About Us

What do we do?

HavyCrafts is your notebook, collection, or album of handcrafted goods, handmade things, and other DIY stuff. Though it’s just a “small little home,” you can find a treasure of unique and extraordinary items from vintage to modern styles. All are handmade crafts.

In HavyCrafts, there are various little things that make you fall in love at first sight, while all are created by skillful and meticulous hands. A beautiful postcard, a cute monster bottle craft, a colorful Christmas ornament, etc., and more fun things at which you can look hall days.

However, the most exciting thing is you can also do it yourself!

HavyCrafts is founded by Krystina Stanton with a pure purpose to share unique and beautiful handcrafted goods. Besides, she has built this page to give and provide instruction to make these cute little things that everyone can follow comfortably and simply at home.

HavyCrafts gives you the easiest and most straightforward way to make crafts by hand without any effort.

Materials and components in use are searchable that you can purchase at any craft store in your towns. Instructions are given in separate steps for smooth and correct following. There are guides in both videos and pictures at high definition quality. This is to make sure you can do things effortlessly on your own.

Why do we do it?

Nowadays, things go fast and quickly that we are gone with a reel of life: work, money, responsibility, etc. But somewhere, there are people like us who enjoy the little things made by hands, while getting away from the real world. Handmade crafts are our passion.

We are here to create a home of collections and albums of unique crafts for everyone. We hope to share helpful things with people who love handmade stuff like us and to build a community with mutual passion and interests.

We also want to bring handmade crafts closer to everyone by giving straightforward instructions to make these cute things. Our purpose is that everyone can make crafts by themselves and self-enjoy their achievements. What is more exciting than this?


HavyCrafts collects and gathers a variety of pictures and curated content from Google Images, Pinterest, Flickr, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and Other Social Network Websites. Thus, should readers find your products or images on our page, please kindly contact us to remove the content, pictures, or credit them if you would like?

Images and pictures marked with the logo of HavyCrafts are copyrighted by HavyCrafts. Any sharing or reference of our pictures, photos should be stated the source clearly and correctly.

Be a partnership with HavyCrafts!

We are always open to opportunities for partnership and cooperation with anyone who has the same passion and desire. If you would like to cooperate in the term of sponsored posts, contributions, or other ways; contact us via email, and we will have an exciting discussion about this.

Social network pages

In addition to website HavyCrafts.com, we have also built a great community on Facebook and Twitter.

On social networks, HavyCrafts focuses on high definition images, entertaining content, and exciting videos. Besides, we support and assist users instantly thanks to the convenient and instant platform of the apps.

These social media pages help increase the interaction rate with users thanks to a high volume of access. We communicate more aggressively and actively with people via social networks.

Images and pictures are also updated faster on Facebook, Twitter that fans can access the content the soonest. There is sufficient information on social media pages, while we can connect to users more quickly and efficiently.