawing the forelegs, which connect with the oval-shaped body. Draw the frog hind leg with the reversed number 2 shape on the left side to connect to the foreleg with short lines for the toes. Repeat to draw the frog hind leg with the number 2 shape on right side and its toes. You finish the frog legs and body. Step 3 – Finalize the Frog’s head Draw a curve line inside the frog face to have a fun frog Step 4 – Color the Frog Use yellow color to color the frog. Color the frog belly with lemon color. Color the frog eyes with black, not at all, to have the spot eyes, which are specially round and big. This drawing with a fun frog is just some easy steps to make.    

How to Draw a Monkey Easily | Draw a Monkey for Kids

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Monkeys are not good pets as same as cats or dogs. Therefore, your children usually see them in the zoo or watch on TV. Of course, almost of children had watched films about Monkeys called as “Monkey King”, a well-known film until now. Beside how to draw a dog and how to draw a cat, it’s very enjoyable for how to draw a monkey to be learned through this post with some simple steps involved. The cute monkey sketches are made in various designs of drawing. This design is added to have a silly monkey in vision for your kids’ easy learning and favorite of animal drawings, especially monkey drawing. Let’s enjoy together with some easy steps to draw a monkey for kids. How to Draw a Monkey Step 1 – Draw the monkey’s face and head Start to draw the face and head. The face looks like a heart shape that the top part is wider than the bottom part. Next draw the head by adding hair around the face. The hair looks as a burning flame shape in creative appearance. Draw two similar ears with three circle halves each. The ears place at outside the hair on both sides. Step 2 – Draw the monkey’s body A starting point at the bottom of the face is to draw two ovals for the body. Step 3 – Draw the monkey’s arms and legs The monkey’s arms and legs are mostly as similar as human’s ones. Therefore, you draw double curve lines on each side for two arms. Make the end part of the arm by drawing the hands. The monkey’s hands are also similar to our own, but not necessary to have enough finger as ours. Draw the monkey’s legs and feet as same as the arms and hands’ shapes with curve lines at the bottom of the body. Step 4 – Draw to finish the monkey’s face Start to draw a circle and add another smaller circle inside it for an eye. Draw the same way for the other eye. Draw a small triangle for the nose. Draw two small curves on both sides and a smiling mouth with two curves under the nose, just cap it off. Step 5 – Color the monkey At first, color the monkey with brown, except the hands, feet and ears. Make an extra color by red in the face, part of the body and ears and also the color of the hands and feet. Add color to dark red for the inside of the ears, nose and mouth. Add white color for a space between the two circles of each eye to have googly eyes of the monkey. Now we have a silly monkey drawing.  

How to Draw a Cat | Super Simple Drawing Cat

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The previous post to learn how to draw a Lion as a big cat, today I am sharing with you the simple cat drawing for your kids’ learning. How to draw a cat to be added in the drawing tutorial of cute pets. Cats are always adorable for kids due to their cute appearance. And actually, features of cats with the fur covering the body are smooth and pretty that are enjoyably touched in by kids. Cats at home, including various species such as black and white, tabby, tortoiseshell and etc. are domestic animals. This cat is drawn with a free of fur texture, however, it keeps an adorable shape. How to draw a cat to learn a very simple tutorial. Making a fun choice of a cat drawing creates your kids a close connection with you. This drawing is easy to make without any effortless imagination because of the usual vision of a cat in your home. Let’s enjoy start this super simple drawing together to learn how to draw a cat. Step 1 – Draw the cat’s head Draw an oval for the head. Draw double triangles for each ear, two same ears on both sides. Step 2 – Draw the cat’s front legs Draw two long U-shapes for the front legs with feet together. Step 3 – Draw the cat’s face Draw two black spots for the eyes. Add a small triangle for the nose in the middle of the face and below the eyes. Draw two curves stretching out of two sides under the bottom of the nose. Draw three short curves on each side of the mouth for the whiskers. Step 4 – Draw the cat’s back legs and body Draw two wavy curves at two sides under the head for the back legs and feet and body. The cat’s posture is as sitting. It looks so simple to draw. Step 5 – Draw the cat’s tail Draw two wavy lines connected at the end to have the perfect tail. Finalize a simple cat drawing outline from this step. Step 6 – Color the pretty cat Use jade green color to color the whole of the cat. Once again color the inside of ears with dark jade green color. Color the nose with black color. There are various colors and ways to color your cat drawing to finalize a pretty cat.            

How to Make a Handmade Christmas Card | Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

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The holidays are always a magical time for kids. Particularly, the Christmas holiday comes at once a year, whether any new interesting thing will be performed in the upcoming Christmas holiday. Certainly, a lot of amazing series of DIY Christmas Ideas have not been revealed from your kids’ creative ideas. I’m sure you had a plan for your holiday from now. However, I persist in presenting an easy handmade gift for all of you with a handmade Christmas card in a chain of card ideas which are bought to you in a previous post as to how to make a birthday card. Just some simple directions and easy ways to make a handmade Christmas card with colored papers as a gift. In addition, you can use the type of cardstock paper (or construction paper) which I usually propose or you can choose another type of paper that you like, but you must ensure the rough and hard colored papers for use for your easier and pretty designs than ever. To release any worry or stress from your hard working days, welcome to come with my video for making a Christmas card craft. You can choose your own design without inflexible acquisition. This post is served as inspiration to your wonderful and warm holiday crafting with your family and friends. Let’s start together! Preparation: 1 A4 dark cardstock paper (or construction paper) with rough texture White paint 1 small paint brush Red and green paper scraps White cotton string Sealing wax stick with glue gun Scissors Correction pen White beads, mini ball-shaped colored papers and craft twine for decoration How to make a beautiful Christmas Card? 1. Prepare the paper card Place an A4 black paper in front of you to sprinkle white paint with a paint brush as per image. I noted the card texture must be rough so that liquid paint is nicely adhesive to it. 2. Prepare some decorative materials Draw 2 cloves with a 10×5 cm dimension on the red paper and cut them. Stick the white string and some white beads on gloves. Draw on the green paper one 10 cm high Christmas tree and three small leaves. Stick some mini ball-shaped colored papers on the tree. You can self-design with your little changes for this step as long as your card is beautiful and good-looking. 3. Stick decorative materials on the paper card Stick two heads of the 20 cm swine with spiral shape at the upper location of the card. Next, fix two cloves below the swine. At the top, you stick on the Christmas tree and leaves at the bottom. Finally, a correction pen is used to decorate to finish the perfect handmade Christmas card.

How to Draw a Lion Easy | Draw a Lion for Kids

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I previously posted how to draw a cute dog easily. The dog is so nice and friendly to kids at home, therefore an observation is made with ease, just a few simple steps to finish drawing. Today, let’s explore a more special animal to promote your kids’ attention to drawing by this post. That’s how to draw a lion to add your drawing collection upon animals in a variety. Before you start, your kid should be taught some basic knowledge of this animal species for both of learning and playing in getting from him. As almost of people know, lions have been popularly acquired a title of “the King of the Jungle”, an animal is so powerful, ferocious and brave, of which features are attractive to your kids, especially boys, who desire to be characterized by the power and the brave or something more. The lion is like a big cat which is as a cute pet in home, otherwise the lions have two sharp eyes and eat flesh, it results to your kids are scared of them. Therefore, just a drawing in looking, they can know how is a lion like? This masterful lion drawing is performed by a male lion with his mane to express the lion’s power. Learn how to draw a lion to make a few simple guidelines to give you realistic lion structure and proportion. Let’s start it with step by step. Step 1 – Draw the lion’s head Draw a U-shape with a wavy line from the lion’s head top. Draw a wavy circle as a flower around the head for the lion’s mane Step 2 – Draw the lion’s legs Draw two curves on one side down from the center of the head for front leg and paw together, draw another front leg is as same as the first one, you finish to draw two same front legs. Next, draw two back legs and paws with the deep curves on both sides symmetrically. Step 3 – Draw the lion’s tail Draw double curves for the tail and teardrop shape for the hairy tuft at the end of its tail. Step 4 – Finish the lion’s face Draw two curves on both sides in the face for the eyebrows and connect together with a small triangle at the center for the nose. Continuously draw a short straight line from the bottom of the nose and curve it out to have the mouth. Draw two black spots for the eyes under the eyebrows. Add whiskers at the mouth with three each side. Step 5 – Draw the lion’s ears Draw two ears inside the lion’s mane with the shape of two circle halves each. Step 6 – Color the lion Color the lion’s head and tail’s top by using brown color. The lion’s face and ears, except the mane to overlap in color with yellow color. Color the body in yellow color. Color inside the ears with dark yellow. Please look the nice drawing of … Read More

How to Draw a Cute Dog | Drawing Dog for Kids

feature of a cute dog

For kids even adults, dogs and puppies are adorable because of their cuteness and free royalty and other reasons everlasting from before. It’s easy to have a cute dog or puppy in your house. However, your kids are still young and little to directly touch a dog. That’s why you are as a tutor for your kids who learn how to draw a cute dog. A love from you to your child and to this drawing style are expressed. There are many choices to find out how to draw a cute dog, but this design is chosen for its simplicity and promptness. Particularly, the dog’s simple posture (standing) is so cute and pretty that your kids are so loving and exciting through their process. This dog as a little puppy makes a picture in cartoon of which is likely to be finished with your kids with a lot of fun following this video. With this post, you can teach your kids to love animals, and then to love the animal (pets) drawings for home time with nothing on the schedule or schools on their tutorial drawing. Let’s start with step by step to draw a cute dog! Step 1 – Draw the dog’s head You start the top of the head of a curve as a face form and simultaneously line down to make a pointy ear. Draw the other ear as same as the first one. Step 2 – Draw the dog’s legs and body Start from the bottom curve of the face to spread a curve line for a front leg and feet together, the same drawing for the second front leg. Draw two back legs as the same lines. Connect a back leg to the ear by a deep curve. All legs are linked by some short curves. Step 3 – Draw the dog’s eyes and eyebrows   Draw two eyebrows with teardrop-shaped in the upper face. Draw two black spots covered by the soft lining circles for the eyes under the eyebrows. Step 4 – Draw the dog’s tail Draw a small wagging tail at the back. Step 5 – Draw the dog’s nose Draw a wavy line to connect to the lines of the face under the eyes. Draw a close round as a small oval for a nose under the wavy line. Step 6 – Draw the dog’s mouth Draw two curves of which a starting point is from the center of the nose to draw a small straight line, are similarly extended to two sides of the face, just cap it off. Curve in the center to have a dog with a mouth laughing. Step 7 – Draw the dog’s tongue Just a little not long tongue by two small curve matches. Step 8 – Draw wavy lines in the body Draw a wavy line in the middle of the dog’s body and a short wavy line in the tail. Step 9 – Color to finish up the cute dog Color the orange … Read More